Green: the species has genome representative
Blue: the strain has genome representative
Red and underline: Type strain
DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION:The strain cannot be mapped to a DSMZ strain, but there is a type strain from the same species

CLUSTER_12 number of sequences=32 genome representatives=0


Haladaptatus jeotgali D43
Haladaptatus sp. RO1-28 RO1-28
Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 DSMZ:DSM18796
Halalkalicoccus sp. C15 C15
Halalkalicoccus tibetensis DS12
Haloaccomodus multusgeneris DX253
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 718 NCIMB 718
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 734 NCIMB 734
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 765 NCIMB 765
Halococcus dombrowskii H4 DSMZ:DSM14522  TYPE STRAIN
Halococcus hamelinensis JCM 12892
Halococcus hamelinii 100A6
Halococcus morrhuae DSMZ:DSM1310  TYPE STRAIN
Halococcus morrhuae NRC 16008 DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION_DSM1307
Halococcus qingdaogense CM5
Halococcus saccharolyticus HRF6 DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION_DSM5350
Halococcus salifodinae BG 2/2 DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION_DSM8989
Halococcus salifodinae DSM8989 DSMZ:DSM8989  TYPE STRAIN
Halococcus sp. 001/2 001/2
Halococcus sp. 004/1-2 004/1-2
Halococcus sp. BIGigoW09 BIGigoW09
Halococcus sp. BIHTY10/11 BIHTY10/11
Halococcus sp. DB5-2 DB5-2
Halococcus sp. IS10-2 IS10-2
Halococcus sp. JCM 8979 JCM8979
haloarchaeon Nie 10-1 Nie 10-1
haloarchaeon Nie 10-2 Nie 10-2
haloarchaeon Nie 11-1 Nie 11-1
haloarchaeon Nie 11-2 Nie 11-2
haloarchaeon Nie 13 Nie 13
haloarchaeon Nie 14-1 Nie 14-1
haloarchaeon Nie 14-2 Nie 14-2

CLUSTER_20 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=0


Methanocalculus chunghsingensis K1F9705b DSMZ:DSM14539  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocalculus chunghsingensis K1F9705c DSMZ:DSM14646  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocalculus chunghsingensis O1F9704a DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION_DSM14539
Methanocalculus halotolerans P2F9705; OCM 672 DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION_DSM14092
Methanocalculus halotolerans SEBR 4845 DSMZ:DSM14092  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocalculus pumilus DSMZ:SECONDARY_SELECTION_DSM12632
Methanocalculus sp. LA2 LA2
Methanocalculus sp. LA4 LA4
Methanocalculus sp. LA5 LA5
Methanocalculus sp. LA7 LA7
Methanocalculus sp. O1F9702c O1F9702c
Methanocalculus taiwanensis P2F9704a DSMZ:DSM14663  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_30 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Haloplanus natans RE 101 DSMZ:DSM17983  TYPE STRAIN
Haloplanus natans RE-102 DSMZ:DSM17984  TYPE STRAIN
Haloplanus natans RE-103 DSMZ:DSM17985  TYPE STRAIN
Haloplanus sp. RO5-8 RO5-8
archaeon G76.1 G76.1