Green: the species has genome representative
Blue: the strain has genome representative
Red and underline: Type strain
DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION:The strain cannot be mapped to a DSMZ strain, but there is a type strain from the same species

CLUSTER_13 number of sequences=27 genome representatives=0


Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 DSMZ:DSM18796
Halalkalicoccus sp. C15 C15
Halalkalicoccus tibetensis DS12
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 718 NCIMB 718
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 734 NCIMB 734
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 765 NCIMB 765
Halococcus dombrowskii H4 DSMZ:DSM14522  TYPE STRAIN
Halococcus hamelinensis JCM 12892
Halococcus hamelinii 100A6
Halococcus morrhuae DSMZ:DSM1310  TYPE STRAIN
Halococcus morrhuae NRC 16008 DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION_DSM1307
Halococcus qingdaogense CM5
Halococcus saccharolyticus HRF6 DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION_DSM5350
Halococcus salifodinae BG 2/2 DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION_DSM8989
Halococcus salifodinae DSM8989 DSMZ:DSM8989  TYPE STRAIN
Halococcus sp. 001/2 001/2
Halococcus sp. 004/1-2 004/1-2
Halococcus sp. BIGigoW09 BIGigoW09
Halococcus sp. BIHTY10/11 BIHTY10/11
Halococcus sp. DB5-2 DB5-2
Halococcus sp. IS10-2 IS10-2
Halococcus sp. JCM 8979 JCM8979
haloarchaeon Nie 10-1 Nie 10-1
haloarchaeon Nie 10-2 Nie 10-2
haloarchaeon Nie 11-2 Nie 11-2
haloarchaeon Nie 13 Nie 13
haloarchaeon Nie 14-1 Nie 14-1