Green: the species has genome representative
Blue: the strain has genome representative
Red and underline: Type strain
DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN:The strain cannot be mapped to a DSMZ strain, but there is a type strain from the same species

CLUSTER_1 number of sequences=133 genome representatives=9


Desulfurococcus sp. SY SY
Palaeococcus ferrophilus DMJ Gi02933_1of1 DSMZ:DSM13482 Gi02933  TYPE STRAIN
Palaeococcus helgesonii PI1 DSMZ:DSM15127  TYPE STRAIN
Palaeococcus sp. Ax00-33 Ax00-33
Pyrococcus abyssi
Pyrococcus abyssi GE23
Pyrococcus abyssi GE5 GE5
Pyrococcus abyssi GE5 GE5 Gc00053_1of1 Gc00053
Pyrococcus abyssi ST546
Pyrococcus abyssi ST549
Pyrococcus furiosus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3638
Pyrococcus furiosus DSM 3638 DSM 3638 DSMZ:DSM3638  TYPE STRAIN
Pyrococcus furiosus DSM 3638 DSM 3638 Gc00078_1of1 DSMZ:DSM3638 Gc00078  TYPE STRAIN
Pyrococcus glycovorans AL585
Pyrococcus horikoshii DSM 12428 DSMZ:DSM12428  TYPE STRAIN
Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3 OT3 Gc00014_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12428 Gc00014
Pyrococcus sp. 32-4 32-4
Pyrococcus sp. 95-12-1 95-12-1
Pyrococcus sp. AL585
Pyrococcus sp. Ax99-7 Ax99-7
Pyrococcus sp. CH1 CH1
Pyrococcus sp. GE23
Pyrococcus sp. JT1 JT1
Pyrococcus sp. MV1019 MV1019
Pyrococcus sp. MZ14 MZ14
Pyrococcus sp. MZ4 MZ4
Pyrococcus sp. NA2 NA2
Pyrococcus woesei DSMZ:DSM3773  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus acidaminovorans DSM 11906 DSMZ:DSM11906  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus aegaeus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12767
Thermococcus aegaeus DSM 12767 DSMZ:DSM12767  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus aggregans DSM 10597 DSMZ:DSM10597
Thermococcus alcaliphilus DSM 10322 Type DSMZ:DSM10322  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus atlanticus MA898 DSMZ:DSM15226  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus barophilus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11836
Thermococcus barophilus DSM 11836 DSMZ:DSM11836 Gi01466  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus barossii DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17882
Thermococcus barossii DSM 9535 DSMZ:DSM9535
Thermococcus celer DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2476
Thermococcus celer DSM 2476 DSMZ:DSM2476  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus chitonophagus DSM 10152 DSMZ:DSM10152  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus coalescens TS1 DSMZ:DSM16538  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus fumicolans ST557 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12820
Thermococcus gammatolerans EJ3 DSMZ:DSM15229  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus gammatolerans FJ3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15229
Thermococcus gorgonarius DSM 10395 DSMZ:DSM10395  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus gorgonarius JCM 10552 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10395
Thermococcus guaymasensis DSM 11113 DSMZ:DSM11113  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus hydrothermalis AL662
Thermococcus kodakarensis KOD1 KOD1 Gc00248_1of1 Gc00248
Thermococcus litoralis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5473
Thermococcus litoralis DSM 5474 DSMZ:DSM5474
Thermococcus marinus EJ1
Thermococcus mexicalis GY 869
Thermococcus pacificus DSM 10394 DSMZ:DSM10394  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus pacificus JCM 10553 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10394
Thermococcus peptonophilus DSM 10343 DSMZ:DSM10343  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus peptonophilus JCM 9653 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10343
Thermococcus profundus DSM 9503 DSMZ:DSM9503  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus radiotolerans EJ2
Thermococcus sibiricus MM739 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12597 Gi03273
Thermococcus siculi DSM 12349 DSMZ:DSM12349  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus sp.
Thermococcus sp. 12-4 12-4
Thermococcus sp. 13-2 13-2
Thermococcus sp. 13-3 13-3
Thermococcus sp. 21-1 21-1
Thermococcus sp. 23-1 23-1
Thermococcus sp. 23-2 23-2
Thermococcus sp. 26-2 26-2
Thermococcus sp. 26-3 26-3
Thermococcus sp. 28-1 28-1
Thermococcus sp. 29-1 29-1
Thermococcus sp. 30-1 30-1
Thermococcus sp. 31-1 31-1
Thermococcus sp. 31-3 31-3
Thermococcus sp. 5-1 5-1
Thermococcus sp. 9N2 9N2
Thermococcus sp. 9oN-7
Thermococcus sp. AM4 AM4 Gi01465_1of1 Gi01465
Thermococcus sp. AMT11 AMT11
Thermococcus sp. AT1273 AT1273
Thermococcus sp. Ax00-17 Ax00-17
Thermococcus sp. Ax00-27 Ax00-27
Thermococcus sp. Ax00-39 Ax00-39
Thermococcus sp. Ax00-45 Ax00-45
Thermococcus sp. Ax01-2 Ax01-2
Thermococcus sp. Ax01-3 Ax01-3
Thermococcus sp. Ax01-37 Ax01-37
Thermococcus sp. Ax01-39 Ax01-39
Thermococcus sp. Ax01-61 Ax01-61
Thermococcus sp. Ax01-62 Ax01-62
Thermococcus sp. Ax01-65 Ax01-65
Thermococcus sp. Ax98-43 Ax98-43
Thermococcus sp. Ax98-46 Ax98-46
Thermococcus sp. Ax98-48 Ax98-48
Thermococcus sp. Ax99-47 Ax99-47
Thermococcus sp. Ax99-57 Ax99-57
Thermococcus sp. Ax99-67 Ax99-67
Thermococcus sp. B1001
Thermococcus sp. CL1 CL1
Thermococcus sp. GE20
Thermococcus sp. GE3
Thermococcus sp. HJ21
Thermococcus sp. MV1031 MV1031
Thermococcus sp. MV1049 MV1049
Thermococcus sp. MV1083 MV1083
Thermococcus sp. MV1092 MV1092
Thermococcus sp. MV1099 MV1099
Thermococcus sp. MZ1 MZ1
Thermococcus sp. MZ10 MZ10
Thermococcus sp. MZ11 MZ11
Thermococcus sp. MZ12 MZ12
Thermococcus sp. MZ13 MZ13
Thermococcus sp. MZ2 MZ2
Thermococcus sp. MZ3 MZ3
Thermococcus sp. MZ5 MZ5
Thermococcus sp. MZ6 MZ6
Thermococcus sp. MZ9 MZ9
Thermococcus sp. NA1 NA1 Gi02367_1of1 Gi02367
Thermococcus sp. OGL-20P OGL-20P
Thermococcus sp. Rt3 Rt3
Thermococcus sp. ST554
Thermococcus sp. TS2 TS2
Thermococcus sp. TS3 TS3
Thermococcus stetteri DSM 5262 DSMZ:DSM5262  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus stetteri K3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5262
Thermococcus waimanguensis Wai21.S1
Thermococcus waiotapuensis DSM 12768; WT1 DSMZ:DSM12768  TYPE STRAIN
Thermococcus waiotapuensis JCM 10985 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12768
Thermococcus zilligii AN1 DSMZ:DSM2770  TYPE STRAIN
hyperthermophilic archaeon ES1 ES1

CLUSTER_2 number of sequences=111 genome representatives=5


Halobacteriaceae archaeon 309 309
Halobacteriaceae gen. sp. 56 56
Halobacteriaceae gen. sp. H1 H1
Halobacteriaceae gen. sp. SR1.5 SR1.5
Halobacteriaceae gen. sp. T5.7 T5.7
Halobacterium sp. AS7092
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 763 NCIMB 763
Halobacterium sp. arg-4 arg-4
Halobiforma haloterrestris 135
Halobiforma lacisalsi AJ5 Gi01397
Halobiforma nitratireducens C231
Halopiger xhanaduii type strain: SH-6
Halorubrum trapanicum NCMB767 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12287
Halostagnicola larsenii JCM 13463 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17691
Halostagnum larsenii type strain: XH-48
Haloterrigena jeotgali A29
Haloterrigena saccharevitans AB12
Haloterrigena saccharevitans AB14
Haloterrigena salina type strain: XH-65
Haloterrigena sp. A82 A82
Haloterrigena sp. AB30 AB30
Haloterrigena sp. ABH32
Haloterrigena sp. AX-7
Haloterrigena sp. D113 D113
Haloterrigena sp. E57B E57B
Haloterrigena sp. FP1 FP1
Haloterrigena thermotolerans 10R DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11552
Haloterrigena turkmenica VKM B-1734 Gi02245_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5511 Gi02245
Haloterrigena turpansis D19
Haloterrigena turpansis H4
Halovivax asiaticus type strain:EJ-46
Halovivax ruber type strain:XH-70 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18193
Halovivax sp. EN-4 type strain: EN-4
Natrialba aegyptia DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13077
Natrialba aibiensis D22
Natrialba asiatica 172P1 Gi00719_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12278 Gi00719  TYPE STRAIN
Natrialba asiatica Aidin-3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12278
Natrialba chahannaoensis C112
Natrialba hulunbeirensis AS1.1986
Natrialba hulunbeirensis X21
Natrialba magadii NCMB 2190 Gi02060_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3394 Gi02060
Natrialba sp. A137 A137
Natrialba sp. ATCC 43988 SSL1 ATCC 43988
Natrialba sp. B49 B49
Natrialba sp. F4A F4A
Natrialba sp. F5 F5
Natrialba sp. Tunisia HMg-25 Tunisia HMg-25
Natrialba sp. Tunisia HMg-27 Tunisia HMg-27
Natrialba taiwanensis B1T DSMZ:DSM12281  TYPE STRAIN
Natrinema aidingensis D20
Natrinema altunense AB3
Natrinema altunense AJ11
Natrinema altunense AJ12
Natrinema altunense AJ13
Natrinema altunense AJ2
Natrinema altunense AJ6
Natrinema ejinense type strain: EJ-57
Natrinema pallidum NCIMB 784 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15623
Natrinema pellirubrum NCIMB 786 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15624
Natrinema sp. A85 A85
Natrinema sp. B19 B19
Natrinema sp. B77A B77A
Natrinema sp. CX2021 CX2021
Natrinema sp. D74 D74
Natrinema sp. E92B E92B
Natrinema sp. FP1R FP1R
Natrinema sp. HDS1-1 HDS1-1
Natrinema sp. HDS3-1 HDS3-1
Natrinema sp. HIS40-3 HIS40-3
Natrinema sp. HM06 HM06
Natrinema sp. J7 J7
Natrinema sp. R-fish R-fish
Natrinema sp. XA3-1 XA3-1
Natrinema versiforme XF10 DSMZ:DSM16034  TYPE STRAIN
Natrinema xinjiang ABDH40
Natronobacterium gregoryi NCIMB2189 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3393
Natronobacterium innermongoliae HAM-2
Natronobacterium wudunaoensis Y21
Natronococcus aibiensis
Natronococcus aibiensis AB1
Natronococcus amylolyticus Ah-36 (FERM P-11024) DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10524
Natronococcus jeotgali B1 DSMZ:DSM18795
Natronococcus occultus NCMB 2192 Gi02931_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3396 Gi02931
Natronococcus sp. D50 D50
Natronococcus sp. D58A D58A
Natronococcus sp. E7 E7
Natronococcus sp. F30AI F30AI
Natronococcus sp. GS3 GS3
Natronococcus sp. M13
Natronococcus sp. TC6 TC6
Natronococcus sp. XH4 XH4
Natronococcus xinjiangense
Natronococcus yunnanense YIM-ARC 0034
Natronococcus zabuyensis DS7
Natronolimnobius baerhuensis IHC-005
Natronolimnobius baerhuensis IHC-010
Natronolimnobius innermongolicus N-1311
Natronorubrum aibiense 7-1
Natronorubrum aibiense 7-2
Natronorubrum aibiense 7-3
Natronorubrum aibiense ABH7
Natronorubrum aibiense D7
Natronorubrum bangense A33
Natronorubrum sp. AD2 AD2
Natronorubrum sp. Tenzan-10 Tenzan-10
Natronorubrum sp. Wadi Natrun-19 Wadi Natrun-19
Natronorubrum thiooxidans HG1
Natronorubrum tibetense GA33
archaeon GSL1C GSL1C
haloarchaeon str. PIG.5 PIG.5
halophilic archaeon L-11

CLUSTER_3 number of sequences=90 genome representatives=5


Methanobacterium aarhusense 5-4 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15219
Methanobacterium aarhusense H2-LR DSMZ:DSM15219
Methanobacterium alcaliphilum DSM3387 DSMZ:DSM3387  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobacterium beijingense 4-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15999
Methanobacterium bryantii DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM863
Methanobacterium bryantii RiH2 DSMZ:DSM10113
Methanobacterium congolense C DSMZ:DSM7095  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobacterium curvum
Methanobacterium formicicum DSMZ:DSM1312  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobacterium formicicum DSMZ1535 DSMZ:DSM1535  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobacterium formicicum FCam DSMZ:DSM10111
Methanobacterium formicicum MF Gi01750_1of1 DSMZ:DSM1535 Gi01750
Methanobacterium formicicum S1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1535
Methanobacterium ivanovii OCM140 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2611
Methanobacterium oryzae FPi DSMZ:DSM11106  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobacterium palustre DSM 3108; F DSMZ:DSM3108  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobacterium palustre Z2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3108
Methanobacterium sp. 169 169
Methanobacterium sp. C5/51 C5/51
Methanobacterium sp. Ch Ch
Methanobacterium sp. F F
Methanobacterium sp. GH GH
Methanobacterium sp. HD-1
Methanobacterium sp. M03
Methanobacterium sp. M2
Methanobacterium sp. MB4 MB4
Methanobacterium sp. MK4 MK4
Methanobacterium sp. Mg38 Mg38
Methanobacterium sp. OM15 OM15
Methanobacterium sp. Ps21 Ps21
Methanobacterium sp. SA-12 SA-12
Methanobacterium sp. T01
Methanobacterium sp. T11
Methanobacterium sp. TS2 TS2
Methanobacterium sp. Tc3 Tc3
Methanobacterium sp. YCM1 YCM1
Methanobacterium subterraneum 9-7 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11074
Methanobacterium subterraneum A8p, DSM 11074 DSMZ:DSM11074  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobacterium subterraneum C2BIS, DSM 11075 DSMZ:DSM11075
Methanobacterium thermaggregans OCM 141 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3266
Methanobacterium uliginosum Kf1-F1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2956
Methanobrevibacter acididurans ATM DSMZ:DSM15163  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobrevibacter arboriphilus A2
Methanobrevibacter arboriphilus AZ
Methanobrevibacter arboriphilus DC
Methanobrevibacter arboriphilus DH-1
Methanobrevibacter arboriphilus SA
Methanobrevibacter curvatus RFM-2 DSMZ:DSM11111  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobrevibacter cuticularis RFM-1 DSMZ:DSM11139  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobrevibacter filiformis RFM-3 DSMZ:DSM11501  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobrevibacter gottschalkii HO DSMZ:DSM11977  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobrevibacter gottschalkii PG DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11977
Methanobrevibacter ruminantium M1 Gi01112_1of1 DSMZ:DSM1093 Gi01112  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobrevibacter smithii ALI DSMZ:DSM2375
Methanobrevibacter smithii ALI-A DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM861
Methanobrevibacter smithii ATCC 35061 ATCC 35061; PS; DSMZ 861 DSMZ:DSM861  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobrevibacter smithii B181 Gi02812_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11975 Gi02812
Methanobrevibacter smithii PS Gc00574_1of1 DSMZ:DSM861 Gc00574
Methanobrevibacter sp. 1Y 1Y
Methanobrevibacter sp. 30Y 30Y
Methanobrevibacter sp. 62 62
Methanobrevibacter sp. 87.7
Methanobrevibacter sp. AK-87 AK-87
Methanobrevibacter sp. AbM4 AbM4
Methanobrevibacter sp. FM1 FM1
Methanobrevibacter sp. KM1H5-1P KM1H5-1P
Methanobrevibacter sp. MB-9
Methanobrevibacter sp. Mc30 Mc30
Methanobrevibacter sp. NT7
Methanobrevibacter sp. RT
Methanobrevibacter sp. SM9
Methanobrevibacter sp. Z4 Z4
Methanobrevibacter sp. Z6 Z6
Methanobrevibacter sp. Z8 Z8
Methanobrevibacter sp. ZA-10 ZA-10
Methanobrevibacter thaueri CW DSMZ:DSM11995  TYPE STRAIN
Methanobrevibacter woesei GS DSMZ:DSM11979
Methanobrevibacter wolinii SH DSMZ:DSM11976  TYPE STRAIN
Methanoculleus sp. M06
Methanosphaera stadtmanae DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3091
Methanosphaera stadtmanae DSM 3091 MCB-3 Gc00334_1of1 DSMZ:DSM3091 Gc00334  TYPE STRAIN
Methanothermobacter defluvii ADZ, VKM B-1962, DSM 7466 DSMZ:DSM7466  TYPE STRAIN
Methanothermobacter sp. THUT3 THUT3
Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus DSMZ:DSM3848  TYPE STRAIN
Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus JZTM DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1053
Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus ZH3 DSMZ:DSM9446  TYPE STRAIN
Methanothermobacter thermoflexus IDZ, VKM B-1963, DSM 7268 DSMZ:DSM7268  TYPE STRAIN
Methanothermobacter thermophilus M, VKM B-1786, DSM 6529 DSMZ:DSM6529  TYPE STRAIN
Methanothermobacter wolfeii DSM 2970 DSMZ:DSM2970  TYPE STRAIN
Methanothermobacter wolfeii KZ24a DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2970

CLUSTER_4 number of sequences=82 genome representatives=1


Halobacterium sp.
Halobacterium sp. 7Sb5
Halobacterium sp. AUS-1
Halobacterium sp. AUS-2
Halobacterium sp. XH3 XH3
Halorubrum africanae S7
Halorubrum aidingense JNPH_3
Halorubrum alimentarium B43
Halorubrum alkaliphilum
Halorubrum alkaliphilum DZ-1
Halorubrum californiensis SF3 213
Halorubrum cibarium B40
Halorubrum cibi B31
Halorubrum constantinense 1'2
Halorubrum daejeonense D24
Halorubrum distributum JCM9100
Halorubrum ezzemoulense 5'1 DSMZ:DSM17463  TYPE STRAIN
Halorubrum halophilum B8
Halorubrum halotolerans B23
Halorubrum jeotgali A30
Halorubrum koreense B6
Halorubrum kribbense A33
Halorubrum lacusprofundi DSMZ:DSM5037  TYPE STRAIN
Halorubrum lacusprofundi ACAM 34 Gi00720_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5036 Gi00720
Halorubrum lipolyticum 9-3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21995
Halorubrum litoreum Fa-1
Halorubrum orientalis type strain: EJ-52
Halorubrum saccharovorum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1137
Halorubrum sodomense ATCC 33755 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3755
Halorubrum sp. 31-hong 31-hong
Halorubrum sp. A29 A29
Halorubrum sp. A87B A87B
Halorubrum sp. AJ201 AJ201
Halorubrum sp. B36 B36
Halorubrum sp. BG-1 type strain:BG-1
Halorubrum sp. C35 C35
Halorubrum sp. CGSA-14 CGSA-14
Halorubrum sp. CGSA-42 CGSA-42
Halorubrum sp. CGSA15 CGSA15
Halorubrum sp. CY CY
Halorubrum sp. D1A D1A
Halorubrum sp. DS10 DS10
Halorubrum sp. DW6 DW6
Halorubrum sp. EJ-32 EJ-32
Halorubrum sp. EN-2 EN-2
Halorubrum sp. F100 F100
Halorubrum sp. F23A F23A
Halorubrum sp. F42A F42A
Halorubrum sp. GSL5.48 GSL5.48
Halorubrum sp. HALO-G*
Halorubrum sp. HEN2-25 HEN2-25
Halorubrum sp. HEN2-39 HEN2-39
Halorubrum sp. SC1.2 SC1.2
Halorubrum sp. Slt1 Slt1
Halorubrum sp. YT245 YT245
Halorubrum sp. s1-1 s1-1
Halorubrum tebenquichense JCM12290 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14210
Halorubrum terrestre VKM B-1739
Halorubrum tibetense 8W8
Halorubrum tibetense ZB49
Halorubrum trapanicum NRC 34021 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12287
Halorubrum vacuolatum JCM9060 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM8800
Halorubrum xinjiangense BD-1 DSMZ:DSM21996  TYPE STRAIN
Halorubrum xinjiangense C3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21996
archaeon G76.4 G76.4
archaeon GSL1A GSL1A
archaeon GSL1D GSL1D
haloarchaeon CSW2.25.5 CSW2.25.5
haloarchaeon CSW4.05.5 CSW4.05.5
haloarchaeon CSW4.11.5 CSW4.11.5
haloarchaeon CSW4.22.4 CSW4.22.4
haloarchaeon CSW5.28.5 CSW5.28.5
haloarchaeon str. 54R 54R
haloarchaeon str. B2S.26 B2S.26
haloarchaeon str. BbpA.3 BbpA.3
haloarchaeon str. GluBr1.1 GluBr1.1
haloarchaeon str. MAlk006.3 MAlk006.3
haloarchaeon str. Nh.5 Nh.5
haloarchaeon str. PIG.8 PIG.8
haloarchaeon str. PW1.1 PW1.1
haloarchaeon str. WB4E.8 WB4E.8
halophilic archaeon NaxosII NaxosII

CLUSTER_5 number of sequences=53 genome representatives=9


Methanococcoides alaskense AK-5 DSMZ:DSM17273  TYPE STRAIN
Methanococcoides alaskense AK-9 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17273
Methanococcoides burtonii DSM 6242 DSM 6242 DSMZ:DSM6242  TYPE STRAIN
Methanococcoides burtonii DSM 6242 DSM 6242 Gc00366_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6242 Gc00366  TYPE STRAIN
Methanococcoides methylutens DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2657
Methanococcoides sp. NaT1 NaT1
Methanohalobium evestigatum Z-7303 Gi01749_1of1 DSMZ:DSM3721 Gi01749  TYPE STRAIN
Methanohalophilus euhalobius
Methanohalophilus mahii Gi02918_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5219 Gi02918
Methanolobus bombayensis B-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM7082
Methanolobus oregonensis WAL1 DSMZ:DSM5435  TYPE STRAIN
Methanolobus sp. HigM HigM
Methanolobus sp. MobM MobM
Methanolobus sp. R15 R15
Methanolobus sp. SD1 SD1
Methanolobus taylorii GS-16 DSMZ:DSM9005  TYPE STRAIN
Methanolobus tindarius Gi02920_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2278 Gi02920
Methanolobus vulcani PL-12/M DSMZ:DSM3029  TYPE STRAIN
Methanomethylovorans hollandica DMS1 Gi02921_1of1 DSMZ:DSM15978 Gi02921  TYPE STRAIN
Methanomethylovorans hollandica ZB DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15978
Methanomethylovorans sp. Z1 Z1
Methanomethylovorans thermophila L2FAW DSMZ:DSM17232
Methanomethylovorans victoriae TM
Methanosalsum zhilinae DSM 4017 Gi02925_1of1 DSMZ:DSM4017 Gi02925  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina acetivorans DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2834
Methanosarcina acetivorans C2A C2A Gi00361_3of3 DSMZ:DSM2834 Gc00084  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina baltica AK-4 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14042
Methanosarcina baltica GS1-A DSMZ:DSM14042  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina barkeri DSMZ:DSM2948  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina barkeri CM1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM800
Methanosarcina barkeri DSM 800 (T), OCM 38 DSMZ:DSM800  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina barkeri Sar DSMZ:DSM10131  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina barkeri str. fusaro fusaro Gc00295_1of3 DSMZ:DSM804 Gc00295  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina lacustris FRX-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13486
Methanosarcina lacustris ZS DSMZ:DSM13486  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina mazei DSMZ:DSM1311  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina mazei C16 DSMZ:DSM3318
Methanosarcina mazei Go1 DSMZ:DSM3647  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina mazei Go1 Goe1 Gc00093_3of3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2053 Gc00093
Methanosarcina mazei S-6 DSMZ:DSM2053  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina mazei SarPi DSMZ:DSM10132  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina mazei TMA DSMZ:DSM9195  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina semesiae MD1 (DSM 12914) DSMZ:DSM12914  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina siciliae C2J DSMZ:DSM11916  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosarcina sp. 2214B 2214B
Methanosarcina sp. AK-6 AK-6
Methanosarcina sp. FR FR
Methanosarcina sp. HB-1
Methanosarcina sp. HC-2
Methanosarcina sp. JL01 JL01
Methanosarcina sp. T36
Methanosarcina sp. WH1
Methanosarcina thermophila DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1825

CLUSTER_6 number of sequences=35 genome representatives=1


Haloarcula aidinensis B-2
Haloarcula algeriensis S1
Haloarcula amylolytica BD-3
Haloarcula argentinensis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12282
Haloarcula hispanica HLR1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4426
Haloarcula japonica JCM7785 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6131
Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 ATCC 43049 Gc00231_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3752 Gc00231
Haloarcula quadrata JCM11048 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11927
Haloarcula sinaiiensis ATCC33800
Haloarcula sinaiiensis JCM 8862
Haloarcula sp. 113 113
Haloarcula sp. 2Sb1
Haloarcula sp. 5Mm10
Haloarcula sp. 801030/1
Haloarcula sp. A283 A283
Haloarcula sp. A337 A337
Haloarcula sp. A43 A43
Haloarcula sp. AB19
Haloarcula sp. AJ4 AJ4
Haloarcula sp. AJ7 AJ7
Haloarcula sp. AS7094
Haloarcula sp. B44A B44A
Haloarcula sp. E11
Haloarcula sp. E2
Haloarcula sp. LCKW-Isolate15A
Haloarcula sp. LCKW-Isolate20A
Haloarcula sp. M4r1 M4r1
Haloarcula sp. OHF-1 OHF-1
Haloarcula sp. OHF-2 OHF-2
Haloarcula sp. aus-5 aus-5
Haloarcula vallismortis DSMZ:DSM3756  TYPE STRAIN
Haloarcula vallismortis A DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3756
Halobacterium sp. 2Ma3
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 714 NCIMB 714
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 720 NCIMB 720

CLUSTER_7 number of sequences=49 genome representatives=7


Candidatus Methanosphaerula palustris E1-9c Gi02554
Methanococcoides sp. SBAK-TMA-1
Methanoculleus bourgensis CB1 DSMZ:DSM6216  TYPE STRAIN
Methanoculleus bourgensis MS2 DSMZ:DSM3045  TYPE STRAIN
Methanoculleus bourgensis NF-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3045
Methanoculleus bourgensis RC/ER DSMZ:DSM2772  TYPE STRAIN
Methanoculleus chikugoensis MG62 DSMZ:DSM13459  TYPE STRAIN
Methanoculleus marisnigri JR1 JR1 Gc00512_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1498 Gc00512
Methanoculleus palmolei DSM 4273 DSMZ:DSM4273  TYPE STRAIN
Methanoculleus sp. HC-1
Methanoculleus sp. IIE1 IIE1
Methanoculleus sp. LH2 LH2
Methanoculleus sp. M07
Methanoculleus sp. M11
Methanoculleus sp. MQ-4 MQ-4
Methanoculleus sp. T02
Methanoculleus sp. T03
Methanoculleus sp. T05
Methanoculleus sp. T10
Methanoculleus sp. T14
Methanoculleus sp. ZC-2 ZC-2
Methanoculleus sp. ZC-3 ZC-3
Methanoculleus sp. dm2 dm2
Methanoculleus submarinus Nankai-1 OCM 780T (Oregon Coll DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15122
Methanoculleus thermophilus CR-1 DSMZ:DSM2373  TYPE STRAIN
Methanoculleus thermophilus DSM 2832 DSMZ:DSM2832
Methanoculleus thermophilus JB-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2373
Methanofollis aquaemaris N2F9704 DSMZ:DSM14661  TYPE STRAIN
Methanofollis formosanus ML15 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15483
Methanofollis liminatans DSM 10196 DSMZ:DSM10196
Methanofollis liminatans DSM 4140 Gi02537_1of1 DSMZ:DSM4140 Gi02537  TYPE STRAIN
Methanofollis sp. HASU HASU
Methanofollis sp. YCM2 YCM2
Methanofollis sp. YCM3 YCM3
Methanofollis sp. YCM4 YCM4
Methanofollis tationis DSM 2702 DSMZ:DSM2702  TYPE STRAIN
Methanogenium boonei AK-7
Methanogenium cariaci DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1497
Methanogenium marinum AK-1 DSMZ:DSM15558  TYPE STRAIN
Methanogenium marinum AK-3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15558
Methanogenium organophilum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3596
Methanolacinia paynteri G2000 Gi02919_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2545 Gi02919
Methanolinea sp. TNR TNR
Methanomicrobium mobile Gi02922_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1539 Gi02922
Methanoplanus limicola Gi02923_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2279 Gi02923
Methanoplanus petrolearius DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11571
Methanoplanus petrolearius SEBR 4847 Gi02924_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11571 Gi02924  TYPE STRAIN
Methanoplanus sp. MobH MobH
methanogenic archaeon NOBI-1 NOBI-1

CLUSTER_8 number of sequences=45 genome representatives=2


Halobacterium jilantaiense NG4
Halobacterium noricense A1 DSMZ:DSM15987  TYPE STRAIN
Halobacterium salinarum DSMZ:DSM670  TYPE STRAIN
Halobacterium salinarum DSM 3754 DSMZ:DSM3754  TYPE STRAIN
Halobacterium salinarum HSD2-5 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3754
Halobacterium salinarum R1 R1 Gc00726_1of1 DSMZ:DSM671 Gc00726  TYPE STRAIN
Halobacterium sp. 2-24-2
Halobacterium sp. 2-24-3
Halobacterium sp. 2-24-4
Halobacterium sp. 2-24-5
Halobacterium sp. 2-24-6
Halobacterium sp. 2-24-7
Halobacterium sp. 5Mm6
Halobacterium sp. 9R 9R
Halobacterium sp. AS133 AS133
Halobacterium sp. AS28 AS28
Halobacterium sp. BIHGY150/14 BIHGY150/14
Halobacterium sp. BIHSTY150/18 BIHSTY150/18
Halobacterium sp. HM01 HM01
Halobacterium sp. HM02 HM02
Halobacterium sp. HM11 HM11
Halobacterium sp. HM13 HM13
Halobacterium sp. HM3 HM3
Halobacterium sp. HPC1-2 HPC1-2
Halobacterium sp. HSC3 HSC3
Halobacterium sp. JCM 9447 JCM 9447
Halobacterium sp. JP-6 JP-6
Halobacterium sp. LCKS000-Isolate39
Halobacterium sp. LCKS200-Isolate33
Halobacterium sp. MMD047 MMD047
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 733 NCIMB 733
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 741 NCIMB 741
Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 NRC-1 Gc00039_1of1 Gc00039
Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 NRC-1; ATCC 700922
Halobacterium sp. Y12
haloarchaeon str. 004.1 004.1
haloarchaeon str. B1bra.5 B1bra.5
haloarchaeon str. BbpA.1 BbpA.1
haloarchaeon str. PW5.4 PW5.4
haloarchaeon str. WM2C.13 WM2C.13
halophilic archaeon MH1-136-2 MH1-136-2
halophilic archaeon MH1-16-3 MH1-16-3
halophilic archaeon MH1-34-1 MH1-34-1
halophilic archaeon MH1-52-1 MH1-52-1
halophilic archaeon MHS-72-2

CLUSTER_9 number of sequences=48 genome representatives=3


Halobacteriaceae archaeon L1 L1
Halobacteriaceae archaeon RO1-6 RO1-6
Halobacteriaceae archaeon RO2-11 RO2-11
Halobacteriaceae archaeon RO5-2 RO5-2
Haloferax alexandrinus TM
Haloferax antrum GR2
Haloferax berberensis 4
Haloferax denitrificans ATCC35960 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4425
Haloferax elongans SA5
Haloferax gibbonsii ATCC33959 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4427
Haloferax lucentense JCM 9276 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14919
Haloferax mediterranei ATCC 33500 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1411
Haloferax mucosum PA12
Haloferax opilio BB8
Haloferax rutilus BR2
Haloferax sp. A317 A317
Haloferax sp. A440 A440
Haloferax sp. D107 D107
Haloferax sp. D1227 D1227
Haloferax sp. HSC4 HSC4
Haloferax sp. LSC3 LSC3
Haloferax sp. M5 M5
Haloferax sp. N5 N5
Haloferax sp. YT216 YT216
Haloferax sp. YT226 YT226
Haloferax sp. YT228 YT228
Haloferax sp. YT236 YT236
Haloferax sp. YT247 YT247
Haloferax sp. ZJ203 ZJ203
Haloferax sulfurifontis M6 DSMZ:DSM16227  TYPE STRAIN
Haloferax viridis BV2
Haloferax volcanii DSMZ:DSM3757  TYPE STRAIN
Haloferax volcanii NCIMB 2012 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3757 Gi00293
Haloferax zhejiangensis ZJ204
Haloferax zhejiangensis ZJ206
Halogeometricum borinquense PR 3 Gi02153 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11551 Gi02153
Halogeometricum sp. 5Sa3
Halogeometricum sp. SS1 SS1
Haloquadratum walsbyi DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16854
Haloquadratum walsbyi DSM 16790 HBSQ001 Gc00409_1of1 DSMZ:DSM16790 Gc00409
Haloquadratum walsbyi HBSQ001 DSMZ:DSM16790  TYPE STRAIN
Halosarcina sp. RO1-4 RO1-4
Halosarcina vepailidus BZ256
haloarchaeon CSW2.24.4 CSW2.24.4
haloarchaeon Nie 7-1 Nie 7-1
haloarchaeon Nie 7-2 Nie 7-2
haloarchaeon str. T1.3 T1.3
halophilic archaeon PalaeII PalaeII

CLUSTER_10 number of sequences=22 genome representatives=12


Methanococcus aeolicus Nankai-2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17508
Methanococcus aeolicus Nankai-3 DSMZ:DSM17508  TYPE STRAIN
Methanococcus aeolicus Nankai-3 Nankai-3 Gc00589_2of2 DSMZ:DSM17508 Gc00589  TYPE STRAIN
Methanococcus maripaludis C5 C5 Gc00527_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2067 Gc00527
Methanococcus maripaludis C6 C6 Gc00678_3of3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2067 Gc00678
Methanococcus maripaludis C6 Gi02037_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2067 Gi02037
Methanococcus maripaludis C7 C7 Gc00591_2of3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2067 Gc00591
Methanococcus maripaludis S2 S2 Gc00177_2of3 DSMZ:DSM14266 Gc00177  TYPE STRAIN
Methanococcus sp. P2F9701a P2F9701a
Methanococcus vannielii DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1224
Methanococcus vannielii SB SB Gc00588_2of4 DSMZ:DSM1224 Gc00588  TYPE STRAIN
Methanococcus voltae DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1537 Gi00358
Methanococcus voltae A3 Gi01310_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1537 Gi01310
Methanococcus voltae PS DSMZ:DSM1537 Gi00358
Methanothermococcus okinawensis IH1 Gi02044_1of1 DSMZ:DSM14208 Gi02044  TYPE STRAIN
Methanothermococcus sp. Ep55 Ep55
Methanothermococcus sp. Ep70 Ep70
Methanothermococcus sp. Mc37 Mc37
Methanothermococcus sp. Mc55 Mc55
Methanothermococcus sp. Mc70 Mc70
Methanothermococcus thermolithotrophicus Gi00357_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2095 Gi00357
archaeal str. vp21

CLUSTER_11 number of sequences=30 genome representatives=14


Acidilobus aceticus 1904 Gi02907_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11585 Gi02907  TYPE STRAIN
Acidilobus saccharovorans 345-15 Gi03271
Acidococcus sulfurreducens 18D70
Aeropyrum camini SY1 DSMZ:DSM16960  TYPE STRAIN
Aeropyrum pernix TA1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11879
Caldococcus noboribetus NC12
Desulfurococcales archaeon 121 121
Desulfurococcus amylolyticus Z-533 (T) DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3822 Gi03283
Desulfurococcus fermentans Z-1312 DSMZ:DSM16532 Gi03281  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfurococcus kamchatkensis 1221n Gi03124_1of1 Gc00873
Desulfurococcus mobilis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2161 Gi03282
Desulfurococcus sp. SEA SEA
Geogemma indica 296
Hyperthermus butylicus DSM 5456 DSM 5456 Gc00500_1of1 DSMZ:DSM5456 Gc00500  TYPE STRAIN
Ignicoccus hospitalis KIN4/I KIN4/I Gc00636_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18386 Gc00636
Ignicoccus islandicus Ko18 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13165
Ignicoccus pacificus LPC33 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13166
Ignicoccus sp. Kin4-I Kin4-I
Ignisphaera aggregans AQ1.S1 Gi03027_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17230 Gi03027  TYPE STRAIN
Ignisphaera sp. Tok10A.S1 Tok10A.S1
Ignisphaera sp. Tok37.S1 Tok37.S1
Pyrodictium occultum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2709
Pyrolobus fumarii 1A Gi02934_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11204 Gi02934
Staphylothermus hellenicus P8 (BK20S6-10-b1) Gi02533_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12710 Gi02533
Staphylothermus marinus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3639
Staphylothermus marinus DSM 3639 DSMZ:DSM3639  TYPE STRAIN
Stetteria hydrogenophila 4ABC DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11227 Gi03287
Sulfophobococcus zilligii K1 Gi02941_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11193 Gi02941  TYPE STRAIN
Thermodiscus maritimus S2 DSMZ:DSM15173  TYPE STRAIN
Thermosphaera aggregans M11TL Gi02946_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11486 Gi02946  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_12 number of sequences=32 genome representatives=0


Haladaptatus jeotgali D43
Haladaptatus sp. RO1-28 RO1-28
Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 DSMZ:DSM18796
Halalkalicoccus sp. C15 C15
Halalkalicoccus tibetensis DS12
Haloaccomodus multusgeneris DX253
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 718 NCIMB 718
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 734 NCIMB 734
Halobacterium sp. NCIMB 765 NCIMB 765
Halococcus dombrowskii H4 DSMZ:DSM14522  TYPE STRAIN
Halococcus hamelinensis JCM 12892
Halococcus hamelinii 100A6
Halococcus morrhuae DSMZ:DSM1310  TYPE STRAIN
Halococcus morrhuae NRC 16008 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1307
Halococcus qingdaogense CM5
Halococcus saccharolyticus HRF6 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5350
Halococcus salifodinae BG 2/2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM8989
Halococcus salifodinae DSM8989 DSMZ:DSM8989  TYPE STRAIN
Halococcus sp. 001/2 001/2
Halococcus sp. 004/1-2 004/1-2
Halococcus sp. BIGigoW09 BIGigoW09
Halococcus sp. BIHTY10/11 BIHTY10/11
Halococcus sp. DB5-2 DB5-2
Halococcus sp. IS10-2 IS10-2
Halococcus sp. JCM 8979 JCM8979
haloarchaeon Nie 10-1 Nie 10-1
haloarchaeon Nie 10-2 Nie 10-2
haloarchaeon Nie 11-1 Nie 11-1
haloarchaeon Nie 11-2 Nie 11-2
haloarchaeon Nie 13 Nie 13
haloarchaeon Nie 14-1 Nie 14-1
haloarchaeon Nie 14-2 Nie 14-2

CLUSTER_13 number of sequences=27 genome representatives=3


Sulfolobus beitou DBS
Sulfolobus islandicus B6A
Sulfolobus islandicus B6B
Sulfolobus islandicus C51
Sulfolobus islandicus I2
Sulfolobus islandicus I7
Sulfolobus islandicus M14A Gi01320_1of1 Gi01320
Sulfolobus islandicus N15A
Sulfolobus islandicus N15B
Sulfolobus islandicus U3D
Sulfolobus shibatae DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5389
Sulfolobus solfataricus IFO15331 (DSM1616) Gi02560_1of1 DSMZ:DSM1616 Gi02560  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 P2 DSMZ:DSM1617  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 P2 Gc00057_1of1 DSMZ:DSM1617 Gc00057  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfolobus solfataricus Ron12/III DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1616
Sulfolobus sp. AMP12/99 AMP12/99
Sulfolobus sp. CH7/99 CH7/99
Sulfolobus sp. FF5/00 FF5/00
Sulfolobus sp. JP2 JP2
Sulfolobus sp. JP3 JP3
Sulfolobus sp. K4-1 K4-1
Sulfolobus sp. MV2/99 MV2/99
Sulfolobus sp. NGB23/00 NGB23/00
Sulfolobus sp. NGB6/00 NGB6/00
Sulfolobus sp. RC6/00 RC6/00
Sulfolobus sp. Sko-3 Sko-3
Sulfolobus tengchongensis RT8-4

CLUSTER_14 number of sequences=15 genome representatives=6


Caldivirga maquilingensis IC-167 Gc00674_1of1 DSMZ:DSM13496 Gc00674  TYPE STRAIN
Pyrobaculum arsenaticum PZ6 Gc00540_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13514 Gc00540
Pyrobaculum calidifontis JCM 11548 JCM 11548 Gc00517_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21063 Gc00517
Pyrobaculum calidifontis VA1 DSMZ:DSM21063  TYPE STRAIN
Pyrobaculum islandicum DSM 4184 DSM 4184 Gc00475_1of1 DSMZ:DSM4184 Gc00475  TYPE STRAIN
Pyrobaculum neutrophilum NZ1
Pyrobaculum oguniense DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13380
Pyrobaculum organotrophum JCM 9190 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4185
Pyrobaculum sp. AQ1.S2
Pyrobaculum sp. WIJ3 WIJ3
Thermocladium modestius IC-125
Thermoproteus tenax Gi01878_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2078 Gi01878
Vulcanisaeta distributa IC-017 DSMZ:DSM14429  TYPE STRAIN
Vulcanisaeta distributa IC-065 Gi02950_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14429 Gi02950
Vulcanisaeta souniana IC-059 DSMZ:DSM14430  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_15 number of sequences=15 genome representatives=3


Stygiolobus azoricus DSM 6296 Gi02940_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6296 Gi02940  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfolobus acidocaldarius DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM639
Sulfolobus acidocaldarius DSM 639 DSMZ:DSM639  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfolobus acidocaldarius DSM 639 DSM 639 Gc00273_1of1 DSMZ:DSM639 Gc00273  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfolobus solfataricus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1616
Sulfolobus sp. B6/2
Sulfolobus sp. M02 M02
Sulfolobus sp. MVSoil3/SC2 MVSoil3/SC2
Sulfolobus sp. MVSoil6/SC1 MVSoil6/SC1
Sulfolobus sp. NO82 NO82
Sulfolobus thuringiensis Ron12/I
Sulfolobus tokodaii TW DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16993
Sulfolobus tokodaii str. 7 7 Gc00061_1of1 DSMZ:DSM16993 Gc00061  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfolobus vallisabyssus F
Sulfolobus yangmingensis YM

CLUSTER_16 number of sequences=15 genome representatives=4


Archaeoglobus fulgidus DSM 4304 DSMZ:DSM4304  TYPE STRAIN
Archaeoglobus fulgidus L3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4304
Archaeoglobus fulgidus VC-16 Gc00011_1of1 DSMZ:DSM4304 Gc00011
Archaeoglobus lithotrophicus TF2
Archaeoglobus profundus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5631
Archaeoglobus profundus AV18 Gi02909_1of1 DSMZ:DSM5631 Gi02909  TYPE STRAIN
Archaeoglobus sp. Arc22 Arc22
Archaeoglobus sp. Arc51 Arc51
Archaeoglobus sp. PM70-1 PM70-1
Archaeoglobus veneficus DSM 11195 DSMZ:DSM11195  TYPE STRAIN
Archaeoglobus veneficus SNP6 Gi02910_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11195 Gi02910
Ferroglobus placidus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10642
Ferroglobus placidus AEDII12DO Gi01752_1of1 DSMZ:DSM10642 Gi01752  TYPE STRAIN
Geoglobus ahangari 234
Geoglobus sp. SBH6 SBH6

CLUSTER_17 number of sequences=10 genome representatives=1


Haloalcalophilium atacamensis Taxon A-5
Halomicrobium mukohataei DSM 12286 JCM9738 DSMZ:DSM12286  TYPE STRAIN
Halorhabdus tiamatea SARL4B DSMZ:DSM18392  TYPE STRAIN
Halorhabdus utahensis AX-2 Gi02250_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12940 Gi02250  TYPE STRAIN
Halosimplex carlsbadense 2-9-1
Halosimplex carlsbadense 2-9-1(T)
Halosimplex carlsbadense 2-9-1; ATCC BAA-75; JCM 11222
haloarchaeon str. T3.1 T3.1
haloarchaeon str. T3.6 T3.6
haloarchaeon str. T4.2 T4.2

CLUSTER_18 number of sequences=8 genome representatives=1


Methanocorpusculum bavaricum SZSXXZ DSMZ:DSM4179
Methanocorpusculum labreanum Z Z Gc00506_1of1 DSMZ:DSM4855 Gc00506  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocorpusculum parvum DSMZ:DSM3823  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocorpusculum parvum DSM 3828 DSMZ:DSM3828
Methanocorpusculum parvum IF9601b DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3823
Methanocorpusculum sp. MSP MSP
Methanocorpusculum sp. T07
Methanocorpusculum sp. T08

CLUSTER_19 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=2


Acidianus ambivalens DSM 3772 DSMZ:DSM3772  TYPE STRAIN
Acidianus brierleyi IFO15269 (DSM1651) Gi00001_1of1 DSMZ:DSM1651 Gi00001  TYPE STRAIN
Acidianus convivator type strain: AA9
Acidianus infernus DSM 3191 DSMZ:DSM3191  TYPE STRAIN
Acidianus manzaensis
Acidianus manzaensis NA1
Acidianus manzaensis TA
Acidianus pozzuoliensis
Acidianus sp. BT BT
Acidianus sp. JP7 JP7 Gi01753_1of1 Gi01753
Acidianus tengchongenses

CLUSTER_20 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=0


Methanocalculus chunghsingensis K1F9705b DSMZ:DSM14539  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocalculus chunghsingensis K1F9705c DSMZ:DSM14646  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocalculus chunghsingensis O1F9704a DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14539
Methanocalculus halotolerans P2F9705; OCM 672 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14092
Methanocalculus halotolerans SEBR 4845 DSMZ:DSM14092  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocalculus pumilus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12632
Methanocalculus sp. LA2 LA2
Methanocalculus sp. LA4 LA4
Methanocalculus sp. LA5 LA5
Methanocalculus sp. LA7 LA7
Methanocalculus sp. O1F9702c O1F9702c
Methanocalculus taiwanensis P2F9704a DSMZ:DSM14663  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_21 number of sequences=8 genome representatives=1


Metallosphaera prunae DSM 10039 DSMZ:DSM10039  TYPE STRAIN
Metallosphaera sedula DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5348
Metallosphaera sedula DSM 5348 DSM 5348 DSMZ:DSM5348  TYPE STRAIN
Metallosphaera sedula DSM 5348 Gc00548_1of1 DSMZ:DSM5348 Gc00548  TYPE STRAIN
Metallosphaera sp. J1 J1
Metallosphaera sp. YN23 YN23
Sulfolobales archaeon KOZ01 KOZ01
Sulfolobus sp. H H

CLUSTER_22 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=2


Methanosaeta concilii
Methanosaeta concilii FE DSMZ:DSM3013  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosaeta concilii opfikon Gi00081_1of1 DSMZ:DSM2139 Gi00081  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosaeta harundinacea 6Ac DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17206
Methanosaeta harundinacea 8Ac DSMZ:DSM17206  TYPE STRAIN
Methanosaeta thermophila PT PT Gc00452_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6194 Gc00452  TYPE STRAIN
Methanothrix thermophila CALS-1

CLUSTER_23 number of sequences=10 genome representatives=2


Ferroplasma acidarmanus Fer1 Fer1 Gi00249_1of1 Gi00249
Ferroplasma acidiphilum DR1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12658
Ferroplasma acidiphilum DSM 12658 DSMZ:DSM12658  TYPE STRAIN
Ferroplasma cyprexacervatum BH2
Ferroplasma sp. JTC3 JTC3
Ferroplasma sp. L1 L1
Ferroplasma sp. MT17 MT17
Picrophilus oshimae DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9789
Picrophilus torridus DSM 9790 DSM 9790 Gc00190_1of1 DSMZ:DSM9790 Gc00190  TYPE STRAIN
Thermoplasmatales archaeon JCM 13583 JCM 13583

CLUSTER_24 number of sequences=8 genome representatives=7


Methanocaldococcus fervens AG86; DSM4213 Gi02047_1of1 DSMZ:DSM4213 Gi02047  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocaldococcus indicus SL43 DSMZ:DSM15027  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocaldococcus infernus Gi02048_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11812 Gi02048
Methanocaldococcus jannaschii DSM 2661 DSM 2661 Gc00004_2of2 DSMZ:DSM2661 Gc00004  TYPE STRAIN
Methanocaldococcus vulcanius M7 Gi02049_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12094 Gi02049
Methanotorris formicicus Mc-S-70 Gi02046_1of1 DSMZ:DSM16983 Gi02046  TYPE STRAIN
Methanotorris igneus Gi02045_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5666 Gi02045
hyperthermophilic methanogen FS406-22 Gi02050_1of1 Gi02050

CLUSTER_25 number of sequences=8 genome representatives=1


Candidatus Methanoregula boonei 6A8 6A8 Gc00629_1of1 Gc00629
Candidatus Methanoregula boonei SN14
Candidatus Methanoregula boonei SN19
Candidatus Methanoregula boonei SN21
anaerobic methanogenic archaeon SN15 SN15
anaerobic methanogenic archaeon SN20 SN20
anaerobic methanogenic archaeon SN22 SN22
methanogenic archaeon 6A8 6A8

CLUSTER_26 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Methanospirillum hungatei JF-1 JF-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM864
Methanospirillum hungatei JF-1 JF-1 Gc00350_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM864 Gc00350
Methanospirillum hungatei JF-1 JF1 DSMZ:DSM864

CLUSTER_27 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=2


Thermoplasma acidophilum DSM 1728 DSM 1728 Gc00036_1of1 DSMZ:DSM1728 Gc00036  TYPE STRAIN
Thermoplasma sp. S01 S01
Thermoplasma volcanium GSS1 GSS1 Gc00042_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4299 Gc00042
Thermoplasma volcanium GSS1; DSM 4299 DSMZ:DSM4299  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_28 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=1


Natronobacterium sp. 2-24-1
Natronobacterium sp. 2-24-8
Natronomonas pharaonis DSM 2160 Gabara Gc00301_1of1 DSMZ:DSM2160 Gc00301  TYPE STRAIN
haloarchaeon CSW4.03.5 CSW4.03.5
haloarchaeon CSW8.8.11 CSW8.8.11
haloarchaeon str. Nh.2 Nh.2

CLUSTER_29 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=1


Haloarcula sp. Q6 Q6
Halomicrobium katae Al-5
Halomicrobium katae K-1
Halomicrobium mukohataei DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12286
Halomicrobium mukohataei DSM 12286 JCM9738 Gi02248_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12286 Gi02248  TYPE STRAIN
Halomicrobium sp. A191 A191

CLUSTER_30 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Haloplanus natans RE 101 DSMZ:DSM17983  TYPE STRAIN
Haloplanus natans RE-102 DSMZ:DSM17984  TYPE STRAIN
Haloplanus natans RE-103 DSMZ:DSM17985  TYPE STRAIN
Haloplanus sp. RO5-8 RO5-8
archaeon G76.1 G76.1

CLUSTER_31 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


haloarchaeon CSW1.15.5 CSW1.15.5
haloarchaeon CSW2.27.5 CSW2.27.5
haloarchaeon CSW5.24.4 CSW5.24.4
haloarchaeon CSW6.14.5 CSW6.14.5

CLUSTER_32 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=2


Methanopyrus kandleri 116 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6324
Methanopyrus kandleri AV19 AV19 Gc00080_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6324 Gc00080  TYPE STRAIN
Methanopyrus kandleri AV19 AV19 Gi00360_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6324 Gi00360  TYPE STRAIN
Methanopyrus kandleri av19 DSMZ:DSM6324  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_33 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Thermofilum pendens Hrk 5 Hrk 5 Gc00473_1of1 DSMZ:DSM2475 Gc00473  TYPE STRAIN
Thermofilum pendens Hvv3, DSM 2475 DSMZ:DSM2475  TYPE STRAIN
uncultured crenarchaeote

CLUSTER_34 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=2


Candidatus Nitrosopumilus maritimus SCM1
Cenarchaeum symbiosum Gc00493
Nitrosopumilus maritimus SCM1 SCM1 Gc00694_1of1 Gc00694

CLUSTER_35 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Sulfolobus metallicus DSM 6482 Gi01091_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6482 Gi01091  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfolobus metallicus LM DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6482

CLUSTER_36 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Methanothermus fervidus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2088
Methanothermus fervidus Gi02930_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2088 Gi02930
Methanothermus sociabilis Kf1-F1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3496

CLUSTER_37 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


uncultured methanogenic archaeon RC-I

CLUSTER_38 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Caldisphaera dracosis 18U65
Caldisphaera lagunensis IC-154 Gi02911_1of1 DSMZ:DSM15908 Gi02911  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_39 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Nanoarchaeum equitans Kin4-M
Nanoarchaeum equitans Kin4-M Kin4-M Gc00162_1of1 Gc00162

CLUSTER_40 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Methanimicrococcus blatticola PA DSMZ:DSM13328  TYPE STRAIN
Methanimicrococcus blatticola PAT Gi01583_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13328 Gi01583

CLUSTER_41 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


haloarchaeon str. T1.6 T1.6
halophilic archaeon 294-194-5 294-194-5

CLUSTER_42 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


methanogenic archaeon ZC-1 ZC-1

CLUSTER_43 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Aciduliprofundum boonei T469 Gi01447_1of1 Gi01447

CLUSTER_44 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


archaeon 4R 4R

CLUSTER_45 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Halobaculum gomorrense Gi00721_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9297 Gi00721

CLUSTER_46 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Coxiella burnetii RSA 334 RSA 334 Gi01271_1of1 Gi01271

CLUSTER_47 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Candidatus Nitrosocaldus yellowstonii HL72

CLUSTER_48 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Fervidococcus fontis 940 Gi03272