Green: the species has genome representative
Blue: the strain has genome representative
Red and underline: Type strain
DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN:The strain cannot be mapped to a DSMZ strain, but there is a type strain from the same species

CLUSTER_1 number of sequences=378 genome representatives=5


Antarctic bacterium L10
Antarctic bacterium N04
Antarctic bacterium R-7515 R-7515
Antarctic bacterium R-7550 R-7550
Antarctic bacterium R-7579 R-7579
Antarctic bacterium R-7666 R-7666
Antarctic bacterium R-7933 R-7933
Antarctic bacterium R-8963 R-8963
Antarctic bacterium R-9003 R-9003
Antarctic bacterium R-9033 R-9033
Bacteroidetes bacterium ARK10264 ARK10264
Bacteroidetes bacterium RBE2CD-132 RBE2CD-132
Bacteroidetes bacterium RD4.3 RD4.3
CFB group bacterium A0653 A0653
CFB group bacterium A1002 A1002
Candidatus Cytophaga massiliensis URCM1
Cetobacillus canariasensis type strain: 454-2
Chryseobacterium sp. GR15 GR15
Chryseobacterium sp. TB4-8-II TB4-8-II
Cytophaga psychrophila NCIMB 1947
Cytophaga sp. 0401 852 0401 852
Cytophaga sp. 4D9 4D9
Cytophaga sp. An11
Cytophaga sp. An36
Cytophaga sp. HNR01 HNR01
Cytophaga sp. KT0234A KT0234A
Cytophaga sp. L-43-1-N
Cytophaga sp. P1 P1
Cytophaga sp. SA1 SA1
Cytophaga sp. SSL03 SSL03
Cytophaga sp. TUT1013 TUT1013
Cytophaga sp. TUT1214 TUT1214
Cytophaga sp. TUT1226 TUT1226
Cytophaga sp. Type 0092
Flavobacteria bacterium BAL38 BAL38 Gi01436_1of1 Gi01436
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 4 4
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 5 5
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium GB058 GB058
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium GB060 GB060
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium GMD102 GMD102
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium GMD185 GMD185
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium GMD203 GMD203
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium GOBB3-C103-1 GOBB3-C103-1
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium JC2435 JC2435; IMSNU 14136
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium LM5 LM5
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium NHD020 NHD020
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium NHD080 NHD080
Flavobacteriales bacterium CF-1 CF-1
Flavobacterium anhuiense D3
Flavobacterium antarcticum AT1026 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19726
Flavobacterium antarcticum type strain:DSM19726 DSMZ:DSM19726  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium aquatile DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1132
Flavobacterium aquatile type strain: DSM 1132 DSMZ:DSM1132  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium arcticum
Flavobacterium arcticum type strain: KE-Flavo03
Flavobacterium branchiophilum IFO 15030) Gi02340_1of1 Gi02340
Flavobacterium columnare ATCC 49512 Gi01994_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18644 Gi01994
Flavobacterium cucumis R2A45-3 DSMZ:DSM18830  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium degerlachei type strain: LMG 21915 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15718
Flavobacterium denitrificans JS14-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15936
Flavobacterium flevense DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1076
Flavobacterium flevense type strain: DSM 1076 DSMZ:DSM1076  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium frigidarium DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17623
Flavobacterium frigidimaris KUC-1 DSMZ:DSM15937
Flavobacterium frigoris DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15719
Flavobacterium fryxellicola type strain: LMG 22022 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16209
Flavobacterium gelidilacus KOPRI_22147 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15343
Flavobacterium granuli Kw05 DSMZ:DSM17797  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium hercynium type strain: WB 4.2-33 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18292
Flavobacterium hibernum ATCC51468 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12611
Flavobacterium hydatis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2063
Flavobacterium hydatis type strain: DSM 2063 DSMZ:DSM2063  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium johnsoniae DSM 425 DSMZ:DSM425
Flavobacterium johnsoniae UW101 IFO14942 Gc00550_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2064 Gc00550
Flavobacterium johnsoniae UW101 type strain: DSM 2064 DSMZ:DSM2064  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium kamogawaensis KG12
Flavobacterium kamogawaensis KS3
Flavobacterium limicola ST-10 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15094
Flavobacterium limicola ST-82 DSMZ:DSM15094  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium limicola ST-92 DSMZ:DSM15093
Flavobacterium micromati type strain: LMG 21919 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17659
Flavobacterium omnivorum AS 1.2747; JCM 11313 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19742
Flavobacterium pectinovorum NCIMB 9059 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6368
Flavobacterium pectinovorum type strain: DSM 6368 DSMZ:DSM6368  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium psychrolimnae LMG 22020 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16141
Flavobacterium psychrophilum CSF 259-93 Gi00252_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3660 Gi00252
Flavobacterium saccharophilum NCIMB 2072 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1811
Flavobacterium saccharophilum type strain: DSM 1811 DSMZ:DSM1811  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium saliperosum AS 1.3801 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21664
Flavobacterium segetis AT1048; IMSNU 14050; KCTC 1222 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19741
Flavobacterium soli DS-6 DSMZ:DSM19725
Flavobacterium sp. 0499 0499
Flavobacterium sp. 0563 0563
Flavobacterium sp. 10B
Flavobacterium sp. 19C
Flavobacterium sp. 1_4K 1_4K
Flavobacterium sp. 2009 2009
Flavobacterium sp. 2019 2019
Flavobacterium sp. 2026 2026
Flavobacterium sp. 20I
Flavobacterium sp. 3001 3001
Flavobacterium sp. 3008 3008
Flavobacterium sp. 3033 3033
Flavobacterium sp. 3037 3037
Flavobacterium sp. 3038 3038
Flavobacterium sp. 3039 3039
Flavobacterium sp. 3047 3047
Flavobacterium sp. 3049 3049
Flavobacterium sp. 3052 3052
Flavobacterium sp. 30C
Flavobacterium sp. 3A5 3A5
Flavobacterium sp. 6A
Flavobacterium sp. 8053 8053
Flavobacterium sp. A103
Flavobacterium sp. A265
Flavobacterium sp. ACAM123
Flavobacterium sp. Antarctic IS07 Antarctic IS07
Flavobacterium sp. BAC226 BAC226
Flavobacterium sp. BD-b365 BD-b365
Flavobacterium sp. BF.107
Flavobacterium sp. BF03-Tho3
Flavobacterium sp. BF03_Tho1
Flavobacterium sp. BF101 BF101
Flavobacterium sp. BF105 BF105
Flavobacterium sp. BF120 BF120
Flavobacterium sp. BF134 BF134
Flavobacterium sp. BF63 BF63
Flavobacterium sp. BF86 BF86
Flavobacterium sp. BR1 BR1
Flavobacterium sp. BSi20486 BSi20486
Flavobacterium sp. BSi20510 BSi20510
Flavobacterium sp. BSs20191 BSs20191
Flavobacterium sp. CAM005 CAM005
Flavobacterium sp. CC-JY-6 CC-JY-6
Flavobacterium sp. CC-UTSB42218 CC-UTSB42218
Flavobacterium sp. CC-YMW-3 CC-YMW-3
Flavobacterium sp. CH16-1
Flavobacterium sp. CH26-3
Flavobacterium sp. CJ4 CJ4
Flavobacterium sp. CJ7 CJ7
Flavobacterium sp. CL1.100 CL1.100
Flavobacterium sp. CL1.152 CL1.152
Flavobacterium sp. EMB 152 EMB 152
Flavobacterium sp. EMB117 EMB117
Flavobacterium sp. EMB34 EMB34
Flavobacterium sp. EMB47 EMB47
Flavobacterium sp. EP030 EP030
Flavobacterium sp. EP037 EP037
Flavobacterium sp. EP100 EP100
Flavobacterium sp. EP125 EP125
Flavobacterium sp. EP130 EP130
Flavobacterium sp. EP131 EP131
Flavobacterium sp. EP136 EP136
Flavobacterium sp. EP204 EP204
Flavobacterium sp. EP215 EP215
Flavobacterium sp. EP217 EP217
Flavobacterium sp. EP223 EP223
Flavobacterium sp. EP233 EP233
Flavobacterium sp. EP235 EP235
Flavobacterium sp. EP236 EP236
Flavobacterium sp. EP239 EP239
Flavobacterium sp. EP240 EP240
Flavobacterium sp. EP241 EP241
Flavobacterium sp. EP246 EP246
Flavobacterium sp. EP248 EP248
Flavobacterium sp. EP251 EP251
Flavobacterium sp. EP252 EP252
Flavobacterium sp. EP286 EP286
Flavobacterium sp. EP297 EP297
Flavobacterium sp. EP300 EP300
Flavobacterium sp. EP306 EP306
Flavobacterium sp. EP360 EP360
Flavobacterium sp. EP372 EP372
Flavobacterium sp. FB7
Flavobacterium sp. GH1-10 GH1-10
Flavobacterium sp. GH29-5 GH29-5
Flavobacterium sp. GOBB3-209 GOBB3-209
Flavobacterium sp. GOBB3-309 GOBB3-309
Flavobacterium sp. GOBB3-317_2 GOBB3-317_2
Flavobacterium sp. GOBB3-C101 GOBB3-C101
Flavobacterium sp. GOBB3-C103-3 GOBB3-C103-3
Flavobacterium sp. GPTSA100-9 GPTSA100-9
Flavobacterium sp. H7 H7
Flavobacterium sp. HI-M4 HI-M4
Flavobacterium sp. HTCC554
Flavobacterium sp. HX22 HX22
Flavobacterium sp. IC001
Flavobacterium sp. INBF006 INBF006
Flavobacterium sp. IP10 IP10
Flavobacterium sp. J36
Flavobacterium sp. J37
Flavobacterium sp. K22-02 K22-02
Flavobacterium sp. KJPB 16 KJPB 16
Flavobacterium sp. MH17 MH17
Flavobacterium sp. MH45 MH45
Flavobacterium sp. MSA/1 MSA/1
Flavobacterium sp. MSY2 MSY2
Flavobacterium sp. N2 N2
Flavobacterium sp. NF2-1 NF2-1
Flavobacterium sp. NX11 NX11
Flavobacterium sp. Nj-26 NJ-26
Flavobacterium sp. OW3-15-5 OW3-15-5
Flavobacterium sp. P-131 P-131
Flavobacterium sp. P-135 P-135
Flavobacterium sp. P-139 P-139
Flavobacterium sp. P31 P31
Flavobacterium sp. P32 P32
Flavobacterium sp. PAA-2 PAA-2
Flavobacterium sp. PR01 PR01
Flavobacterium sp. PR11-2-7
Flavobacterium sp. PR30-2
Flavobacterium sp. PR30-9
Flavobacterium sp. PR6-3-11
Flavobacterium sp. QLX6
Flavobacterium sp. R-20816
Flavobacterium sp. R-20822
Flavobacterium sp. R-21935
Flavobacterium sp. R-32568 R-32568
Flavobacterium sp. R2A-7 R2A-7
Flavobacterium sp. S11-B-3 S11-B-3
Flavobacterium sp. SB6
Flavobacterium sp. SC1 SC1
Flavobacterium sp. SIB A4(8)
Flavobacterium sp. SK-3 SK-3
Flavobacterium sp. SOC A4(12)
Flavobacterium sp. SOC A4(40)
Flavobacterium sp. SOC A4(44)
Flavobacterium sp. SOC A4(51)
Flavobacterium sp. SR1 SR1
Flavobacterium sp. SW254
Flavobacterium sp. Sulf-1137
Flavobacterium sp. Sulf-47
Flavobacterium sp. Sulf-511
Flavobacterium sp. Sulf-564
Flavobacterium sp. Sun4 Sun4
Flavobacterium sp. TB4-4-II TB4-4-II
Flavobacterium sp. TC2 CIP 109574)
Flavobacterium sp. THWCSN19 THWCSN19
Flavobacterium sp. THWCSN20 THWCSN20
Flavobacterium sp. THWCSN21 THWCSN21
Flavobacterium sp. THWCSN23 THWCSN23
Flavobacterium sp. THWCSN27 THWCSN27
Flavobacterium sp. THWCSN34 THWCSN34
Flavobacterium sp. THWCSN41 THWCSN41
Flavobacterium sp. THWCSN49 THWCSN49
Flavobacterium sp. THWCSN53 THWCSN53
Flavobacterium sp. TSBY-11 TSBY-11
Flavobacterium sp. Tibet-IIU27 Tibet-IIU27
Flavobacterium sp. Tibet-S721 Tibet-S721
Flavobacterium sp. URFM1 URFM1
Flavobacterium sp. W6-14
Flavobacterium sp. WB 1.1-21 WB 1.1-21
Flavobacterium sp. WB 1.1-23 WB 1.1-23
Flavobacterium sp. WB 2.1-3 WB 2.1-3
Flavobacterium sp. WB 2.1-30 WB 2.1-30
Flavobacterium sp. WB 2.1-78 WB 2.1-78
Flavobacterium sp. WB 2.1-80 WB 2.1-80
Flavobacterium sp. WB 2.1-87 WB 2.1-87
Flavobacterium sp. WB 2.3-35 WB 2.3-35
Flavobacterium sp. WB 2.4.2 WB 2.4.2
Flavobacterium sp. WB 2.4.4 WB 2.4.4
Flavobacterium sp. WB 2.4.44 WB 2.4.44
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.1-22 WB 3.1-22
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.1-41 WB 3.1-41
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.1-78 WB 3.1-78
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.1-83 WB 3.1-83
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.2-61 WB 3.2-61
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.3.27 WB 3.3.27
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.3.35 WB 3.3.35
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.3.42 WB 3.3.42
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.3.45 WB 3.3.45
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.4.10 WB 3.4.10
Flavobacterium sp. WB 3.4.6 WB 3.4.6
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.1-14 WB 4.1-14
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.1-48 WB 4.1-48
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.2-31 WB 4.2-31
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.2-72 WB 4.2-72
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.2-78 WB 4.2-78
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.3-15 WB 4.3-15
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.3-19 WB 4.3-19
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.3-20 WB 4.3-20
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.3-34 WB 4.3-34
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.3-87 WB 4.3-87
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.3-96 WB 4.3-96
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.4-116 WB 4.4-116
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.4-14 WB 4.4-14
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.4-16 WB 4.4-16
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.4-22 WB 4.4-22
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.4-46 WB 4.4-46
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.4-73 WB 4.4-73
Flavobacterium sp. WB 4.4-74 WB 4.4-74
Flavobacterium sp. WB-1.1.56 WB-1.1.56
Flavobacterium sp. WB1.2-3 WB1.2-3
Flavobacterium sp. WB1.2-4 WB1.2-4
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-16 WB2.1-16
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-17 WB2.1-17
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-19 WB2.1-19
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-36 WB2.1-36
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-40 WB2.1-40
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-49 WB2.1-49
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-50 WB2.1-50
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-66 WB2.1-66
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-83 WB2.1-83
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.1-85 WB2.1-85
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.2-13 WB2.2-13
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.2-40 WB2.2-40
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.3-13 WB2.3-13
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.3-15 WB2.3-15
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.3-3 WB2.3-3
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.3-46 WB2.3-46
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.3-51 WB2.3-51
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.3-63 WB2.3-63
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.3-66 WB2.3-66
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.3-68 WB2.3-68
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.3-9 WB2.3-9
Flavobacterium sp. WB2.4-28 WB2.4-28
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.1-47 WB3.1-47
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.1-53 WB3.1-53
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.1-68 WB3.1-68
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.1-79 WB3.1-79
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.2-16 WB3.2-16
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.2-27 WB3.2-27
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.2-28 WB3.2-28
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.2-63 WB3.2-63
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.3-2 WB3.3-2
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.3-59 WB3.3-59
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.4-22 WB3.4-22
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.4-76 WB3.4-76
Flavobacterium sp. WB3.4-82 WB3.4-82
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.1-42 WB4.1-42
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.1-56 WB4.1-56
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.2-37 WB4.2-37
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.3-36 WB4.3-36
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.3-51 WB4.3-51
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.3-62 WB4.3-62
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.3-66 WB4.3-66
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.3-86 WB4.3-86
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.4-104 WB4.4-104
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.4-53 WB4.4-53
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.4-89 WB4.4-89
Flavobacterium sp. WB4.4-97 WB4.4-97
Flavobacterium sp. WPCB080 WPCB080
Flavobacterium sp. WX3 WX3
Flavobacterium sp. Wuba46 Wuba46
Flavobacterium sp. YC06274 SS7
Flavobacterium sp. YC6718 YC6718
Flavobacterium sp. YO10
Flavobacterium sp. YO11
Flavobacterium sp. YO15
Flavobacterium sp. YO19
Flavobacterium sp. YO34
Flavobacterium sp. YO46
Flavobacterium sp. YO51
Flavobacterium sp. YO60
Flavobacterium sp. YO64
Flavobacterium sp. YO66
Flavobacterium sp. ice-oil-522 ice-oil-522
Flavobacterium succinicans DSM 4001 DSMZ:DSM4001
Flavobacterium succinicans DSM 4003 DSMZ:DSM4003
Flavobacterium succinicans IFO14905 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4002
Flavobacterium succinicans type strain: DSM 4002 DSMZ:DSM4002  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium terrae R2A1-13 DSMZ:DSM18829  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium terrigena DS-20 DSMZ:DSM17934  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium weaverense AT1042; IMSNU 14048; KCTC 1222 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19727
Flavobacterium xanthum ACAM 81(T) DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3661
Flavobacterium xinjiangense As1.2748 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19743
Flexibacter aurantiacus subsp. excathedrus IFO 16024 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6792
Galbibacter mesophilus Mok-17
Sporocytophaga cauliformis
Sporocytophaga cauliformis 9726R
Sporocytophaga sp. A61
bacterium G21 G21
bacterium H9(2007) H9
bacterium Rb-14A Rb-14A
cf. Cytophaga sp. MDA2507 MDA2507
drinking water bacterium M5 M5
glacier bacterium FJS20 FJS20
glacier bacterium FJS32 FJS32

CLUSTER_2 number of sequences=264 genome representatives=2


Antarctic bacterium GA0K
Antarctic bacterium M02
Bacteroidetes bacterium CH1i CH1i
Bacteroidetes bacterium CH6i CH6i
Bergeyella sp. AF14 AF14
Bergeyella sp. B1-MC B1-MC
Bergeyella sp. g6669
Bergeyella sp. g8498
Bergeyella sp. h1890
Bergeyella sp. h1971d
Bergeyella zoohelcum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16783
CDC group II-h NF 802
Candidatus Amoebinatus massiliae 7Ebis
Candidatus Amoebinatus massiliae CY2301169
Candidatus Chryseobacterium massiliae 90B
Candidatus Chryseobacterium massiliensis URChM1
Chryseobacterium aquaticum type strain: VR86
Chryseobacterium aurantiacum LMG 237
Chryseobacterium aurantiacum P 528/18
Chryseobacterium aurantiacum P 538/13
Chryseobacterium balustinum LMG 8329; ATCC33487; LMG 4010; DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16775
Chryseobacterium benhlgensis CW-E
Chryseobacterium caeni N4 DSMZ:DSM17710  TYPE STRAIN
Chryseobacterium daecheongense CPW406 DSMZ:DSM15235  TYPE STRAIN
Chryseobacterium daeguense K105 DSMZ:DSM19388  TYPE STRAIN
Chryseobacterium daejeonense RB-18
Chryseobacterium defluvii DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14219
Chryseobacterium formosense CC-H3-2 DSMZ:DSM17452  TYPE STRAIN
Chryseobacterium formosense type strain: CC-H3-2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17452
Chryseobacterium ginsengisoli Gsoil 183
Chryseobacterium ginsengisoli Gsoil 248
Chryseobacterium gleum DSMZ:DSM5567 Gi02674  TYPE STRAIN
Chryseobacterium gleum CCUG 14555 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16776
Chryseobacterium gregarium LMG 240 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19109
Chryseobacterium haifaeyi
Chryseobacterium hispanicum type strain:VP48
Chryseobacterium hominis NF 696 Gi03630
Chryseobacterium hungaricum CHB-20p
Chryseobacterium indologenes DSMZ:DSM16777  TYPE STRAIN
Chryseobacterium indologenes LMG 8337 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16777
Chryseobacterium indoltheticum LMG 4025; ATCC27950 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16778
Chryseobacterium isbiliense type strain:VR86
Chryseobacterium joostei SKIN3A DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16927
Chryseobacterium kwangyangense CW9
Chryseobacterium kwangyangense Cb
Chryseobacterium lactis
Chryseobacterium letacus CW-H
Chryseobacterium moechotypicola RB-02
Chryseobacterium orangei
Chryseobacterium piscium LMG 23089T
Chryseobacterium piscium PTB2043
Chryseobacterium proteolyticum 9670
Chryseobacterium pufferi P2K6
Chryseobacterium scophthalmum LMG 13028 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16779
Chryseobacterium shigense GUM-Kaji DSMZ:DSM17126  TYPE STRAIN
Chryseobacterium soldanellicola DS52 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17072
Chryseobacterium soldanellicola PSD1-4 DSMZ:DSM17072
Chryseobacterium sp. 'PC IW 30' PC IW 30
Chryseobacterium sp. 'TS IW 15' TS IW 15
Chryseobacterium sp. 10-106 10-106
Chryseobacterium sp. 10-46 10-46
Chryseobacterium sp. 10C
Chryseobacterium sp. 12_4K 12_4K
Chryseobacterium sp. 18C
Chryseobacterium sp. 1YB-R12 1YB-R12
Chryseobacterium sp. 26-3St2b
Chryseobacterium sp. 3Ablue
Chryseobacterium sp. 42 42
Chryseobacterium sp. 5-1St1a
Chryseobacterium sp. 549 549
Chryseobacterium sp. ABc1 ABc1
Chryseobacterium sp. ACP12 ACP12
Chryseobacterium sp. AU939 AU939
Chryseobacterium sp. AUR9
Chryseobacterium sp. Atl-24 Atl-24
Chryseobacterium sp. B2 B2
Chryseobacterium sp. BBCT12
Chryseobacterium sp. BBCT14
Chryseobacterium sp. BBCT17 BBCT17
Chryseobacterium sp. BBCT19
Chryseobacterium sp. BBCT31 BBCT31
Chryseobacterium sp. BBTR48
Chryseobacterium sp. BW2
Chryseobacterium sp. C16
Chryseobacterium sp. CCUG 15260
Chryseobacterium sp. CCUG 15624
Chryseobacterium sp. CH10 CH10
Chryseobacterium sp. CH11 CH11
Chryseobacterium sp. CH12 CH12
Chryseobacterium sp. CH15 CH15
Chryseobacterium sp. CH30 CH30
Chryseobacterium sp. CH33-3
Chryseobacterium sp. CH34 CH34
Chryseobacterium sp. CH5 CH5
Chryseobacterium sp. CH8 CH8
Chryseobacterium sp. CHNTR56
Chryseobacterium sp. CI02
Chryseobacterium sp. CI03
Chryseobacterium sp. CI05
Chryseobacterium sp. CI06
Chryseobacterium sp. CI09
Chryseobacterium sp. CI10
Chryseobacterium sp. CI15
Chryseobacterium sp. CI18
Chryseobacterium sp. CI19
Chryseobacterium sp. CI21
Chryseobacterium sp. CI22
Chryseobacterium sp. COLI2 COLI2
Chryseobacterium sp. CTM CTM
Chryseobacterium sp. CW-F CW-F
Chryseobacterium sp. D-E D-E
Chryseobacterium sp. DP2 DP2
Chryseobacterium sp. DW3
Chryseobacterium sp. F-Fue-04IIIaaaa
Chryseobacterium sp. FR2 FR2
Chryseobacterium sp. FRGDSA 1502/97
Chryseobacterium sp. FRGDSA 4034/97
Chryseobacterium sp. FRGDSA 4580/97
Chryseobacterium sp. H-6-1 H-6-1
Chryseobacterium sp. H-6-6
Chryseobacterium sp. H10
Chryseobacterium sp. H15
Chryseobacterium sp. H30
Chryseobacterium sp. H9
Chryseobacterium sp. HNR12 HNR12
Chryseobacterium sp. HX31 HX31
Chryseobacterium sp. JA22A
Chryseobacterium sp. JA44A
Chryseobacterium sp. JG-Torno
Chryseobacterium sp. JIP 06/01 (1)
Chryseobacterium sp. JIP 105/82
Chryseobacterium sp. JIP 108/83
Chryseobacterium sp. JIP 13/00 (2)
Chryseobacterium sp. JIP 16/96
Chryseobacterium sp. JIP 17/96
Chryseobacterium sp. JS17-8 JS17-8
Chryseobacterium sp. JS6-6 JS6-6
Chryseobacterium sp. KJ1R5 KJ1R5
Chryseobacterium sp. KJ9C8 KJ9C8
Chryseobacterium sp. KM KM
Chryseobacterium sp. LDA39 G1966 12a
Chryseobacterium sp. LDA39 G1966 4a
Chryseobacterium sp. LDVH 1
Chryseobacterium sp. LDVH 3
Chryseobacterium sp. LDVH 42/00
Chryseobacterium sp. LDVH 43/00
Chryseobacterium sp. LMG 19173 LMG 19173
Chryseobacterium sp. LMG 19914 LMG 19914
Chryseobacterium sp. LPAA 3120
Chryseobacterium sp. MH MH
Chryseobacterium sp. MH15 MH15
Chryseobacterium sp. MH16 MH16
Chryseobacterium sp. MH19 MH19
Chryseobacterium sp. MH28 MH28
Chryseobacterium sp. MH48 MH48
Chryseobacterium sp. MN13.3d
Chryseobacterium sp. NCY NCY
Chryseobacterium sp. NF 1101 NF 1101
Chryseobacterium sp. NF 1107 NF 1107
Chryseobacterium sp. NF 1123 NF 1123
Chryseobacterium sp. NF 1366 type strain: NF 1366
Chryseobacterium sp. NF 1413 NF 1413
Chryseobacterium sp. NF 450 NF 450
Chryseobacterium sp. NX12 NX12
Chryseobacterium sp. OS11 OS11
Chryseobacterium sp. PB2
Chryseobacterium sp. PHD-9 PHD-9
Chryseobacterium sp. PNP2 PNP2
Chryseobacterium sp. PSB1-1 PSB1-1
Chryseobacterium sp. PSB1-20 PSB1-20
Chryseobacterium sp. PSR10 PSR10
Chryseobacterium sp. RBA2-6 RBA2-6
Chryseobacterium sp. RHA2-18 RHA2-18
Chryseobacterium sp. RHA2-9 RHA2-9
Chryseobacterium sp. RHA3-1 RHA3-1
Chryseobacterium sp. RSB3-1 RSB3-1
Chryseobacterium sp. S5 S5
Chryseobacterium sp. SB9
Chryseobacterium sp. TB2-1-I TB2-1-I
Chryseobacterium sp. TB2-6-I TB2-6-I
Chryseobacterium sp. TDMA-1 TDMA-1
Chryseobacterium sp. TDMA-2 TDMA-2
Chryseobacterium sp. TDMA-39 TDMA-39
Chryseobacterium sp. TM11_4
Chryseobacterium sp. TM3_4
Chryseobacterium sp. TM3_8
Chryseobacterium sp. TSBY-67 TSBY-67
Chryseobacterium sp. UK6
Chryseobacterium sp. UMB 10
Chryseobacterium sp. UOF CM1396
Chryseobacterium sp. UOF CM295
Chryseobacterium sp. UOF CO294 UOF CO294
Chryseobacterium sp. UOF CR2995
Chryseobacterium sp. UOF CR4095
Chryseobacterium sp. UOF CR4395
Chryseobacterium sp. VQ-106r VQ-106r
Chryseobacterium sp. VQ-4836s VQ-4836s
Chryseobacterium sp. VQ-6316s VQ-6316s
Chryseobacterium sp. VTT E-052908 VTT E-052908
Chryseobacterium sp. WO WO
Chryseobacterium sp. WPCB010 WPCB010
Chryseobacterium sp. X-65 X-65
Chryseobacterium sp. Y1D Y1D
Chryseobacterium sp. YJ1 YJ1
Chryseobacterium sp. jll jll
Chryseobacterium sp. p20H
Chryseobacterium sp., WOF18(2)-4
Chryseobacterium stagni 10-59
Chryseobacterium stagni 10-60
Chryseobacterium taeanense PHA 3-4 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17071
Chryseobacterium taichungense J3-40 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17453
Chryseobacterium taiwanensis BCRC 17412
Chryseobacterium vrystaatense LMG 22846
Chryseobacterium vrystaatense LMG 22954
Chryseobacterium wanjuense R2A10-2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17724
Elizabethkingia meningoseptica LDVH 337.01 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2800
Elizabethkingia miricola L99; CGMCC 2295 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14571
Elizabethkingia sp. CH2B CH2B
Epilithonimonas tenax EP105 DSMZ:DSM16811  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 2 2
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 3519-10 3519-10
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 3A10 3A10
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium BLS-98 BLS-98
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium ECP37 ECP37
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium JJC JJC
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium R2A-16 R2A-16
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium TSBY-39 TSBY-39
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium TSBY-57 TSBY-57
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium WH032 WH032
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium WR053 WR053
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium WR055 WR055
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium YMS-2 YMS-2
Flavobacteriaceae genomosp. C1
Flavobacterium sp. 'Smarlab BioMol-2300973' Smarlab BioMol-2300973
Flavobacterium sp. 130704W2 130704W2
Flavobacterium sp. PNS BS-1 PNS BS-1
Haloanella gallinarum 2002-2301269
Haloanella gallinarum PS3
Haloanella sp. JPB-1.16 JPB-1.16
Haloanella sp. zf-IRlt6
Kaistella flava type strain: YIM 47657
Kaistella koreensis Chj707
Kaistella koreensis Ko10
Kaistella koreensis Ko2
Riemerella anatipestifer DSMZ:DSM15868  TYPE STRAIN
Riemerella anatipestifer RAf49 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15868
Riemerella columbina LMG11607 T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16469
Riemerella sp. SS2 SS2
Rosa chinensis RA-T1-118
Sejongia antarctica AT1013 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17047
Sejongia jeonii AT1047 DSMZ:DSM17048  TYPE STRAIN
Sejongia marina IMCC3228
Sejongia sp. 5516J-09 5516J-09
bacterium H20 H20
bacterium K2-70 K2-70
bacterium KA75 KA75
bacterium Rb-12B Rb-12B
bacterium SV05 SV05
cf. Bergeyella sp. CCUG 46293 CCUG 46293
estrogen-degrading bacterium KC1 KC1
glacial ice bacterium CanDirty14 CanDirty14
unidentified F006
unidentified F006C

CLUSTER_3 number of sequences=162 genome representatives=25


Borrelia afzelii DSMZ:DSM10508  TYPE STRAIN
Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 ACA-1 Gi02073_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10508 Gi02073
Borrelia afzelii PKo PKo Gc00408_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10508 Gc00408
Borrelia andersonii
Borrelia anserina
Borrelia anserina ES-1
Borrelia anserina Es
Borrelia burgdorferi 118a 118a Gi02079_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi02079
Borrelia burgdorferi 297 Gi03122_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi03122
Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 29805 Gi02077_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi02077
Borrelia burgdorferi 64b 64b Gi03004_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi03004
Borrelia burgdorferi 72a 72a Gi02080_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi02080
Borrelia burgdorferi 80a 80a Gi02081_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi02081
Borrelia burgdorferi 94a 94a Gi02082_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi02082
Borrelia burgdorferi B31 Gc00012_1of1 DSMZ:DSM4680 Gc00012  TYPE STRAIN
Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a CA-112a Gi02269_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi02269
Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 WI91-23 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi02270
Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 ZS7 Gi02078_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4680 Gi02078
Borrelia coriaceae
Borrelia coriaceae Co53T; ATCC 43381
Borrelia crocidurae
Borrelia crocidurae ORI
Borrelia crocidurae UESV/1040DAK 24
Borrelia crocidurae UESV/1043DAK 28
Borrelia crocidurae UESV/1045DAK 33
Borrelia crocidurae UESV/1096TEN
Borrelia crocidurae UESV/523SIS
Borrelia crocidurae UESV/626BAN
Borrelia crocidurae UESV/917BAR
Borrelia crocidurae UESV/ACH
Borrelia crocidurae UESV/MER
Borrelia duttonii
Borrelia duttonii Ku
Borrelia duttonii La
Borrelia duttonii Ly Gi01736_1of1 Gi01736
Borrelia duttonii Ly Ly Gc00861_1of1 Gc00861
Borrelia duttonii Ma
Borrelia duttonii UESV/117DUTT
Borrelia duttonii UESV/334RWA
Borrelia duttonii UR/BD94MIT
Borrelia garinii 20047 DSMZ:DSM10534  TYPE STRAIN
Borrelia garinii PBi PBi Gc00211_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10534 Gc00211
Borrelia garinii PBr PBr Gi02074_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10534 Gi02074
Borrelia hermsii DSMZ:DSM5251  TYPE STRAIN
Borrelia hermsii ALL
Borrelia hermsii BAK
Borrelia hermsii BRO
Borrelia hermsii BYM
Borrelia hermsii CAR
Borrelia hermsii CMC
Borrelia hermsii CON
Borrelia hermsii DAH DAH
Borrelia hermsii DAH DAH Gc00792_1of1 Gc00792
Borrelia hermsii EST
Borrelia hermsii FRE
Borrelia hermsii FRO
Borrelia hermsii GAR
Borrelia hermsii GMC
Borrelia hermsii HAL
Borrelia hermsii HAN
Borrelia hermsii HS1
Borrelia hermsii HS1T ATCC 35209 Gi00085ph Gi00085
Borrelia hermsii LAK-1
Borrelia hermsii LAK-2
Borrelia hermsii LPO
Borrelia hermsii MC77
Borrelia hermsii MIL
Borrelia hermsii Man
Borrelia hermsii NM84
Borrelia hermsii OKA-1
Borrelia hermsii OKA-2
Borrelia hermsii OKA-3
Borrelia hermsii RAL
Borrelia hermsii REN
Borrelia hermsii RUM
Borrelia hermsii SB82
Borrelia hermsii SIL
Borrelia hermsii SIS
Borrelia hermsii SWA
Borrelia hermsii WAD
Borrelia hermsii YOR
Borrelia hispanica
Borrelia hispanica UESV/246
Borrelia japonica
Borrelia japonica HO14
Borrelia japonica IKA2
Borrelia lonestari
Borrelia lonestari Texas 20
Borrelia lusitaniae Tr161
Borrelia lusitaniae Tr170
Borrelia lusitaniae Tr210
Borrelia lusitaniae Tr213
Borrelia miyamotoi
Borrelia miyamotoi HT31
Borrelia parkeri
Borrelia parkeri M3001
Borrelia persica UESV/340
Borrelia recurrentis
Borrelia recurrentis A1 Gc00860
Borrelia recurrentis A10
Borrelia recurrentis A11
Borrelia recurrentis A16
Borrelia recurrentis A17
Borrelia recurrentis A4
Borrelia recurrentis A5
Borrelia recurrentis A8
Borrelia sinica CMN1a
Borrelia sinica CMN2
Borrelia sinica CMN3
Borrelia sinica CWO1
Borrelia sp.
Borrelia sp. 10MT 10MT
Borrelia sp. 57Nsk 57Nsk
Borrelia sp. AI-1
Borrelia sp. Am501
Borrelia sp. B31
Borrelia sp. BC-1
Borrelia sp. DN127
Borrelia sp. EFL-S0100110
Borrelia sp. FD-1
Borrelia sp. Ir-3519
Borrelia sp. Ir-4721
Borrelia sp. KR1 KR1
Borrelia sp. KR3 KR3
Borrelia sp. LB-2001
Borrelia sp. MI-2
Borrelia sp. MI-5
Borrelia sp. MI-6
Borrelia sp. MI-8
Borrelia sp. MI-9
Borrelia sp. MOD-1
Borrelia sp. MOD-5
Borrelia sp. MOK-3a
Borrelia sp. MOS-1b
Borrelia sp. NE49
Borrelia sp. R57
Borrelia sp. SCGT-10
Borrelia sp. SCGT-8a
Borrelia sp. SCI-2
Borrelia sp. SI-1
Borrelia sp. SI-10
Borrelia sp. SM-1
Borrelia sp. SV1 SV1 Gi03005_1of1 Gi03005
Borrelia sp. TA1 TA1
Borrelia sp. TM1 TM1
Borrelia sp. VS116
Borrelia sp. Z41293 Z41293
Borrelia sp. Z41493 Z41493
Borrelia spielmanii A14S A14S Gi03006_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16813 Gi03006
Borrelia tanukii Hk501
Borrelia tanukii NPNE1
Borrelia tanukii OR2eL
Borrelia turcica IST7 DSMZ:DSM16138  TYPE STRAIN
Borrelia turcica ISTF2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16138
Borrelia turdi Ac502
Borrelia turdi Ya501
Borrelia turicatae
Borrelia turicatae 91E135 91E135 Gc00791_1of1 Gc00791
Borrelia turicatae Gi01738ph Gi01738
Borrelia turicatae M2007
Borrelia valaisiana VS116 VS116 Gi02075_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21467 Gi02075
Candidatus Borrelia texasensis TXW-1

CLUSTER_4 number of sequences=308 genome representatives=9


Aequorivita antarctica DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14231
Aequorivita crocea Y12-2T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14293
Aequorivita marinus A71
Aequorivita sublithincola QSSC9-3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14238
Algibacter gromovii KMM 6038
Algibacter lectus KMM 3902 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15365
Algibacter mikhailovii KMM 617
Algibacter sp. Mac16
Antarctic bacterium C65SC20c1 C65SC20c1
Antarctic bacterium R-9217 R-9217
Antarcticimonas flava IMCC3175
Aquimarina intermedia R-28470 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17527
Aquimarina muelleri KMM 6028 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19832
Aquimarina sp. HJ055 HJ055
Aquimarina sp. MOLA 71
Aquimarina sp. Pal13
Aquimarina sp. SW2
Aquimarina sp. SW42
Aureimarina marisflavi IMCC3054
Bacteroidetes bacterium E42 E42
Bacteroidetes bacterium KMM 7019 KMM 7019
Bacteroidetes bacterium R43 R43
Bacteroidetes bacterium SOVto10 SOVto10
Bizionia algoritergicola APA-1
Bizionia argentinensis JUB59 DSMZ:DSM19628
Bizionia gelidisalsuginis IC164
Bizionia myxarmorum ADA-4
Bizionia palithoae KMM 6214
Bizionia paragorgiae KMM 6029
Bizionia saleffrena HFD
Bizionia sp. J69 J69
Bizionia sp. NF1-25 NF1-25
Cellulophaga fucicola NN015860 (type strain)
Cellulophaga lytica DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM7489
Cellulophaga sp. DS3 DS3
Cellulophaga sp. MED134 MED134
Cellulophaga sp. MED134 MED134 Gi00837_1of1 Gi00837
Cellulophaga sp. No. 62 No. 62
Cellulophaga sp. Pal12
Cellulophaga sp. QY201 QY201
Cellulophaga sp. SED18
Cellulophaga sp. SW40
Coccinimonas marina IMCC1846
Croceibacter atlanticus HTCC2559 HTCC2559 Gi00838_1of1 Gi00838
Croceibacter atlanticus HTCC2559T; KCTC 12090T; ATCC B
Cytophaga sp. 'BSD S1 22' BSD S1 22
Cytophaga sp. 41-DBG2 41-DBG2
Cytophaga sp. 4301-10/1
Cytophaga sp. AA8-2
Cytophaga sp. AA8-3
Cytophaga sp. CSQ-7 CSQ-7
Cytophaga sp. I-1856
Cytophaga sp. I-1858
Cytophaga sp. J18-M01
Cytophaga sp. JL-S6 JL-S6
Cytophaga sp. KT0803 KT0813
Cytophaga sp. KT11ds2 KT11ds2
Cytophaga sp. TUT1213 TUT1213
Dokdonia donghaensis DSW-1 DSMZ:DSM17200  TYPE STRAIN
Dokdonia donghaensis MED134 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17200
Dokdonia sp. P79 P79
Donghaeana dokdonensis DSW-6 DSMZ:DSM17205
Donghaeana dokdonensis KOPRI_22265 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17205
Donghaeana sp. ZS1-13 ZS1-13
Flaviramulus basaltis H35 DSMZ:DSM18180  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacteria bacterium 'BSD S1 20' BSD S1 20
Flavobacteria bacterium BBFL7 BBFL7 Gi00898_1of1 Gi00898
Flavobacteria bacterium NAMAF006 NAMAF006
Flavobacteria bacterium TW-JL-17 TW-JL-17
Flavobacteria bacterium TW-JL-80 TW-JL-80
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 'BSD RB 40' BSD RB 40
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 'BSE RB 01' BSE RB 01
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 04OKA-13-27 04OKA-13-27
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 04OKA-17-12 04OKA-17-12
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium AKS 622 AKS 622
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium ALC1 ALC1
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium CNU004 CNU004
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium CNU041 CNU041
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium DOKDO 020 DOKDO 020
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium EZ40 EZ40
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium G812M2 G812M2
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium HN-171 HN-171
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium HY1 HY1
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium IE7-2 IE7-2
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium LPK13 LPK13
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium LPK5 LPK5
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium P100 P100
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium P99-3 P99-3
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SM-A87 SM-A87
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SW058 SW058
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SW062 SW062
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SW084 SW084
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SW269 SW269
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SW325 SW325
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SW334 SW334
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SW5 SW5
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium TD-ZX30 TD-ZX30
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium TJD738 TJD738
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium TJD809 TJD809
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium YIM C338 YIM C338
Flavobacteriales bacterium ALC-1 ALC-1
Flavobacteriales bacterium ALC-1 ALC-1 Gi01424_1of1 Gi01424
Flavobacterium sp. 12IX/A01/169 12IX/A01/169
Flavobacterium sp. 3034 3034
Flavobacterium sp. 5N-3 5N-3
Flavobacterium sp. BF02_S2
Flavobacterium sp. MED217 MED217
Flavobacterium sp. NK107 NK107
Flavobacterium sp. S03 S03
Flavobacterium sp. V12.MO.200.17 V12.MO.200.17
Flavobacterium sp. V4.BE.50 MM_2414
Flavobacterium sp. V4.BO.21 MM_2370
Flavobacterium sp. V4.BS.09 MM_2428
Flavobacterium sp. V4.ME.09 MM_2295
Flavobacterium sp. V4.MO.31 MM_2941
Flavobacterium sp. V4.MS.12 MM_2730
Flavobacterium sp. V4.MS.25 MM_2743
Flavobacterium sp. V4.MS.29 MM_2747
Flavobacterium sp. V4.MS.33 MM_2800
Flavobacterium sp. a306 a306
Flavococcus chejuensis D2
Flexibacter sp. 14III/A01/006 14III/A01/006
Flexibacter sp. SCB36
Flexibacter tractuosus IFO 15980 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4126
Formosa agariphila KMM 3901 DSMZ:DSM15362  TYPE STRAIN
Formosa agariphila R-18993 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15362
Formosa algae KMM 3553
Formosa crassostrea KO3
Formosa sp. 18III/A01/079 18III/A01/079
Formosa sp. 5IX/A01/134 5IX/A01/134
Formosa sp. AKS193 AKS193
Formosa sp. PmeaMuc9 PmeaMuc9
Formosa sp. RW55 RW55
Fulvibacter tottoriensis MTT-39
Gaetbulibacter saemankumensis SMK-12 DSMZ:DSM17032  TYPE STRAIN
Gaetbulibacter saemankumensis SMK-45 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17032
Gaetbulibacter sp. EM39 EM39
Gaetbulimicrobium brevivitae SMK-19
Gelidibacter algens ACAM 550 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12408
Gelidibacter gilvus IC158
Gelidibacter mesophilus 2SM29T, CECT 5103T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14095
Gelidibacter salicanalis IC162
Gelidibacter sp. 'BSD S1 18' BSD S1 18
Gelidibacter sp. 'BSD S1 19' BSD S1 19
Gelidibacter sp. 'BSD S2 03' BSD S2 03
Gelidibacter sp. 'BSD S2 05' BSD S2 05
Gelidibacter sp. 13-4 13-4
Gelidibacter sp. 4-3 4-3
Gelidibacter sp. IMCC1914 IMCC1914
Gelidibacter sp. QSSC1-21 QSSC1-21
Gelidibacter sp. UL5
Gelidibacter sp. ZS2-2 ZS2-2
Gillisia hiemivivida IC154
Gillisia illustrilutea IC157
Gillisia limnaea R-8282 DSMZ:DSM15749  TYPE STRAIN
Gillisia mitskevichiae KMM 6034 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19839
Gillisia sandarakina IC148
Gillisia sp. NP10
Gillisia sp. NP17
Gillisia sp. NP18
Gillisia sp. NP8
Gillisia sp. NP9
Gillisia sp. UST050418-085 UST050418-085
Gilvibacter sediminis Mok-1-36
Gramella echinicola KMM 6050 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19838
Gramella forsetii KT0803 KT0803 Gc00457_2of3 Gc00457
Gramella marina YM1
Gramella portivictoriae UST040801-001
Joostella marina En5 DSMZ:DSM19592  TYPE STRAIN
Joostella sp. AD3 AN4
Kordia algicida OT-1
Kordia algicida OT-1 OT-1
Kordia algicida OT-1 OT-1 Gi01417_1of1 Gi01417
Krokinobacter diafertikos MSKK-32
Krokinobacter eikastus PMA-26
Krokinobacter genikus CKS-39
Krokinobacter genikus Cos-12
Krokinobacter genikus Cos-13
Lacinutrix copepodicola DJ3
Lacinutrix copepodicola KMM 3967
Lacinutrix sp. AKS293 AKS293
Lacinutrix sp. AKS432 AKS432
Lacinutrix sp. MEBiC01653
Lacinutrix sp. gap-e-90 gap-e-90
Leeuwenhoekiella aequorea KMM 6066
Leeuwenhoekiella aequorea LMG 22550
Leeuwenhoekiella blandensis MED217
Leeuwenhoekiella blandensis MED217 Gi00843_1of1 Gi00843
Leeuwenhoekiella marinoflava DSMZ:DSM3653  TYPE STRAIN
Leeuwenhoekiella marinoflava ANT9103 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3653
Leeuwenhoekiella sp. MOLA 374
Leptobacterium flavescens 04PA2 018SW-18
Leptobacterium flavescens 04PA2 018SW-3
Leptobacterium flavescens 04PA2 Co4-8B
Leptobacterium flavescens 04PA2 Co4-99A
Leptobacterium flavescens HG868
Leptobacterium flavescens YM3-0301
Lutaonella thermophilus CC-MHSW-2
Marinoxanthomonas ophiurae KMM 3046
Mesonia algae KMM 3937 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15361
Mesonia motionis KMM 6059
Mesonia sp. MOLA 383
Nonlabens tegetincola UST030701-324
Olleya marilimosa CAM030
Olleya marilimosa KOPRI_22310
Olleya sp. MOLA 14
Orabacterium aurantiaca HSF3
Psychroflexus sp. ISL-14 ISL-14
Psychroflexus sp. YIM C238 YIM C238
Psychroflexus sp.
Psychroflexus torquis ACAM623
Psychroflexus torquis ACAM627
Psychroflexus torquis ANT9232b
Psychroflexus torquis ANT9268
Psychroflexus torquis ATCC 700755 ATCC 700755 Gi00877
Psychroflexus torquis BSi20642
Psychroflexus tropicus LA1 DSMZ:DSM15496
Psychroserpens burtonensis DSMZ:DSM12212
Psychroserpens burtonensis S2-64 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12212
Psychroserpens mesophilus KOPRI 13650
Psychroserpens mesophilus KOPRI_22160
Psychroserpens mesophilus KOPRI_22166
Psychroserpens sp. 18III/A01/061 18III/A01/061
Psychroserpens sp. A622 A622
Psychroserpens sp. AKS 190 AKS 190
Psychroserpens sp. ARK10236 ARK10236
Psychroserpens sp. MAC17
Psychroserpens sp. MEBiC05023
Psychroserpens sp. TW-JL-49 TW-JL-49
Salegentibacter flavus Fg69 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17794
Salegentibacter holothuriorum KMM 3524
Salegentibacter locisalis ISL-4
Salegentibacter mishustinae KMM 6049
Salegentibacter salegens DSMZ:DSM5424  TYPE STRAIN
Salegentibacter salinus ISL-6
Salegentibacter sp. 18III/A01/068 18III/A01/068
Salegentibacter sp. 6-16 6-16
Salegentibacter sp. AC5 AC5
Salegentibacter sp. BH206 BH206
Salegentibacter sp. CAR-8049 CAR-8049
Salegentibacter sp. NP12
Salegentibacter sp. P61 P61
Salegentibacter sp. PR54-18 PR54-18
Salegentibacter sp. TW-JL-20 TW-JL-20
Salegentibacter sp. p68 p68
Sandarakinobacter sediminis CK-36
Sandarakinobacter sediminis CKA-5
Sandarakinotalea sp. MOLA 369
Sediminibacter furfurosus MAOS-86
Stanierella latercula
Stanierella latercula ATCC23177
Stenothermobacter spongiae UST030701-156
Subsaxibacter broadyi O6-2
Subsaxibacter broadyi P7
Subsaximicrobium saxinquilinus Y4-5
Subsaximicrobium wynnwilliamsii G#7
Sufflavibacter litoralis IMCC 1001
Sufflavibacter litoralis NHD065
Sufflavibacter litoralis NHD150
Sufflavibacter litoralis NHD261
Tamlana agarivorans JW-26
Tamlana sedimenti type strain: HST1-43
Tamlana sp. Aga22
Ulvibacter antarcticus IMCC3101
Ulvibacter litoralis KMM 3912 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19843
Ulvibacter sp. AKS476 AKS476
Venteria marina En5
Winodgradskyella epiphytica KMM 3906
Winogradskyella eximia KMM 3944
Winogradskyella poriferorum UST030701-295
Winogradskyella sp. 69Xa1-Yl 69Xa1-Yl
Winogradskyella sp. AC1 AC1
Winogradskyella sp. AC2 AC2
Winogradskyella sp. BC1 BC1
Winogradskyella sp. KMM 6211 KMM 6211
Winogradskyella sp. MOLA 379
Winogradskyella sp. MOLA:326
Winogradskyella sp. MOLA:345
Winogradskyella sp. NF1-23 NF1-23
Winogradskyella sp. NF1-39 NF1-39
Winogradskyella sp. NF1-9 NF1-9
Winogradskyella sp. P101 P101
Winogradskyella sp. gap-f-4 gap-f-4
Winogradskyella sp. gap-f-41 gap-f-41
Winogradskyella thalassocola DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15363
Winogradskyella thalassocola KMM 3907 DSMZ:DSM15363  TYPE STRAIN
Yeosuana aromativorans GW1-1
Yeosuana yeosuensis NC1-5
abyssal strain AII3 AII3
abyssal strain AIII4 AIII4
bacterium DG976 DG976
bacterium Km5 Km5
bacterium QM11 QM11
bacterium QM21 QM21
bacterium QM36 QM36
bacterium QM5 QM5
bacterium RSW1-4 RSW1-4
cf. Cytophaga sp. MGP-67 MGP-67
marine bacterium KMM 6048 KMM 6048
marine bacterium MBIC1357 MBIC1357
marine psychrophile IC076 IC076
marine psychrophile IC148 IC148
marine psychrophile IC159 IC159
marine psychrophile SW17 SW17
sponge bacterium Ex5 Ex5
sponge bacterium Zo26 Zo26
unidentified eubacterium SCB49 SCB49
unidentified eubacterium SCB49 SCB49 Gi01438_1of1 Gi01438

CLUSTER_5 number of sequences=102 genome representatives=19


Bacteroidaceae bacterium S562 S562
Bacteroidaceae bacterium SV439 SV439
Bacteroidaceae bacterium SV444 SV444
Bacteroidaceae bacterium SV452 SV452
Bacteroidaceae bacterium Smarlab 3301643 Smarlab 3301643
Bacteroidaceae bacterium WK042 WK042
Bacteroidaceae strain SV434 SV434
Bacteroides acidifaciens DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15896
Bacteroides acidifaciens A40 DSMZ:DSM15896
Bacteroides barnesiae JCM 13652 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18169
Bacteroides caccae ATCC 43185 ATCC 43185 Gi01709_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19024 Gi01709
Bacteroides coprocola M158 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17136
Bacteroides coprocola M16 Gi02355_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17136 Gi02355  TYPE STRAIN
Bacteroides coprophilus DSM 18228) DSMZ:DSM18228  TYPE STRAIN
Bacteroides coprophilus JCM 13816) DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18228
Bacteroides coprosuis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18011
Bacteroides denticanum B78
Bacteroides dorei B11 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17855
Bacteroides eggerthii DSM 20697T DSMZ:DSM20697 Gi02572  TYPE STRAIN
Bacteroides eggerthii JCM12986 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20697
Bacteroides finegoldii JCM 13345 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17565 Gi02573
Bacteroides fragilis DSMZ:DSM1396
Bacteroides fragilis B25 Gi03504_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2151 Gi03504
Bacteroides fragilis BCRC10619 Gi00068_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2151 Gi00068
Bacteroides fragilis DSM 2151T DSMZ:DSM2151  TYPE STRAIN
Bacteroides fragilis NCTC 9343 NCTC 9343 Gc00260_1of6 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2151 Gc00260
Bacteroides fragilis YCH46 YCH46 Gc00222_5of6 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2151 Gc00222
Bacteroides gallinarum JCM 13659 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18171
Bacteroides helcogenes JCM 6927 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20613
Bacteroides intestinalis DSM 17393 DSM 17393 Gi02356_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17393 Gi02356  TYPE STRAIN
Bacteroides intestinalis JCM 13266 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17393
Bacteroides massiliensis B84634 DSMZ:DSM17679
Bacteroides massiliensis EG4-8-2 Gi02208_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17679 Gi02208
Bacteroides nordii WAL 11050 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18764
Bacteroides ovatus DSMZ:DSM1896
Bacteroides ovatus ATCC 8483 ATCC 8483 Gi01711_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1896 Gi01711
Bacteroides plebeius DSM 17135 DSM 17135 Gi02574_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17135 Gi02574  TYPE STRAIN
Bacteroides plebeius M12 DSMZ:DSM17135  TYPE STRAIN
Bacteroides plebeius M35 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17135
Bacteroides pyogenes JCM 6294 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20611
Bacteroides salanitronis JCM 13657 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18170
Bacteroides salyersiae WAL 10018 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18765
Bacteroides sp. 0103 800 0103 800
Bacteroides sp. 111
Bacteroides sp. 175T
Bacteroides sp. 219 219
Bacteroides sp. 253c 253c
Bacteroides sp. 265d 265d
Bacteroides sp. 31SF15 31SF15
Bacteroides sp. 31SF18 31SF18
Bacteroides sp. 35AE31 35AE31
Bacteroides sp. 35AE37 35AE37
Bacteroides sp. 35BE34 35BE34
Bacteroides sp. 35BE35 35BE35
Bacteroides sp. 4072 4072
Bacteroides sp. 7853 7853
Bacteroides sp. AR20 AR20
Bacteroides sp. AR29 AR29
Bacteroides sp. B2 B2
Bacteroides sp. BBDP74
Bacteroides sp. BV-1
Bacteroides sp. CB57 CB57
Bacteroides sp. CIP103040 CIP 103 040
Bacteroides sp. CRE21 CRE21
Bacteroides sp. DJF_B097 DJF_B097
Bacteroides sp. EBA5-17 EBA5-17
Bacteroides sp. Smarlab 3301643 Smarlab 3301643
Bacteroides sp. Smarlab 3302996 Smarlab 3302996
Bacteroides sp. WH2 WH2 Gi01389_1of1 Gi01389
Bacteroides sp. WH302 WH302
Bacteroides sp. WH305 WH305
Bacteroides sp. XB12B XB12B
Bacteroides sp. XB1A XB1A
Bacteroides sp. XB44A XB44A
Bacteroides sp. XDT-1 XDT-1
Bacteroides sp. XO77B42 XO77B42
Bacteroides stercoris ATCC 43183 ATCC 43183 Gi02147_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19555 Gi02147
Bacteroides suis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20612
Bacteroides tectus JCM 10003 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19673
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron 3731 Gi01388_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2079 Gi01388
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron 7330 Gi01387_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2079 Gi01387
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron VPI-5482 VPI-5482 DSMZ:DSM2079 Gc00126  TYPE STRAIN
Bacteroides uniformis S11 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6597
Bacteroides vulgatus DSMZ:DSM1447
Bacteroides vulgatus ATCC 8482 ATCC 8482 Gc00584_3of7 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1447 Gc00584
Chromaphyosemion bivittatum JCM9496
Prevotella heparinolytica Gi02623_1of1 Gi02623
Prevotella zoogleoformans
bacterium ic1214 ic1214
bacterium ic1234 ic1234
bacterium ic1251 ic1251
bacterium ic1252 ic1252
bacterium ic1255 ic1255
bacterium ic1258 ic1258
bacterium ic1259 ic1259
bacterium ic1292 ic1292
bacterium ic1371 ic1371
bacterium mpn-isolate group 5
bacterium mpn-isolate group 7
bacterium str. 31285 31285
rumen bacterium RC-2 RC-2
swine fecal bacterium FPC111 FPC111

CLUSTER_6 number of sequences=105 genome representatives=5


Leptospira alexanderi serovar Manzhuang A23 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21535
Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo-bovis JB197 JB197 Gc00434_2of2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21538 Gc00434
Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo-bovis L550 L550 Gc00433_1of2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21538 Gc00433
Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Javanica Veldrat Bataviae 46 DSMZ:DSM21538
Leptospira broomii L065 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21534
Leptospira fainei
Leptospira fainei Hurstbridge
Leptospira fainei SSI 5402-98
Leptospira fainei serovar Hurstbridge BUT 6
Leptospira fainei serovar Hurstbridge But 6
Leptospira genomosp. 1 serovar Pingchang 80-412
Leptospira genomosp. 1 serovar Sichuan 79601; ATCC 700521
Leptospira inadai LYME
Leptospira inadai serovar Aguaruna MW 4
Leptospira inadai serovar Kaup LT 64-68
Leptospira inadai serovar Lyme 10; ATCC 43289
Leptospira interrogans
Leptospira interrogans CCZ45
Leptospira interrogans Lepto0213
Leptospira interrogans icterohaemorrhagiae RGA
Leptospira interrogans serovar Australis Ballico
Leptospira interrogans serovar Australis Swart
Leptospira interrogans serovar Autumnalis
Leptospira interrogans serovar Autumnalis Akiyami A
Leptospira interrogans serovar Bataviae
Leptospira interrogans serovar Bataviae Swart
Leptospira interrogans serovar Bratislava
Leptospira interrogans serovar Bratislava Jez Bratislava
Leptospira interrogans serovar Canicola Hond Utrech IV
Leptospira interrogans serovar Canicola Hond Utrecht IV
Leptospira interrogans serovar Canicola Utrecht V
Leptospira interrogans serovar Copenhageni M 20
Leptospira interrogans serovar Copenhageni M20
Leptospira interrogans serovar Copenhageni Wijinberg
Leptospira interrogans serovar Copenhageni str. Fiocruz L1-130 Fiocruz L1-130 Gc00180_1of2 Gc00180
Leptospira interrogans serovar Djasiman Djasiman
Leptospira interrogans serovar Grippotyphosa
Leptospira interrogans serovar Hardjo Hardjoprajitno
Leptospira interrogans serovar Hardjo-prajitno Hardjoprajitno
Leptospira interrogans serovar Hebdomadis Hebdomadis
Leptospira interrogans serovar Icterohaemorrhagiae Kantorovic
Leptospira interrogans serovar Icterohaemorrhagiae RGA DSMZ:DSM21525  TYPE STRAIN
Leptospira interrogans serovar Icterohaemorrhagiae RGA; ATCC 23581
Leptospira interrogans serovar Icterohaemorrhagiae Verdun
Leptospira interrogans serovar Kennewicki LT 1026
Leptospira interrogans serovar Kremastos Kremastos
Leptospira interrogans serovar Lai str. 56601 56601 Gc00132_2of2 Gc00132
Leptospira interrogans serovar Manilae LT 398
Leptospira interrogans serovar Medanesis Hond HC
Leptospira interrogans serovar Muelleri RM2
Leptospira interrogans serovar Muenchen Munchen C90
Leptospira interrogans serovar Perameles Bandicoot 343
Leptospira interrogans serovar Pomona Pomona Gi00848ph Gi00848
Leptospira interrogans serovar Pyrogenes
Leptospira interrogans serovar Pyrogenes Salinem
Leptospira interrogans serovar Rachmati Rachmat
Leptospira interrogans serovar Sejroe 3705
Leptospira interrogans serovar Szwajizak Szwajizak
Leptospira interrogans serovar Zanoni Zanoni
Leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain Moulto
Leptospira kirschneri serovar Cynopteri 3522 C DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21526
Leptospira kmetyi serovar Malaysia Bejo-Iso9
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal CEH006
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal CEH010
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal CEH011
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal CEH033
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal CEH044
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal CEH162
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal CEH174
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal HAI029
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal MMD735
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal MMD835
Leptospira licerasiae serovar Varillal VAR010
Leptospira noguchii serovar Cristobali 1996K DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21520
Leptospira santarosai serovar Weaveri CZ390 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21524
Leptospira sp. B22 B22
Leptospira sp. C10 C10
Leptospira sp. C33
Leptospira sp. C65
Leptospira sp. C69
Leptospira sp. L374 L374
Leptospira sp. L387 L387
Leptospira sp. L453 L453
Leptospira sp. L484
Leptospira sp. L518 L518
Leptospira sp. L528 L528
Leptospira sp. L784
Leptospira sp. L910 L910
Leptospira sp. N38 N38
Leptospira weilii Ecochallenge
Leptospira weilii serogroup Celledoni, serovar c
Leptospira weilii serogroup Hebdomadis, subserog
Leptospira weilii serogroup Icterohaemorrhagiae,
Leptospira weilii serovar Celledoni Celledoni
Leptospira weilii serovar Celledoni Celledoni; ATCC 43285
Leptospira weilii serovar Coxi Cox
Leptospira weilii serovar Hekou H27
Leptospira weilii serovar Langati M39090
Leptospira weilii serovar Sarmin Sarmin
Leptospira weilii serovar Topaz 94-79970/3
Leptospira weilii serovar Vughia LT 89-68
Leptospira weilii serovar Vughia LT89-68
Leptospira wolffi Korat-H2

CLUSTER_7 number of sequences=143 genome representatives=2


Brachyspira aalborgi
Brachyspira aalborgi AL
Brachyspira aalborgi HIS/ML15/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HIS/MS15/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HIS1
Brachyspira aalborgi HIS2
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM15/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM16/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM17/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM18/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM19/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM20/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM21/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM22/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM23/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM24/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM25/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM26/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM27/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM28/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi HISM29/5/02
Brachyspira aalborgi JLL
Brachyspira aalborgi W1
Brachyspira aalborgi W2b
Brachyspira aalborgi W3b
Brachyspira alvinipulli
Brachyspira alvinipulli AN6050:2/1/00
Brachyspira alvinipulli C1; ATCC 51933
Brachyspira canis A2 (T)
Brachyspira canis AN 2657:01
Brachyspira canis AN 4752:01
Brachyspira canis AN 4771/01
Brachyspira canis AN 5288:01
Brachyspira canis AN 5304/01
Brachyspira canis AN 5358:01
Brachyspira canis AN 5467/01
Brachyspira canis CN 129
Brachyspira canis CN 6
Brachyspira canis H98-13
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae A 5677/96
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae A 84193-2x/99 (T4)
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae A 91507-13x/01 (T23)
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae A 91507-8x/01 (T21)
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae A1
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae A4974
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 1357/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 1409/01
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 174-92
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 2429/97
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 2835/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 2869/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 2899/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 3105/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 3155/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 3542/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 3563/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 3678/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 3724/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 3729
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 383:2/00
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae AN 3907/02
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae B204
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae B78
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae NIV-1
Brachyspira hyodysenteriae R1
Brachyspira ibaraki HIS24/11/99
Brachyspira innocens
Brachyspira innocens 4/71
Brachyspira innocens AN 1004-90 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens AN 1023-90 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens AN 167-90
Brachyspira innocens AN 26-93 (group II)
Brachyspira innocens AN 3706-90 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens AN 520-93
Brachyspira innocens AN 916-90
Brachyspira innocens AN 983-90 (group II)
Brachyspira innocens B256
Brachyspira innocens B256 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens C 109 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens C 162
Brachyspira innocens C 173 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens C 265 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens C 301 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens C 320 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens C 378 (group III)
Brachyspira innocens C 555
Brachyspira innocens P 43
Brachyspira intermedia
Brachyspira intermedia ATCC 51140; PWS/A
Brachyspira murdochii DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12563
Brachyspira murdochii 56-150 Gi02313_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12563 Gi02313  TYPE STRAIN
Brachyspira pilosicoli
Brachyspira pilosicoli 24072-93a
Brachyspira pilosicoli 95/1000 Gi03469
Brachyspira pilosicoli AN390/00
Brachyspira pilosicoli AN3927:3/2/02
Brachyspira pilosicoli ATCC 51139; Smarlab 2300042
Brachyspira pilosicoli CD1S
Brachyspira pilosicoli CD2S
Brachyspira pilosicoli CF8
Brachyspira pilosicoli CN 140
Brachyspira pilosicoli Dog 17
Brachyspira pilosicoli H98-5
Brachyspira pilosicoli OmanN26
Brachyspira pulli
Brachyspira sp. A3077
Brachyspira sp. AN 1418/01 AN 1418/01
Brachyspira sp. AN 1788/01 AN 1788/01
Brachyspira sp. AN 3599/02 AN 3599/02
Brachyspira sp. AN 3624/02 AN 3624/02
Brachyspira sp. AN 3886/02 AN 3886/02
Brachyspira sp. AN 3902/02 AN 3902/02
Brachyspira sp. AN 3930/02 AN 3930/02
Brachyspira sp. AN 3931/02 AN 3931/02
Brachyspira sp. AN 3949/02 AN 3949/02
Brachyspira sp. AN 4578/01 AN 4578/01
Brachyspira sp. AN1268/7/04
Brachyspira sp. AN1828/03
Brachyspira sp. AN1831/03
Brachyspira sp. AN1865/1/04 AN1865/1/04
Brachyspira sp. AN2608:97
Brachyspira sp. AN3172/1/03
Brachyspira sp. AN3491:1/1/02 AN3491:1/1/02
Brachyspira sp. AN883:98
Brachyspira sp. AN968/2/04 AN968/2/04
Brachyspira sp. CN 2 CN 2
Brachyspira sp. Cb104:95
Brachyspira sp. HIS3 HIS3
Brachyspira sp. HIS4 HIS4
Brachyspira sp. HIS5 HIS5
Brachyspira sp. W2f W2f
Brachyspira suanatina AN 1681:1/04
Brachyspira suanatina AN 2384/04
Brachyspira suanatina AN 4859/03
Brachyspira suanatina Dk12570-2
chicken intestinal spirochete C1
human intestinal spirochete HRM-7
human intestinal spirochete WES-B
swine intestinal spirochete 155-20
swine intestinal spirochete 2818.5
swine intestinal spirochete P43/6/78
swine intestinal spirochete PWS/A

CLUSTER_8 number of sequences=183 genome representatives=3


Aequorivita antarctica G#5 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14231
Aequorivita lipolytica Y10-2T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14236
Arenibacter certesii KMM 3941 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19833
Arenibacter echinorum KMM 6032
Arenibacter echinorum KMM 6047
Arenibacter latericius KMM 426; LMG 19694; CIP 106861 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15913
Arenibacter palladensis type strain: LMG 21972 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17539
Arenibacter sp. CC10 CC10
Arenibacter sp. DG1238 DG1238
Arenibacter sp. NH36A NH36A
Arenibacter sp. ZS5-25 ZS5-25
Arenibacter sp. gap-e-67 gap-e-67
Arenibacter troitsensis KMM3674 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19835
Aureimonas pelagi HTCC2652
Bacteroidetes bacterium ANT9105 ANT9105
Cellulophaga algicola DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14237
Cellulophaga algicola IC166 DSMZ:DSM14237  TYPE STRAIN
Cellulophaga baltica NN015840 (type strain)
Cellulophaga pacifica KMM 3664
Cellulophaga pacifica KMM 3669
Cellulophaga pacifica KMM 3915
Cellulophaga sp. ACEM20 ACEM20
Cellulophaga sp. CC11 CC11
Cellulophaga sp. CC12 CC12
Cellulophaga sp. CC13 CC13
Cellulophaga sp. D3054
Cellulophaga sp. E14 E14
Cellulophaga sp. E6 E6
Cellulophaga sp. EM41 EM41
Cellulophaga sp. MAC15
Cellulophaga sp. MM#3 MM#3
Cellulophaga sp. RE2-13 RE2-13
Cellulophaga sp. SED1
Cellulophaga sp. SED13
Cellulophaga sp. SW265 SW265
Cellulophaga sp. SW285 SW285
Cellulophaga sp. UL16
Costertonia jungdongjinensis KOPRI 13342
Costertonia sp. KCTC 22017 KCTC 22017; KMM 3953
Cytophaga sp. E4 E4
Cytophaga sp. E46 E46
Cytophaga sp. EPR 14 EPR 14
Cytophaga sp. GE04 GE04
Cytophaga sp. GWS-BW-H58M GWS-BW-H58M
Cytophaga sp. I-105
Cytophaga sp. I-1147
Cytophaga sp. I-2029
Cytophaga sp. I-2031
Cytophaga sp. I-2034
Cytophaga sp. I-545
Cytophaga sp. I-601
Cytophaga sp. I-602
Cytophaga sp. I-689
Cytophaga sp. I-762
Cytophaga sp. KT02ds18 KT02ds18
Cytophaga sp. KT02ds20 KT02ds20
Cytophaga sp. KT02ds22 KT02ds22
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04661 MBIC04661
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04662 MBIC04662
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04663 MBIC04663
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04664 MBIC04664
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04666 MBIC04666
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04667 MBIC04667
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04668 MBIC04668
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04669 MBIC04669
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04670 MBIC04670
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04671 MBIC04671
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04672 MBIC04672
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04673 MBIC04673
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04674 MBIC04674
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04681 MBIC04681
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04682 MBIC04682
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04683 MBIC04683
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04684 MBIC04684
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04687 MBIC04687
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04693 MBIC04693
Cytophaga sp. No. 56 No. 56
Cytophaga sp. T-424
Cytophaga sp. T-565
Cytophaga sp. T-588
Cytophaga sp. UL30
Cytophaga-like bacterium QSSC1-18 QSSC1-18
Eudora adriatica
Eudora sp. MOLA:359
Eurybia adriatica type strain: AS06/20a
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium DOKDO 007 DOKDO 007
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium LA8 LA8
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SW268 SW268
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium TD-ZE3 TD-ZE3
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium YM6-073 YM6-073
Flavobacteriales bacterium HTCC2170 HTCC2170
Flavobacteriales bacterium HTCC2170 HTCC2170 Gi00904_1of1 Gi00904
Flavobacterium sp. 7BT 7BT
Flavobacterium sp. AS-40 AS-40
Flavobacterium sp. BSs20192 BSs20192
Flavobacterium sp. CNI-1-5 CNI-1-5
Flavobacterium sp. CNI-3 CNI-3
Flavobacterium sp. MNI-85 MNI-85
Flavobacterium sp. MS-3 MS-3
Flavobacterium sp. PMAOS-27 PMAOS-27
Flexibacter aggregans BSs20185
Flexibacter aggregans IFO 15975
Flexibacter sp. 2216.15.5 2216.15.5
Flexibacter sp. BSs20182 BSs20182
Flexibacter sp. D12-42.1
Flexibacter sp. ZS5-33 ZS5-33
Leeuwenhoekiella marinoflava NCIMB 397 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3653
Maribacter aquivivus KMM 3949 DSMZ:DSM16478  TYPE STRAIN
Maribacter dokdonensis DSW-8 DSMZ:DSM17201  TYPE STRAIN
Maribacter dokdonensis DSW-9 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17201
Maribacter forsetii subsp. forsetii DSM 18667 DSMZ:DSM18667
Maribacter forsetii subsp. roscoffensis CIP 10950 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18668
Maribacter goseongensis IS14
Maribacter orientalis KMM 3947 DSMZ:DSM16471  TYPE STRAIN
Maribacter polysiphoniae KMM 615
Maribacter sedimenticola KMM 3903 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19840
Maribacter sp. 14III/A01/010 14III/A01/010
Maribacter sp. CL-AP4 CL-AP4
Maribacter sp. EM44 EM44
Maribacter sp. KMM 6025 KMM 6025
Maribacter sp. KMM 6046 KMM 6046
Maribacter sp. MOLA 57
Maribacter sp. Pi 3-75 Pi 3-75
Maribacter sp. ice-oil-200 ice-oil-200
Maribacter ulvicola KMM 3951 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15366
Marinobacter sp. gap-f-51 gap-f-51
Muricauda aquimarina PR54-6
Muricauda aquimarina SW-63
Muricauda aquimarina SW-72
Muricauda flavescens SW-62
Muricauda flavescens SW-74
Muricauda lutimaris SMK-108
Muricauda ruestringensis B1 DSMZ:DSM13258
Muricauda sp. 2PR55-3 2PR55-3
Muricauda sp. 3IX/A02/243 3IX/A02/243
Muricauda sp. 7IX/A01/155 7IX/A01/155
Muricauda sp. Bo10-09 Bo10-09
Muricauda sp. CC-HSB-11 CC-HSB-11
Muricauda sp. CL-SS4 CL-SS4
Muricauda sp. DG1233 DG1233
Muricauda sp. DOKDO 023 DOKDO 023
Muricauda sp. DOKDO 025 DOKDO 025
Muricauda sp. MOLA 110
Muricauda sp. MOLA 123
Oceanistipes pacificus HTCC2170
Pibocella ponti
Pibocella ponti KMM 6031
Pibocella sp. MH-2007/2
Pibocella sp. MOLA 93
Pibocella sp. MOLA:312
Robiginitalea biformata HTCC2501 HTCC2501 Gi00880_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15991 Gi00880
Vitellibacter sp. D7-13
Vitellibacter sp. JC2436 JC2436; IMSNU 14137
Vitellibacter vladivostokensis KMM3516
Zobellia amurskyensis KMM 3526
Zobellia aquimaris KMM 3942
Zobellia galactanivorans Dsij DSMZ:DSM12802
Zobellia galactanivorans Gi01090_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12802 Gi01090
Zobellia laminariae KMM 3676
Zobellia laminariae KOPRI_22206
Zobellia russellii KMM 3677
Zobellia sp. BSs20189 BSs20189
Zobellia sp. DG868 DG868
Zobellia sp. DG886 DG886
Zobellia sp. DG975 DG975
Zobellia sp. KMM 3531 KMM 3531
Zobellia sp. KMM 3665 KMM 3665
Zobellia sp. MGP-14 MGP-14
Zobellia sp. SED8
Zobellia uliginosa DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2061
bacterium 5.3.10 5.3.10
bacterium A16s A16s
bacterium AMSU AMSU
bacterium DG1027 DG1027
bacterium DG1030 DG1030
bacterium DG945 DG945
bacterium DG977 DG977
bacterium K2-15 K2-15
iodide-accumulating bacterium C-21 C-21
marine bacterium HP25 HP25
marine bacterium HP2a HP2a
marine bacterium MSC5 MSC5
marine psychrophile ACAM210 ACAM210

CLUSTER_9 number of sequences=133 genome representatives=1


Antarctic bacterium G003
Antarctic bacterium GA028
Antarctic bacterium GA082
Antarctic bacterium R19
Bacteroidetes bacterium EC2 EC2
Bacteroidetes bacterium HNR18 HNR18
Bacteroidetes bacterium LC9 LC9
Bacteroidetes bacterium OS-21A OS-21A
Bacteroidetes bacterium SSL04 SSL04
Cytophagales str. MBIC4147 MBIC4147
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium TDMA-5 TDMA-5
Flavobacteriales bacterium kmd_415 kmd_415
Flavobacteriales bacterium kmd_416 kmd_416
Flavobacteriales bacterium kmd_418 kmd_418
Flavobacterium sp. 3045 3045
Flavobacterium sp. 36 36
Flavobacterium sp. Enf24 Enf24
Flavobacterium sp. Enf62 Enf62
Flavobacterium sp. MTN11 MTN11
Flavobacterium sp. PIC-C7
Flavobacterium sp. TB4-10-II TB4-10-II
Ginsengisolibacter pocheensis Dae13
Ginsengisolibacter sp. NP11
Hevizibacter sp. P2K-21
Mucilaginibacter gracilis TPT18 DSMZ:DSM18602  TYPE STRAIN
Mucilaginibacter paludis TPT56 DSMZ:DSM18603  TYPE STRAIN
Mucilaginibacter sp. BR5-28 BR5-28
Mucilaginibacter sp. BXN5-31 BXN5-31
Mucilaginibacter sp. FB14.2
Mucilaginibacter sp. WPCB133 WPCB133
Mucilaginibacter sp. XM-003 XM-003
Pedobacter africanus DSM 12126T DSMZ:DSM12126  TYPE STRAIN
Pedobacter alluvionis NWER-II11
Pedobacter aquatilis type strain: AR107
Pedobacter aurantiacus DS-27
Pedobacter borealis G1
Pedobacter caeni type strain: LMG 22862 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16990
Pedobacter cryoconitis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14825
Pedobacter cryoconitis A37 DSMZ:DSM14825  TYPE STRAIN
Pedobacter daejeonensis PB46
Pedobacter duraquae type strain: WB2.1-25 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19034
Pedobacter ginsengisoli Gsoil 104
Pedobacter hartonius type strain: WB3.3-3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19033
Pedobacter heparinus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2366
Pedobacter heparinus DSM 2366T Gi02243 DSMZ:DSM2366 Gi02243  TYPE STRAIN
Pedobacter himalayensis type strain: HHS 22
Pedobacter insulae DS-39 DSMZ:DSM18684  TYPE STRAIN
Pedobacter jejuensis type strain: JS11-06
Pedobacter koreensis PB92
Pedobacter koreensis WPCB189
Pedobacter kribbensis PB93
Pedobacter kwangyangensis CW39
Pedobacter kwangyangensis DS62
Pedobacter lentus DS-40
Pedobacter metabolipauper type strain: WB2.3-71 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19035
Pedobacter mucosus SCK
Pedobacter nyackensis NWG-II14
Pedobacter panaciterrae Gsoil 042
Pedobacter panaciterrae WR144
Pedobacter piscium DSM 11725T DSMZ:DSM11725  TYPE STRAIN
Pedobacter rhizospharae type strain: 01-96
Pedobacter roseus CL-GP80
Pedobacter saltans DSM 12145T DSMZ:DSM12145  TYPE STRAIN
Pedobacter soli type strain: 15-51
Pedobacter sp. 1-2 1-2
Pedobacter sp. 12157 12157
Pedobacter sp. 18L
Pedobacter sp. 4236 4236
Pedobacter sp. An13
Pedobacter sp. B9 B9
Pedobacter sp. BG5 BG5
Pedobacter sp. CH24-1
Pedobacter sp. CH26-2
Pedobacter sp. CH30-5
Pedobacter sp. CK23
Pedobacter sp. DS-57 DS-57
Pedobacter sp. EMB 36 EMB 36
Pedobacter sp. Ellin108 Ellin108
Pedobacter sp. H37
Pedobacter sp. JC2490 JC2490
Pedobacter sp. JC2491 JC2491
Pedobacter sp. JC2492 JC2492; IMSNU 14146
Pedobacter sp. KFC-76
Pedobacter sp. MSCB-14 MSCB-14
Pedobacter sp. N7 N7
Pedobacter sp. PhyCEm-147
Pedobacter sp. PhyCEm-198
Pedobacter sp. TB2-12-II TB2-12-II
Pedobacter sp. TB2-14-II TB2-14-II
Pedobacter sp. TB4-9-II TB4-9-II
Pedobacter sp. TSBY-12 TSBY-12
Pedobacter sp. TSBY-14 TSBY-14
Pedobacter sp. TSBY-22 TSBY-22
Pedobacter sp. VA-17 VA-17
Pedobacter sp. W48 V48
Pedobacter sp. WPCB147 WPCB147
Pedobacter sp. ZY032 ZY032
Pedobacter sp. ZY034 ZY034
Pedobacter steynii type strain: WB2.3-45 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19110
Pedobacter suwonensis 15-52 DSMZ:DSM18130  TYPE STRAIN
Pedobacter terrae type strain: GR12-04 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17933
Pedobacter terricola DS-45
Pedobacter wanjuense type strain: GH09-10
Pedobacter westerhofensis type strain: WB3.3-22 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19036
Pochenobacter ginsengarvi TR6-06
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium Tibet-IIK55 Tibet-IIK55
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium kmd_006 kmd_006
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium kmd_018 kmd_018
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium kmd_028 kmd_028
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium kmd_062 kmd_062
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium kmd_106 kmd_106
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium kmd_109 kmd_109
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium kmd_135 kmd_135
Sphingobacteriaceae str. EP211 EP211
Sphingobacteriaceae str. EP316 EP316
Sphingobacteriaceae str. Ellin160 Ellin160
Sphingobacterium antarcticum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15311
Sphingobacterium comitans
Sphingobacterium sp. 44/35
Sphingobacterium sp. HC-6155 HC-6155
Sphingobacterium sp. KFC-77
Sphingobacterium sp. OM-E81 OM-E81
Sphingobacterium sp. S3 S3
Sphingobacterium sp. SAFR-022 SAFR-022
Sphingobacterium-like sp. PC1.9 PC1.9 (orange pink colony type
Sphingomonas sp. BAC84
Sphingoterrabacterium composti TR6-03
Sphingoterrabacterium daejeonensis Jip10
Sphingoterrabacterium koreensis Gsoil 3017
Sphingoterrabacterium pocheensis Gsoil 032
bacterium CAGY10 CAGY10
bacterium Wuba47 Wuba47
fenpropathrin-degrading bacterium JQL3-5 JQL3-5

CLUSTER_10 number of sequences=116 genome representatives=3


Actibacter sediminis JC2129
Aestuariicola saemankumensis SMK-142
Antarctic bacterium IC4YE10c2 IC4YE10c2
Cellulophaga sp. E26 E26
Croceimarina litoralis IMCC1993
Cytophaga sp. I-377
Cytophaga sp. MBIC04665 MBIC04665
Cytophaga sp. T-551
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 14III/A01/012 14III/A01/012
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium JC2493 JC2493; IMSNU 14147
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium JC2494 JC2494; IMSNU 14148
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium JC2495 JC2495; IMSNU 14149
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium SA-0082 SA-0082
Flexibacter aurantiacus subsp. copepodarum IFO 15978 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6792
Flexibacter echinicida F11
Flexibacter echinicida F12
Flexibacter echinicida F2
Flexibacter echinicida F4
Flexibacter echinicida F8
Flexibacter echinicida F9
Flexibacter sp. IUB42
Flexibacter sp. OI44
Flexibacter sp. OUB39
Flexibacter sp. UBb
Lutibacter litoralis CL-TF09
Lutibacter sp. IMCC1616 IMCC1616
Lutimonas sp. MOLA 107
Lutimonas sp. MOLA:323
Polaribacter butkevichii KMM 3938
Polaribacter dokdonensis DSW-5 DSMZ:DSM17204  TYPE STRAIN
Polaribacter dokdonensis MED152 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17204 Gi00896
Polaribacter filamentus 215 Gi00476_1of1 DSMZ:DSM13964 Gi00476  TYPE STRAIN
Polaribacter franzmannii 301
Polaribacter franzmannii ANT9260
Polaribacter glomeratus
Polaribacter glomeratus KOPRI_22229
Polaribacter irgensii 23-P
Polaribacter irgensii 23-P 23-P
Polaribacter irgensii 23-P 23-P Gi00871_1of1 Gi00871
Polaribacter irgensii ANT9044
Polaribacter irgensii ANT9210
Polaribacter irgensii ANT9243
Polaribacter irgensii KOPRI_22228
Polaribacter irgensii S2-53
Polaribacter sp. AC3 AC3
Polaribacter sp. AC4 AC4
Polaribacter sp. ANT9167 ANT9167
Polaribacter sp. BSw20011 BSw20011
Polaribacter sp. BSw20012 BSw20012
Polaribacter sp. BSw20012b BSw20012b
Polaribacter sp. HLE
Polaribacter sp. IC063 IC063
Polaribacter sp. IC066 IC066
Polaribacter sp. MGP-9 MGP-9
Polaribacter sp. MOLA:340
Polaribacter sp. NF3-11 NF3-11
Polaribacter sp. S-6
Polaribacter sp. SW007 SW007
Polaribacter sp. SW019 SW019
Polaribacter sp. W-2
Pseudoscourfieldia sp. Nak Nak
Sphingobacteriales bacterium gap-f-48 gap-f-48
Tenacibaculum adriaticum type strain: B390 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18961
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW10
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW2
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW22
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW24
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW25
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW27
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW32
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW33
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW4
Tenacibaculum aestuarii RW9
Tenacibaculum aestuarii SMK-4
Tenacibaculum amylolyticum MBIC4355 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13766
Tenacibaculum discolor type strain: LL0411.1.1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18842
Tenacibaculum gallaicum A37.1 DSMZ:DSM18841  TYPE STRAIN
Tenacibaculum japonica H2M8
Tenacibaculum litoreum CL-TF13
Tenacibaculum lutimaris TF-26 DSMZ:DSM16505  TYPE STRAIN
Tenacibaculum lutimaris TF-53 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16505
Tenacibaculum marinus A31
Tenacibaculum maritimum a388 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17995
Tenacibaculum mesophilum MBIC4356 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13764
Tenacibaculum ovolyticum IFO 15947 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18103
Tenacibaculum skagerrakense D30 DSMZ:DSM14836  TYPE STRAIN
Tenacibaculum soleae a11
Tenacibaculum soleae a216
Tenacibaculum soleae a467
Tenacibaculum soleae a47
Tenacibaculum soleae a50
Tenacibaculum soleae type strain: LL04 12.1.7
Tenacibaculum sp. 96GB 96GB
Tenacibaculum sp. B-I B-I
Tenacibaculum sp. D38BY D38BY
Tenacibaculum sp. HJ103 HJ103
Tenacibaculum sp. JO-1 JO-1
Tenacibaculum sp. KK1.21.3 KK1.21.3
Tenacibaculum sp. KK1.3 KK1.3
Tenacibaculum sp. MGP-10 MGP-10
Tenacibaculum sp. MGP-74/AN6 MGP-74/AN6
Tenacibaculum sp. MOLA 395
Tenacibaculum sp. MOLA 512
Tenacibaculum sp. MOLA 533
Tenacibaculum sp. PS4-6 PS4-6
Tenacibaculum sp. QDHT-02 QDHT-02
Tenacibaculum sp. SMB27 SMB27
Tenacibaculum sp. SW258 SW258
Tenacibaculum sp. SW274 SW274
Tenacibaculum sp. a4 a4
Vibrio sp. V357 V357
bacterium DG1025 DG1025
marine bacterium JL-S10 JL-S10
marine gliding bacterium UWA-1 UWA-1
sponge bacterium Zo6 Zo6
sponge bacterium Zo9 Zo9

CLUSTER_11 number of sequences=93 genome representatives=4


Deinococcaceae bacterium MH55 MH55
Deinococcaceae bacterium TDMA-uv53 TDMA-uv53
Deinococcaceae bacterium TDMA-uv54 TDMA-uv54
Deinococcus aeria 5516J-6
Deinococcus alpinitundrae ME-04-04-52
Deinococcus altitudinis ME-04-01-32
Deinococcus apachensis KR-36 DSMZ:DSM19763
Deinococcus apachensis KR-54 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19763
Deinococcus apachensis KR-55 DSMZ:DSM18008
Deinococcus aquaticus 1Re14 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18376
Deinococcus aquaticus PB314 DSMZ:DSM18376  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus aquatilis type strain: CCUG 53370
Deinococcus claudioa PO-04-19-125
Deinococcus deserti VCD115 Gi01514_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17065 Gi01514  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus deserti VCD117 DSMZ:DSM17066  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus ficus CC-FR2-10 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19119
Deinococcus frigens AA-692 DSMZ:DSM12807  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus frigens AA-752 DSMZ:DSM15993  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus frigens AA-829 DSMZ:DSM15994  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus geothermalis DSM 11300 DSM 11300 Gc00381_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11300 Gc00381  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus geothermalis E50051 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11300
Deinococcus grandis DSM 3963T DSMZ:DSM3963  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus hohokamensis B80
Deinococcus hohokamensis KR-245
Deinococcus hohokamensis KR-40
Deinococcus hohokamensis KR-88
Deinococcus hopiensis KR-125 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18049
Deinococcus hopiensis KR-140 DSMZ:DSM18049
Deinococcus indicus type strain:Wt/1a DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15307
Deinococcus marmoris AA-63 DSMZ:DSM12784  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus marmoris AA-69 DSMZ:DSM15951  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus murrayi DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11303
Deinococcus navajonensis KR-114
Deinococcus navajonensis KR-33
Deinococcus navajonensis KR-39
Deinococcus piscis 3ax
Deinococcus proteolyticus DSM 20540T DSMZ:DSM20540  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus radiodurans BR501 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20539
Deinococcus radiodurans R1 R1 DSMZ:DSM20539 Gc00024  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus radiomollis PO-04-20-132
Deinococcus radiomollis PO-04-20-144
Deinococcus radiophilus DSM 20551T DSMZ:DSM20551  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus radiopugnans ATCC 19172T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12027
Deinococcus saxicola AA-1444 DSMZ:DSM15974  TYPE STRAIN
Deinococcus sonorensis KR-136 DSMZ:DSM18050
Deinococcus sonorensis KR-87 DSMZ:DSM21209
Deinococcus sonorensis KR-90 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21209
Deinococcus sp.
Deinococcus sp. 14 pro 14 pro
Deinococcus sp. 1A1 1A1
Deinococcus sp. 1A3 1A3
Deinococcus sp. 1A6 1A6
Deinococcus sp. 1A7 1A7
Deinococcus sp. 1B1 1B1
Deinococcus sp. 1B3 1B3
Deinococcus sp. 2A2 2A2
Deinococcus sp. 2A5 2A5
Deinococcus sp. 3A1 3A1
Deinococcus sp. 3B1 3B1
Deinococcus sp. 5516T-11 5516T-11
Deinococcus sp. 5516T-9 5516T-9
Deinococcus sp. 5A5 5A5
Deinococcus sp. 6A4-1 6A4-1
Deinococcus sp. 6A4-2 6A4-2
Deinococcus sp. Antarctic IS15 Antarctic IS15
Deinococcus sp. CRR CRR
Deinococcus sp. DaeR-4
Deinococcus sp. G8
Deinococcus sp. Han23 Han23
Deinococcus sp. I-0 I-0
Deinococcus sp. IMCC1711 IMCC1711
Deinococcus sp. MBIC3950 Gi02713_1of1 Gi02713
Deinococcus sp. MH01 MH01
Deinococcus sp. MH44 MH44
Deinococcus sp. MH50 MH50
Deinococcus sp. P2K-49 type strain:P2K-49
Deinococcus sp. P3 P3
Deinococcus sp. PA234
Deinococcus sp. ST0316 ST0316
Deinococcus sp. TDMA-21 TDMA-21
Deinococcus sp. TDMA-24 TDMA-24
Deinococcus sp. TR0125 TR0125
Deinococcus sp. UK UK
Deinococcus sp. VTT E-052909 VTT E-052909
Deinococcus sp. WGR700 WGR700
Deinococcus sp. X-121sp X-121sp
Deinococcus sp. X2
Deinococcus xinjiangensis R12
Deinococcus xinjiangensis X-82
Deinococcus yunnanensis 7
bacterium ODP-193-27 ODP-193-27
bacterium ODP-193-43 ODP-193-43
glacier bacterium FJI28 FJI28

CLUSTER_12 number of sequences=82 genome representatives=6


Thermothrix thiopara
Thermus antranikianii HN2-7 DSMZ:DSM12461  TYPE STRAIN
Thermus antranikianii HN3-10 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12462
Thermus aquaticus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM625 Gi02555
Thermus brockianus 15038T
Thermus filiformis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4687
Thermus igniterrae HN1-8 DSMZ:DSM12460
Thermus igniterrae RF-4T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12459
Thermus kawarayensis KW11
Thermus oshimai SPS-17T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12092
Thermus rehai RH99-02
Thermus scotoductus DSMZ:DSM12093
Thermus scotoductus SA-01 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM8553 Gi03154
Thermus scotoductus Se - 1 Gi02284_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM8553 Gi02284
Thermus sp.
Thermus sp. A03C A03C
Thermus sp. AA/04 AA/04
Thermus sp. B70-04 B70-04
Thermus sp. B70-05 B70-05
Thermus sp. BXR BXR
Thermus sp. BXW BXW
Thermus sp. C4 C4
Thermus sp. E26 E26
Thermus sp. G70-05 G70-05
Thermus sp. G70-06 G70-06
Thermus sp. G70-07 G70-07
Thermus sp. G70-08 G70-08
Thermus sp. GD21
Thermus sp. GD31
Thermus sp. GD52 GD52
Thermus sp. HR13
Thermus sp. IT-7254 IT-7254
Thermus sp. K-39 K-39
Thermus sp. K03 K03
Thermus sp. MKB MKB
Thermus sp. MKW MKW
Thermus sp. NTU-024 NTU-024
Thermus sp. PRI-2268 PRI-2268
Thermus sp. PRI-3838 PRI-3838
Thermus sp. R70-06 R70-06
Thermus sp. R70-07 R70-07
Thermus sp. RH-0401 RH-0401
Thermus sp. RH-0402 RH-0402
Thermus sp. RH-0403 RH-0403
Thermus sp. RH-0404 RH-0404
Thermus sp. RH-0405 RH-0405
Thermus sp. RH-0406 RH-0406
Thermus sp. RH-1214 RH-1214
Thermus sp. RH-1514 RH-1514
Thermus sp. RH-914 RH-914
Thermus sp. RLM RLM
Thermus sp. SPS-217 SPS-217
Thermus sp. T2 T2
Thermus sp. TH91 TH91
Thermus sp. TH92 TH92
Thermus sp. TMY1
Thermus sp. TibetanG7 TibetanG7
Thermus sp. ViI7
Thermus sp. XZZH4
Thermus sp. XZZH6
Thermus sp. Y1(2008) Y1
Thermus sp. Y55-07 Y55-07
Thermus sp. Y55-08 Y55-08
Thermus sp. Y55-09 Y55-09
Thermus sp. Y55-10 Y55-10
Thermus sp. Y55-11 Y55-11
Thermus sp. Y55-12 Y55-12
Thermus sp. Y70-05 Y70-05
Thermus sp. Y70-06 Y70-06
Thermus sp. Y70-07 Y70-07
Thermus sp. YBJ-1 YBJ-1
Thermus sp. YS38
Thermus sp. ac-1
Thermus sp. ac-7
Thermus sp. dNBae-1X dNBae-1X
Thermus thermophilus DSMZ:DSM9247  TYPE STRAIN
Thermus thermophilus CS Gi00658_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM579 Gi00658
Thermus thermophilus HB27 HB27 Gc00182_2of2 DSMZ:DSM7039 Gc00182  TYPE STRAIN
Thermus thermophilus HB8 HB8 Gc00235_1of2 DSMZ:DSM579 Gc00235  TYPE STRAIN
Thermus yunnanensis
Thermus yunnanensis RH0713
Thermus yunnanensis RH1003

CLUSTER_13 number of sequences=59 genome representatives=12


Chlorobaculum macestae M
Chlorobaculum parvum
Chlorobaculum parvum C
Chlorobaculum parvum L
Chlorobaculum parvum NCIB 8327 NCIB 8327 Gc00827_2of2 Gc00827
Chlorobaculum parvum UdG6501Lms
Chlorobaculum parvum X
Chlorobaculum sp. BS3.2m-44-4full
Chlorobaculum sp. BS3.2m-44-5full
Chlorobaculum sp. BS3.2m-44-8full
Chlorobaculum tepidum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12025
Chlorobaculum thiosulfatiphilum 6230
Chlorobiaceae bacterium LA53 LA53
Chlorobium chlorochromatii CaD3 CaD3 Gc00312_1of1 Gc00312
Chlorobium chlorovibrioides UdG 6026
Chlorobium chlorovibrioides UdG 6043
Chlorobium ferrooxidans DSM 13031 DSM 13031 Gi01610_1of1 DSMZ:DSM13031 Gi01610
Chlorobium gokarna type strain: 4GSB
Chlorobium limicola DSMZ:DSM258  TYPE STRAIN
Chlorobium limicola DSM 245 DSM 245 DSMZ:DSM245 Gc00814  TYPE STRAIN
Chlorobium limicola E2P2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM245
Chlorobium phaeobacteroides BS1 BS1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM266 Gc00816
Chlorobium phaeobacteroides DSM 266 DSM 266 DSMZ:DSM266  TYPE STRAIN
Chlorobium phaeobacteroides DSM 266 DSM 266 Gc00471_1of1 DSMZ:DSM266 Gc00471  TYPE STRAIN
Chlorobium phaeovibrioides DSM 269 DSMZ:DSM269  TYPE STRAIN
Chlorobium sp. 6GSB 6GSB
Chlorobium sp. 8GSB 8GSB
Chlorobium sp. Mog4 Mog4
Chlorobium sp. ShCl03 ShCl03
Chlorobium sp. sy9 sy9
Chlorobium tepidum TLS TLS Gc00092_2of2 Gc00092
Clathrochloris sulfurica 1
Pelodictyon clathratiforme 4DE
Pelodictyon clathratiforme PG
Pelodictyon luteolum DSM 273 2530 Gc00310_1of1 DSMZ:DSM273 Gc00310
Pelodictyon luteolum E1P1
Pelodictyon phaeoclathratiforme BU-1 BU-1 Gc00834
Pelodictyon phaeum CIB 2401 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM728
Prosthecochloris aestuarii DSMZ:DSM272  TYPE STRAIN
Prosthecochloris aestuarii DSM 271 DSM 271 Gi00485_1of1 DSMZ:DSM271 Gi00485  TYPE STRAIN
Prosthecochloris aestuarii DSM 271 SK 413 DSMZ:DSM271 Gc00835  TYPE STRAIN
Prosthecochloris aestuarii UdG7004Chp DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM271
Prosthecochloris indica
Prosthecochloris indicum type strain: SKGSB
Prosthecochloris sp. 4Vi 4Vi
Prosthecochloris sp. 5H2 5H2
Prosthecochloris sp. ShNPel02 ShNPel02
Prosthecochloris sp. UdG7008Cib UdG7008Cib
Prosthecochloris sp. UdG7009Lms UdG7009Lms
Prosthecochloris sp. Vk Vk
Prosthecochloris vibrioformis
Prosthecochloris vibrioformis 6132
Prosthecochloris vibrioformis CHP 3402
Prosthecochloris vibrioformis DSM 265 Gc00533_1of1 DSMZ:DSM265 Gc00533
Prosthecochloris vibrioformis EP2403
Prosthecochloris vibrioformis UdG7005Chp
Prosthecochloris vibrioformis UdG7006Lms
Prosthecochloris vibrioformis UdG7007Lpa
Prosthecochloris vibrioformis UdG7010Lms

CLUSTER_14 number of sequences=67 genome representatives=4


Bacteroidaceae bacterium A42 A42
Bacteroidales str. KB1 KB1
Bacteroidales str. KB7 KB7
Bacteroidales str. KB9 KB9
Hallella seregens ATCC 51272
Prevotella albensis M384 DSMZ:DSM11370  TYPE STRAIN
Prevotella amniotica type strain: CCUG 53648
Prevotella baroniae DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16972
Prevotella bergensis W3326 Gi02841_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17361 Gi02841  TYPE STRAIN
Prevotella bivia DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20514
Prevotella bryantii B14 (DSM 11371, species type s DSMZ:DSM11371
Prevotella bryantii C21a
Prevotella buccae DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19025
Prevotella copri CB23 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18205
Prevotella copri CB7 DSMZ:DSM18205 Gi03227  TYPE STRAIN
Prevotella corporis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18810
Prevotella dentalis DSM 3688 DSMZ:DSM3688  TYPE STRAIN
Prevotella denticola DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20614
Prevotella disiens DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20516
Prevotella falsenii JCM 15121)
Prevotella falsenii JCM 15122)
Prevotella falsenii JCM 15123)
Prevotella falsenii JCM 15124)
Prevotella falsenii JCM 15125)
Prevotella falsenii JCM 15126)
Prevotella falsenii JCM 15127)
Prevotella falsenii JCM 15128)
Prevotella genomosp. C2
Prevotella genomosp. T10 N12-20
Prevotella genomosp. T10 N19-30
Prevotella genomosp. T10 T05-04
Prevotella genomosp. T3 W1609
Prevotella intermedia 23-PIN DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20706 Gi00479
Prevotella melaninogenica ATCC 25845 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM7089 Gi03492
Prevotella multiformis PPPA21 DSMZ:DSM16608  TYPE STRAIN
Prevotella multiformis PPPA30 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16608
Prevotella multisaccharivorax JCM 12954 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17128
Prevotella nigrescens ChDC KB50 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13386
Prevotella oris DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18711
Prevotella oulorum ATCC43324
Prevotella pallens 8792 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18710
Prevotella ruminicola 223/M2/7
Prevotella ruminicola TC2-3
Prevotella salivae JCM 12084 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15606
Prevotella sp. BI-42 BI-42
Prevotella sp. DJF_B112 DJF_B112
Prevotella sp. DJF_CP65 DJF_CP65
Prevotella sp. DJF_LS17 DJF_LS17
Prevotella sp. DJF_RP53 DJF_RP53
Prevotella sp. E9_42 E9_42
Prevotella sp. HY-36-2 HY-36-2
Prevotella sp. N12-20
Prevotella sp. N19-22
Prevotella sp. N19-31
Prevotella sp. P2A_FAAD4 P2A_FAAD4
Prevotella sp. RS2 RS2
Prevotella sp. RZ RZ
Prevotella sp. Smarlab 121567 Smarlab 121567
Prevotella sp. T05-04
Prevotella veroralis
Prevotella veroralis ATCC 33779
Prevotellaceae bacterium DJF_CR21k6 DJF_CR21k6
Prevotellaceae bacterium DJF_CR25 DJF_CR25
Prevotellaceae bacterium DJF_LS10 DJF_LS10
Prevotellaceae bacterium WR041 WR041
bacterium mpn-isolate group 1
bacterium mpn-isolate group 4

CLUSTER_15 number of sequences=64 genome representatives=15


Chlamydia muridarum Nigg Nigg Gc00028
Chlamydia muridarum SFPD
Chlamydia sp. CH301104
Chlamydia suis 13VII
Chlamydia suis 14V
Chlamydia suis 32XII
Chlamydia suis R22
Chlamydia suis S45
Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX D/UW-3/CX Gc00017_2of2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19440 Gc00017
Chlamydia trachomatis HAR-13 Gc00300_1of1 DSMZ:DSM19440 Gc00300  TYPE STRAIN
Chlamydia trachomatis L2/434 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19440 Gi01855
Chlamydia trachomatis L2/434/BU; ATCC VR-902B DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19440 Gc00712
Chlamydophila abortus B577, ATCC VR-656
Chlamydophila abortus EAE
Chlamydophila abortus EBA
Chlamydophila abortus OEA
Chlamydophila abortus Tk-Cal
Chlamydophila caviae GPIC Gi02206_1of1 Gc00129
Chlamydophila cf. pneumoniae CPXT1 CPXT1
Chlamydophila felis Fe-145
Chlamydophila felis Fe/C-56 Fe/C-56 Gc00357_1of1 Gc00357
Chlamydophila felis Fe/C164
Chlamydophila pecorum BE
Chlamydophila pecorum Bo-1485
Chlamydophila pecorum Bo-Maeda
Chlamydophila pecorum Bo-Yokohama
Chlamydophila pecorum Bo/E8
Chlamydophila pecorum E58 E58 Gi01010_1of1 Gi01010
Chlamydophila pecorum SPV789
Chlamydophila pneumoniae
Chlamydophila pneumoniae AR39 AR39 Gc00027_1of1 Gc00027
Chlamydophila pneumoniae CWL029 CWL029 Gc00021
Chlamydophila pneumoniae Gi00137_1of1 Gi00137
Chlamydophila pneumoniae LPCoLN Gi01649_1of1 Gi01649
Chlamydophila pneumoniae N16
Chlamydophila pneumoniae P1 (Parola)
Chlamydophila pneumoniae TW-183 TW-183 Gi00138_1of1 Gc00143
Chlamydophila pneumoniae TW183
Chlamydophila pneumoniae WBB
Chlamydophila psittaci
Chlamydophila psittaci 6BC 6BC Gi00143_1of1 Gi00143
Chlamydophila psittaci 6BC 6BC; ATCC VR-125
Chlamydophila psittaci Bud-1
Chlamydophila psittaci CPX0308
Chlamydophila psittaci Cal-10
Chlamydophila psittaci GCP-1
Chlamydophila psittaci Gi03007_1of1 Gi03007
Chlamydophila psittaci Itoh
Chlamydophila psittaci Koala
Chlamydophila psittaci Ohmiya
Chlamydophila psittaci PCM131
Chlamydophila psittaci PCM27
Chlamydophila psittaci PCM30
Chlamydophila psittaci PCM44
Chlamydophila psittaci PCM55
Chlamydophila psittaci PCM9
Chlamydophila psittaci PgAu46
Chlamydophila psittaci Prk46
Chlamydophila psittaci Prk48
Chlamydophila psittaci Prk49
Chlamydophila psittaci T3
Chlamydophila psittaci T4
Chlamydophila psittaci turkey strain NJ1; Tk-NJ

CLUSTER_16 number of sequences=22 genome representatives=1


Blattabacterium clevelandi
Blattabacterium punctulatus
Blattabacterium relictus
Blattabacterium sp.
Blattabacterium sp. (Blatta orientalis)
Blattabacterium sp. (Cryptocercus kyebangensis)
Blattabacterium sp. (Cryptocercus primarius)
Blattabacterium sp. (Mastotermes darwiniensis)
Blattabacterium sp. (Panesthia angustipennis baluensis)
Blattabacterium sp. (Panesthia angustipennis spadica)
Blattabacterium sp. (Panesthia angustipennis yayeyamensis)
Blattabacterium sp. (Pelmatosilpha guanianae)
Blattabacterium sp. (Periplaneta americana)
Blattabacterium sp. (Polyphaga aegyptiaca)
Blattabacterium sp. (Salganea esakii)
Blattabacterium sp. (Salganea gressitti)
Blattabacterium sp. (Salganea raggei)
Blattabacterium sp. (Salganea taiwanensis ryukyuanus)
Blattabacterium sp. (Salganea taiwanensis taiwanensis)
Blattabacterium sp. (Salganea taiwanensis taiwanensis) Gi01158_1of1 Gi01158
Blattabacterium sp. (Therea petiveriana)
Blattabacterium sp. Alboraia

CLUSTER_17 number of sequences=78 genome representatives=1


Algoriphagus antarcticus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15986
Algoriphagus aquimarinus type strain: LMG 21971
Algoriphagus borotolerans T-22
Algoriphagus chordae type strain: LMG 21970 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19830
Algoriphagus halophilus IMSNU 14013 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15292
Algoriphagus locisalis MSS-170
Algoriphagus locisalis MSS-171
Algoriphagus ratkowskyi
Algoriphagus ratkowskyi IC025
Algoriphagus ratkowskyi KOPRI_22218
Algoriphagus ratkowskyi type strain: LMG 21435
Algoriphagus sp. CC-Hsuan-617 CC-Hsuan-617
Algoriphagus sp. CNU007 CNU007
Algoriphagus sp. CNU040 CNU040
Algoriphagus sp. D4042
Algoriphagus sp. MOLA 48
Algoriphagus sp. PR1(2008) PR1 Gi01414_1of1 Gi01414
Algoriphagus sp. RC-layer4 RC-layer4
Algoriphagus sp. RE3 RE3
Algoriphagus sp. SED17
Algoriphagus sp. ZS2-8 ZS2-8
Algoriphagus sp. ZS3-16 ZS3-16
Algoriphagus sp. ZS3-3 ZS3-3
Algoriphagus sp. ZS4-16 ZS4-16
Algoriphagus terrigena DS-44
Algoriphagus vanfongensis KMM 6241 DSMZ:DSM17529  TYPE STRAIN
Algoriphagus winogradskyi type strain: LMG 21969 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15360
Algoriphagus yeomjeoni MSS-160
Algoriphagus yeomjeoni MSS-161
Aquiflexum balticum type strain: BA160 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16537
Bacteroidetes bacterium 4_C16_35 4_C16_35
Bacteroidetes bacterium GCM63 GCM63
Bacteroidetes bacterium GCM69 GCM69
Bacteroidetes bacterium GWS-BW-H4M GWS-BW-H4M
Bacteroidetes bacterium GWS-BW-H70M GWS-BW-H70M
Bacteroidetes bacterium KMM 6166 KMM 6166
Bacteroidetes bacterium KMM 6172 KMM 6172
Bacteroidetes bacterium KMM 6173 KMM 6173
Belliella baltica BA1 DSMZ:DSM15882  TYPE STRAIN
Belliella baltica type strain: BA134 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15883
Belliella sp. CC-SAL-25 CC-SAL-25
Chimaereicella alkaliphila type strain: AC74
Chimaereicella sp. A8-7 A8-7
Cyclobacterium amurskyense KMM 6143
Cyclobacterium linum HY9
Cyclobacterium linum RW54
Cyclobacterium marinum DSM 745 DSMZ:DSM745  TYPE STRAIN
Cyclobacterium marinum type strain: LMG 13164 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM745
Cyclobacterium sp. 'BSB S2 03' BSB S2 03
Cyclobacterium sp. P81 P81
Cyclobacterium sp. V4.MS.32 MM_2749
Cytophaga sp. MBIC01539 MBIC01539
Cytophaga sp. T-561
Cytophaga sp. UC19
Echinicola vietnamensis KMM 6221 DSMZ:DSM17526  TYPE STRAIN
Flexibacteraceae bacterium CAa88 CAa88
Flexibacteraceae bacterium GWS-BW-H11M GWS-BW-H11M
Flexibacteraceae bacterium IMSNU 14015 IMSNU 14015
Flexibacteraceae bacterium JAM-BA0103 JAM-BA0103
Flexibacteraceae bacterium JAM-BA0203 JAM-BA0203
Flexibacteraceae bacterium SKUK MB1001 SKUK MB1001
Hongiella aquaeductus T4
Hongiella hitoincola 7-UAH
Hongiella mannitolivorans IMSNU 14012
Hongiella marincola SW-2
Hongiella marincola SW-26
Hongiella ornithinivorans IMSNU 14014
Hongiella sp. 26III/A02/216 26III/A02/216
Rhodinella ikkaensis GCM70
Rhodinella psychrophila GCM71
Sphingobacterium sp. BF02-S7
bacterium DG887 DG887
bacterium IFAM-1493 IFAM 1493
bacterium IFAM-2074 IFAM 2074
bacterium IFAM-3211 IFAM 3211
bacterium IFAM-3359 IFAM 3359
marine CFB-group bacterium MBIC01599 MBIC01599
unidentified Hailaer soda lake bacterium Z3 Z3

CLUSTER_18 number of sequences=74 genome representatives=6


Treponema bovis G169A
Treponema bovis G187
Treponema bovis T119A
Treponema bovis T136
Treponema bovis T167
Treponema bovis T257
Treponema bovis T2721A
Treponema bovis T296A
Treponema bovis T320A
Treponema bovis T323C
Treponema bovis T354B
Treponema bovis T380A
Treponema bovis T52A
Treponema bovis W35
Treponema denticola ATCC 35405 ATCC 35405 Gc00174_1of2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14222 Gc00174
Treponema denticola ATCC33520 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14222
Treponema medium subsp. bovis T136E
Treponema medium subsp. bovis T18A
Treponema medium subsp. bovis T19
Treponema medium subsp. bovis T52B
Treponema medium subsp. bovis T54
Treponema medium subsp. bovis T56
Treponema pallidum Gi01869ph Gi01869
Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum SS14 SS14 Gc00789
Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum str. Nichols Nichols Gc00016_1of2 Gc00016
Treponema pallidum subsp. pertenue Gauthier Gi01873_1of1 Gi01873
Treponema pedis G819CB
Treponema pedis T136P2
Treponema pedis T18B
Treponema pedis T354A
Treponema pedis T3552B
Treponema phagedenis CIP 62.29
Treponema phagedenis K5 Gi02223_1of1 Gi02223
Treponema phagedenis subsp. vaccae T100A
Treponema phagedenis subsp. vaccae T116B
Treponema phagedenis subsp. vaccae T122A
Treponema phagedenis subsp. vaccae T645C3
Treponema putidum OMZ 758 type strain: ATCC 7003
Treponema putidum OMZ 844
Treponema sp.
Treponema sp. 1A 1A
Treponema sp. 2-1498 2-1498
Treponema sp. 3:D:BQ032 3:D:BQ032
Treponema sp. 3:E:AT013 3:E:AT013
Treponema sp. 3:G:BB003 3:G:BB003
Treponema sp. 3A 3A
Treponema sp. 4A 4A
Treponema sp. 5B 5B
Treponema sp. 9-3301 9-3301
Treponema sp. G179 G179
Treponema sp. HW-2003
Treponema sp. I:V:AU076 I:V:AU076
Treponema sp. I:W:T040 I:W:T040
Treponema sp. III:F:AT004 III:F:AT004
Treponema sp. Mayo-A
Treponema sp. PT8
Treponema sp. PT9
Treponema sp. RLUH-1 RLUH-1
Treponema sp. T 2378 T 2378
Treponema sp. T 413 T 413
Treponema sp. T 551 T 551
Treponema sp. T 551-B T 551-B
Treponema sp. T 603 T 603
Treponema sp. T 657 T 657
Treponema sp. UB1467 UB1467
Treponema sp. V1 V1
Treponema sp. Wicklow8
Treponema vincentii ATCC 35580
Treponema vincentii D2A-2
Treponema vincentii N9; ATCC 700013
Treponema vincentii OMZ 858
Treponema vincentii OMZ 860
Treponema vincentii OMZ 861
Treponema vincentii OMZ 862

CLUSTER_19 number of sequences=36 genome representatives=9


Cetobacterium ceti M-3333; NCFB 3026
Cetobacterium somerae AG39
Cetobacterium somerae C32
Cetobacterium somerae WAL 14325 Gi02672_1of1 Gi02672
Clostridium rectum NCIMB 10651 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1295
Filifactor alocis ATCC 35896T Gi03256
Fusobacteriaceae bacterium DJF_B254 DJF_B254
Fusobacterium canifelinum RMA 1036 DSMZ:DSM15542  TYPE STRAIN
Fusobacterium canifelinum RMA 12701 DSMZ:DSM15543  TYPE STRAIN
Fusobacterium canifelinum RMA 12708 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15542
Fusobacterium equinum E2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17476
Fusobacterium genomosp. C1
Fusobacterium genomosp. C2
Fusobacterium gonidiaformans ATCC 25563T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19810 Gi02748
Fusobacterium mortiferum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19809
Fusobacterium naviforme DMS 20699, NCTC 11464
Fusobacterium necrogenes ATCC 25556T
Fusobacterium necrophorum Ulm 5 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21784
Fusobacterium necrophorum subsp. funduliforme type strain: DSM 19678 DSMZ:DSM19678  TYPE STRAIN
Fusobacterium nucleatum Ulm A Gi01861_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19507 Gi01861
Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. fusiforme type strain: DSM 19508 DSMZ:DSM19508  TYPE STRAIN
Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. nucleatum ATCC 25586 ATCC 25586 Gc00085_2of5 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19507 Gc00085
Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. polymorphum ATCC 10953T Gi00264_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19507 Gi00264
Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. vincentii ATCC 49256 ATCC 49256 Gi00265_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19507 Gi00265
Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. vincentii type strain:DSM 19507 DSMZ:DSM19507  TYPE STRAIN
Fusobacterium perfoetens
Fusobacterium periodonticum ATCC 33693T Gi03251
Fusobacterium periodonticum KP-F10
Fusobacterium russii
Fusobacterium russii ATCC 25533T
Fusobacterium simiae DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19848
Fusobacterium sp. CSL-7530 CSL-7530
Fusobacterium sp. DJF_B100 DJF_B100
Fusobacterium ulcerans NCTC 12111T Gi02763_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19847 Gi02763
Fusobacterium varium DSMZ:DSM19868  TYPE STRAIN
Fusobacterium varium NCTC 10560T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19868

CLUSTER_20 number of sequences=62 genome representatives=1


Bacteroidetes bacterium 37LGx-1 37LGx-1
Bacteroidetes bacterium RBE2CD-54 RBE2CD-54
Bacteroidetes bacterium SM23 SM23
Bacteroidetes bacterium SM26 SM26
Bacteroidetes bacterium SM32 SM32
Bacteroidetes bacterium SM35 SM35
Bacteroidetes bacterium SM46 SM46
Bacteroidetes bacterium SM55 SM55
Bacteroidetes bacterium SM57 SM57
Flavobacterium mizutaii
Flavobacterium mizutaii DSM 11724T DSMZ:DSM11724  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacterium mizutaii IFO 14946
Flavobacterium sp. MH51 MH51
Sphingobacterium composta T5-12
Sphingobacterium compostus 4M24
Sphingobacterium daejeonense TR6-04
Sphingobacterium faecium DSM 11690T DSMZ:DSM11690  TYPE STRAIN
Sphingobacterium faecium Z18zhy DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11690
Sphingobacterium kitahiroense 10C
Sphingobacterium mizutaii LCD51 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11724
Sphingobacterium multivorum DSMZ:DSM15469  TYPE STRAIN
Sphingobacterium multivorum OM-A8 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11691
Sphingobacterium siyangense DS48
Sphingobacterium siyangensis SY1
Sphingobacterium siyangensis YRL14
Sphingobacterium sp. 1.18 1.18
Sphingobacterium sp. 1.3 1.3
Sphingobacterium sp. 34 34
Sphingobacterium sp. 35 35
Sphingobacterium sp. 62 62
Sphingobacterium sp. Antarctic IS05 Antarctic IS05
Sphingobacterium sp. BC42 BC42
Sphingobacterium sp. BM-9_2 BM-9_2
Sphingobacterium sp. CI01
Sphingobacterium sp. CW 186 CW 186
Sphingobacterium sp. G-2-21-1 G-2-21-1
Sphingobacterium sp. G-2-27-2 G-2-27-2
Sphingobacterium sp. H07 H07
Sphingobacterium sp. KL2C2
Sphingobacterium sp. MG2 MG2
Sphingobacterium sp. MOL-1 MOL-1
Sphingobacterium sp. N13 N13
Sphingobacterium sp. PM2-P1-29 PM2-P1-29
Sphingobacterium sp. QMT3-2 QMT3-2
Sphingobacterium sp. SGE3 SGE3
Sphingobacterium sp. TM14_4
Sphingobacterium sp. TM5_7
Sphingobacterium sp. TUT1026 TUT1026
Sphingobacterium sp. VA-15b VA-15b
Sphingobacterium sp. Y15B Y15B
Sphingobacterium sp. Z15zhy
Sphingobacterium sp. Z2 Z2
Sphingobacterium sp. Z51zhy
Sphingobacterium sp. cxh-2 cxh-2
Sphingobacterium sp. cxh-3 cxh-3
Sphingobacterium sp. cxh-8 cxh-8
Sphingobacterium sp. p11E
Sphingobacterium spiritivorum DSMZ:DSM11722  TYPE STRAIN
Sphingobacterium spiritivorum IFO 14975 Gi02867_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11722 Gi02867
Sphingobacterium spiritivorum type strain: DSM 2582 DSMZ:DSM2582
Sphingobacterium thalpophilum DSM 11723T DSMZ:DSM11723  TYPE STRAIN
Sphingobacterium thalpophilum IFO 14963 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11723

CLUSTER_21 number of sequences=43 genome representatives=2


Porphyromonas gingivalis ATCC 33277 ATCC 33277 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20709
Porphyromonas gingivalis ATCC 33277 Gc00809_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20709 Gc00809
Porphyromonas gingivalis W83 Gc00156_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20709 Gc00156
Porphyromonas gulae chat 3.1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15663
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 300 UQD 300
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 301 UQD 301
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 302 UQD 302
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 304 UQD 304
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 306 UQD 306
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 307 UQD 307
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 308 UQD 308
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 309 UQD 309
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 310 UQD 310
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 311 UQD 311
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 313 UQD 313
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 324 UQD 324
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 333 UQD 333
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 334 UQD 334
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 340 UQD 340
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 341 UQD 341
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 342 UQD 342
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 343 UQD 343
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 344 UQD 344
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 345 UQD 345
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 348 UQD 348
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 349 UQD 349
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 350 UQD 350
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 351 UQD 351
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 401 UQD 401
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 402 UQD 402
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 406 UQD 406
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 409 UQD 409
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 414 UQD 414
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 424 UQD 424
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 434 UQD 434
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 444 UQD 444
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 446 UQD 446
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 447 UQD 447
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 448 UQD 448
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 449 UQD 449
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 450 UQD 450
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 451 UQD 451
Porphyromonas sp. UQD 452 UQD 452

CLUSTER_22 number of sequences=70 genome representatives=1


Bacterium NJ-[8] NJ-[8]
Bacteroidetes bacterium S22-33 S22-33
Bacteroidetes bacterium YT0021 YT0021
Bifissio spartinae AS1.1762
Chitinophaga ginsengisegetis M1-09 DSMZ:DSM18108  TYPE STRAIN
Chitinophaga ginsengisoli Gsoil 238 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18107
Chitinophaga pinensis ACM 2034 Gi02244 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2588 Gi02244
Chitinophaga soli Gsoil 219
Chitinophaga sp. CC-SG1B CC-SG1B
Chitinophaga sp. Gsoil 052 Gsoil 052
Chitinophaga sp. HYLR39-2 HYLR39-2
Chitinophaga sp. JS13-10 JS13-10
Chitinophaga sp. JS16-4 JS16-4
Chitinophaga sp. KP01 KP01
Chitinophagaceae bacterium HU1-GB11 HU1-GB11
Chitinophagaceae bacterium HU1-ID41 HU1-ID41
Chitinophagaceae bacterium HU1-JE21 HU1-JE21
Cytophaga arvensicola FX1
Cytophaga arvensicola IAM 12650
Cytophaga arvensicola Scyt01
Cytophaga arvensicola T2
Cytophaga arvensicola T6
Cytophaga arvensicola type strain:DSM 3695 DSMZ:DSM3695  TYPE STRAIN
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium TDMA-34 TDMA-34
Flavobacterium ferrugineum
Flavobacterium ferrugineum type strain: DSM 30193 DSMZ:DSM30193  TYPE STRAIN
Flavosolibacter ginsengiterrae Gsoil 492
Flavosolibacter ginsengiterrae Gsoil 643
Flavosolibacter sp. HU1-JC5 HU1-JC5
Flexibacter cf. sancti
Flexibacter elegans FX e 1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3317
Flexibacter filiformis IFO 15056
Flexibacter japonensis IFO 16041
Flexibacter sancti
Flexibacter sancti IFO 15057
Flexibacter sancti IFO 16033
Flexibacter sancti IFO 16034
Flexibacter sp. 1-O-7 1-O-7
Flexibacter sp. AS7 AS7
Flexibacter sp. CF 1 CF 1
Flexibacter sp. MDA2495 MDA2495
Flexibacter sp. MG5 MG5
Niabella soli JS13-8 DSMZ:DSM19437  TYPE STRAIN
Niabella sp. GR10-1 GR10-1
Niabella sp. R2A43-1 R2A43-1
Niablella koreensis R2A15-11
Niastella jeongjuensis GR20-13
Niastella koreensis GR20-10 DSMZ:DSM17620  TYPE STRAIN
Niastella sp. KP03 KP03
Niastella sp. RHYL-37 RHYL-37
Niastella sp. RHYL-67 RHYL-67
Niastella sp. THYL-44 THYL-44
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium BR5-29 BR5-29
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium Gsoil 809 Gsoil 809
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium kmd_096 kmd_096
Sphingobacteriales bacterium HU1-GD23 HU1-GD23
Sphingobacteriales bacterium HU1-HG42 HU1-HG42
Sphingobacteriales bacterium HU1-IH3 HU1-IH3
Sphingobacteriales bacterium T41 T41
Sphingobacterium sp. P-17 P-17
Sphingobacterium sp. P-38 P-38
Terribacter koreensis Gsoil 664
Terrimonas lutea 14990Y
actinobacterium kmd_222 kmd_222
bacterium FK5 FK5
bacterium PA20 PA20
bacterium PK17 PK17
bacterium PK23 PK23
eubacterium sp. 11-14 11-14
eubacterium sp. 22-7 22-7

CLUSTER_23 number of sequences=51 genome representatives=7


Caldanaerobacter hydrothermalis K67
Caldanaerobacter proteolyticus 1523-1
Caldanaerobacter sp. 1523vc 1523vc
Caldanaerobacter uzonensis JW/HL-KA 09
Carboxydibrachium pacificum JM Gi01406_1of1 Gi01406
Clostridium uzonii DSM 9752 DSMZ:DSM9752
Thermoanaerobacter brockii subsp. finnii DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9801
Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus X514 X514 Gc00717_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2246 Gc00717
Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus X561 Gi02563_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2246 Gi02563
Thermoanaerobacter inferii AK15
Thermoanaerobacter italicus DSM 9252 Gi02024_1of1 DSMZ:DSM9252 Gi02024  TYPE STRAIN
Thermoanaerobacter keratinophilus 2KXI
Thermoanaerobacter kivui DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2030
Thermoanaerobacter mathranii A3 Gi02564_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11426 Gi02564
Thermoanaerobacter pseudethanolicus ATCC 33223 ATCC 33223; 39E Gc00718_2of3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2355 Gc00718
Thermoanaerobacter siderophilus SR4(T) DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12299
Thermoanaerobacter sp. 1004-09 1004-09
Thermoanaerobacter sp. 185g3 185g3
Thermoanaerobacter sp. 518-21 518-21
Thermoanaerobacter sp. AB11 Ad
Thermoanaerobacter sp. AIP 431.03 AIP 431.03
Thermoanaerobacter sp. AIP 504.99 AIP 504.99
Thermoanaerobacter sp. AIP 505.99 AIP 505.99
Thermoanaerobacter sp. HA2 HA2
Thermoanaerobacter sp. KA2 KA2
Thermoanaerobacter sp. KB4 KB4
Thermoanaerobacter sp. MET-G MET-G
Thermoanaerobacter sp. NA1 NA1
Thermoanaerobacter sp. NB3 NB3
Thermoanaerobacter sp. SC-2 SC-2
Thermoanaerobacter sp. SC-5 SC-5
Thermoanaerobacter sp. TPI TPI
Thermoanaerobacter sp. X514 X514
Thermoanaerobacter subterraneus 2707
Thermoanaerobacter subterraneus OCA1
Thermoanaerobacter subterraneus S2302
Thermoanaerobacter subterraneus SL9
Thermoanaerobacter subterraneus SP47
Thermoanaerobacter sulfurigignens JW/SL826T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17917
Thermoanaerobacter sulfurophilus L-64 DSMZ:DSM11584  TYPE STRAIN
Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis 185y2
Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis MB4
Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis MB4 MB4
Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis MB4 MB4 Gc00086_1of1 Gc00086
Thermoanaerobacter thermocopriae JT-3T
Thermoanaerobacter uzonensis JW/IW010 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18761
Thermoanaerobacter wiegelii B5 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10319
Thermoanaerobacter wiegelii Rt8.B1 DSMZ:DSM10319  TYPE STRAIN
Thermoanaerobacter yonseiensis KB1
Thermoanerobacter brockii subsp. lactiethylicus SEBR 5268
bacterium CP.B1 CP.B1

CLUSTER_24 number of sequences=36 genome representatives=2


Capnocytophaga canimorsus ATCC 35979 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19204
Capnocytophaga cynodegmi DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19736
Capnocytophaga genomosp. C1
Capnocytophaga gingivalis Gi02669_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3290 Gi02669
Capnocytophaga granulosa LMG 12119; FDC SD4 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11449
Capnocytophaga haemolytica A0404 DSMZ:DSM11385  TYPE STRAIN
Capnocytophaga haemolytica ATCC 51501 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11385
Capnocytophaga infantium AHN8471
Capnocytophaga leadbetteri AHN8855
Capnocytophaga ochracea ATCC 27872 T Gi02305 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM7271 Gi02305
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN10044 AHN10044
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN8708 AHN8708
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN8725 AHN8725
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN8730 AHN8730
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN8751 AHN8751
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN8996 AHN8996
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN9528 AHN9528
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN9576 AHN9576
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN9607 AHN9607
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN9687 AHN9687
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN9756 AHN9756
Capnocytophaga sp. AHN9798 AHN9798
Capnocytophaga sp. ChDC OS43 ChDC OS43
Capnocytophaga sp. ChDC OS44 ChDC OS44
Capnocytophaga sp. LMG 12116; FDC 8
Capnocytophaga sp. P2 oral strain P4P_12 P4P_12
Capnocytophaga sp. S1
Capnocytophaga sp. S12-14
Capnocytophaga sp. S1b
Capnocytophaga sp. S3
Capnocytophaga sp. oral strain A47ROY A47ROY
Capnocytophaga sp. oral strain P4G_35 P4 P4G_35 P4
Capnocytophaga sp. oral strain S3 S3
Capnocytophaga sputigena DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM7273
Coenonia anatina 726-82
Coenonia anatina LMG 14382

CLUSTER_25 number of sequences=52 genome representatives=1


Fibrobacter intestinalis C1a
Fibrobacter intestinalis DR7
Fibrobacter intestinalis JG1
Fibrobacter intestinalis LH1
Fibrobacter intestinalis NR9
Fibrobacter sp.
Fibrobacter succinogenes A3C
Fibrobacter succinogenes AL225
Fibrobacter succinogenes AL227
Fibrobacter succinogenes AS206
Fibrobacter succinogenes AS211
Fibrobacter succinogenes AS213
Fibrobacter succinogenes AS216
Fibrobacter succinogenes AS220
Fibrobacter succinogenes AS221
Fibrobacter succinogenes AS225
Fibrobacter succinogenes AS226
Fibrobacter succinogenes AS228
Fibrobacter succinogenes B1
Fibrobacter succinogenes BL2
Fibrobacter succinogenes FE
Fibrobacter succinogenes GC5
Fibrobacter succinogenes H
Fibrobacter succinogenes HM2
Fibrobacter succinogenes MB4
Fibrobacter succinogenes MC1
Fibrobacter succinogenes MM4
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS102
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS103
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS109
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS112
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS114
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS117
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS118
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS119
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS120
Fibrobacter succinogenes OS128
Fibrobacter succinogenes R
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS209
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS214
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS215
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS216
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS220
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS223
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS224
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS225
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS230
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS233
Fibrobacter succinogenes RS235
Fibrobacter succinogenes S85 Gi00251_1of1 Gi00251
Fibrobacter succinogenes U
Fibrobacter succinogenes subsp. succinogenes S85 ATCC 19169

CLUSTER_26 number of sequences=32 genome representatives=3


Bacteroides sp. ASF519 ASF 519
Bacteroides sp. strain Z4 Z4
Parabacteroides distasonis DSMZ:DSM20701
Parabacteroides distasonis ATCC 8503 ATCC 8503 Gc00583_7of7 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20701 Gc00583
Parabacteroides goldsteinii DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19448
Parabacteroides johnsonii JCM 13406 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18315
Parabacteroides merdae ATCC 43184T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19495 Gi01710
Parabacteroides sp. DJF_B084 DJF_B084
Parabacteroides sp. DJF_B086 DJF_B086
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium DJF_B175 DJF_B175
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium NML 060648 NML 060648
Porphyromonadaceae bacteriumJN18_A62_G*
Tannerella forsythensis
Tannerella forsythensis 338
Tannerella forsythensis ATCC43037 Gi00646
Tannerella forsythensis FJ1
Tannerella forsythensis G9
Tannerella forsythensis HA3
Tannerella forsythensis HG3
Tannerella forsythensis KM3
Tannerella forsythensis KS16
Tannerella forsythensis Ko3
Tannerella forsythensis L7
Tannerella forsythensis RMA 7251
Tannerella forsythensis RMA 8286
Tannerella forsythensis RMA 8360
Tannerella forsythensis RMA 8464
Tannerella forsythensis RMA 8562
Tannerella forsythensis RMA 8563
Tannerella forsythensis Sai5
Tannerella forsythensis TR6
bacterium mpn-isolate group 6

CLUSTER_27 number of sequences=10 genome representatives=1


Leptospirillum ferriphilum YN4 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14647
Leptospirillum ferrodiazotrophum UBA1 Gi00328
Leptospirillum ferrooxidans DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2705
Leptospirillum ferrooxidans L15 DSMZ:DSM2705  TYPE STRAIN
Leptospirillum sp. DSM 2391 DSM2391 DSMZ:DSM2391
Leptospirillum sp. LA
Leptospirillum sp. LJ-2
Leptospirillum sp. MT6 MT6
Leptospirillum sp. NOen1 NOen1
bacterium DX-B DX-B

CLUSTER_28 number of sequences=40 genome representatives=1


Antarctic bacterium R-7572 R-7572
Bacteroidetes bacterium P3 P3
Deinococcus sp. 6A2 6A2
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-A124 VUG-A124
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-A141a VUG-A141a
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-A142 VUG-A142
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-A23a VUG-A23a
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-A33 VUG-A33
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-A34 VUG-A34
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-A42aa VUG-A42aa
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-A60a VUG-A60a
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-A67 VUG-A67
Flexibacteraceae bacterium VUG-C4 VUG-C4
Hymenobacter actinosclerus 1187 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15310
Hymenobacter aerophilus DSM 13606 DSMZ:DSM13606  TYPE STRAIN
Hymenobacter rigui 214
Hymenobacter roseosalivarius AA718 Gi03026_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11622 Gi03026
Hymenobacter sp. 01WB02.1-58 01WB02.1-58
Hymenobacter sp. 1004 1004
Hymenobacter sp. 1018 1018
Hymenobacter sp. 21/4
Hymenobacter sp. BSw20462 BSw20462
Hymenobacter sp. Dae14 Dae14
Hymenobacter sp. NS/2 NS/2
Hymenobacter sp. NS/50 NS/50
Hymenobacter sp. PB17 PB17
Hymenobacter sp. Tibet-IIU11 Tibet-IIU11
Hymenobacter sp. X2-1g X2-1g
Hymenobacter sp. XTM003 XTM003
Hymenobacter sp. ZLB-3 ZLB-3
Hymenobacter sp. zf-IRlt3
Hymenobacter woopoensis WPCB131
Taxeobacter gelupurpurascens Txg1
Taxeobacter ocellatus Myx2105
Taxeobacter ocellatus Txo1
Taxeobacter sp. 1N-12 1N-12
Taxeobacter sp. GIC34
Taxeobacter sp. SAFR-023 SAFR-023
Taxeobacter sp. Txc1 Txc1
groundwater biofilm bacterium U2 U2

CLUSTER_29 number of sequences=29 genome representatives=1


Pirellula sp. 797 797
Pirellula sp. AJL5
Pirellula sp. OJF1 OJF1
Pirellula sp. OJF10 OJF10
Pirellula sp. OJF11 OJF11
Pirellula sp. OJF12 OJF12
Pirellula sp. OJF20 OJF20
Pirellula sp. OJF22 OJF22
Pirellula sp. OJF24 OJF24
Pirellula sp. OJF25 OJF25
Pirellula sp. OJF26 OJF26
Pirellula sp. OJF27 OJF27
Pirellula sp. OJF3
Pirellula sp. OJF9 OJF9
Pirellula sp. PH/CP1
Pirellula sp. Schlesner 1
Pirellula sp. Schlesner 139
Pirellula sp. Schlesner 140
Pirellula sp. Schlesner 158
Pirellula sp. Schlesner 384
Pirellula sp. Schlesner 516
Rhodopirellula baltica OJF4 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10527
Rhodopirellula baltica SH 1 1 Gc00141_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10527 Gc00141
planctomycete str. 337 337
planctomycete str. 529 529
planctomycete str. 543 543
planctomycete str. 567 567
planctomycete str. 608 608
planctomycete str. 610 610

CLUSTER_30 number of sequences=21 genome representatives=6


Thermotoga elfii SM-2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9442
Thermotoga hypogea SEBR 7054 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11164
Thermotoga lettingae TMO TMO Gc00649_1of1 DSMZ:DSM14385 Gc00649  TYPE STRAIN
Thermotoga maritima DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3109
Thermotoga maritima MSB8 MSB8 Gc00023_1of1 DSMZ:DSM3109 Gc00023  TYPE STRAIN
Thermotoga naphthophila Gi02015_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13996 Gi02015
Thermotoga neapolitana DSM 4359 DSM 4359 Gi02531_1of1 DSMZ:DSM4359 Gi02531  TYPE STRAIN
Thermotoga neapolitana LA10 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4359
Thermotoga neapolitana LA4 DSMZ:DSM5068  TYPE STRAIN
Thermotoga petrophila RKU-1 RKU-1 Gc00562_1of1 DSMZ:DSM13995 Gc00562  TYPE STRAIN
Thermotoga petrophila RKU10 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13995
Thermotoga sp. G1 G1
Thermotoga sp. G2 G2
Thermotoga sp. KOL6 KOL6
Thermotoga sp. RQ2 RQ2
Thermotoga sp. RQ2 RQ2 Gc00749_1of1 Gc00749
Thermotoga sp. RQ7 RQ7
Thermotoga sp. SG1 SG1
Thermotoga subterranea DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9912
Thermotoga thermarum DSM 5069 DSMZ:DSM5069  TYPE STRAIN
Thermotogales bacterium 2SM-2 2SM-2

CLUSTER_31 number of sequences=24 genome representatives=2


Sulfobacillus acidophilus 1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10332
Sulfobacillus acidophilus DSM 10332 Gi02541_1of1 DSMZ:DSM10332 Gi02541  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfobacillus ambivalens RIV14
Sulfobacillus benefaciens BRGM2
Sulfobacillus benefaciens MT606
Sulfobacillus benefaciens TVK8
Sulfobacillus montserratensis L15
Sulfobacillus sibiricus N1 DSMZ:DSM17363
Sulfobacillus sp.
Sulfobacillus sp. 4G 4G
Sulfobacillus sp. Fras1
Sulfobacillus sp. GG6/1 GG6/1
Sulfobacillus sp. LJ-3 LJ-3
Sulfobacillus sp. LJ-4 LJ-4
Sulfobacillus sp. LN LN
Sulfobacillus sp. NC NC
Sulfobacillus sp. Y0017 Y0017
Sulfobacillus sp. YTF3 YTF3
Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans AT-1 Gi02540_1of1 DSMZ:DSM9293 Gi02540
Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans DSM 9293 DSMZ:DSM9293  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans N19-50-01 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9293
Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans subsp. asporogenes 41 DSMZ:DSM11920  TYPE STRAIN
Sulfobacillus thermotolerans KR-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17362
Sulfobacillus yellowstonensis YTF-1

CLUSTER_32 number of sequences=29 genome representatives=1


Meiothermus cerbereus GY-1T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11376
Meiothermus cerbereus GY-5 DSMZ:DSM11377  TYPE STRAIN
Meiothermus rosaceus RH99-01
Meiothermus rosaceus WQBGR2-3
Meiothermus ruber E-steel-R2A-2 Gi02300_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1279 Gi02300
Meiothermus sp. A1 A1
Meiothermus sp. C-PA5-5c C-PA5-5c
Meiothermus sp. JN41005 JN41005
Meiothermus sp. L-bf-PMW- L-bf-PMW-
Meiothermus sp. L-bf-PMW-16.2.2 L-bf-PMW-16.2.2
Meiothermus sp. L-bf-PV-PMW-3B.1 L-bf-PV-PMW-3B.1
Meiothermus sp. L-bf-PV-PMW-3B.2.3 L-bf-PV-PMW-3B.2.3
Meiothermus sp. L-s-PMW-11.1 L-s-PMW-11.1
Meiothermus sp. L-s-PMW-4B.2.1 L-s-PMW-4B.2.1
Meiothermus sp. L-s-PMW-4B.2.2 L-s-PMW-4B.2.2
Meiothermus sp. L-s-PMW-4C.1 L-s-PMW-4C.1
Meiothermus sp. L-s-R2A-3B.2 L-s-R2A-3B.2
Meiothermus sp. L-s-R2A-4B.2.1 L-s-R2A-4B.2.1
Meiothermus sp. L-s-R2A-4B.2.3 L-s-R2A-4B.2.3
Meiothermus sp. L-s-R2A-4C.1 L-s-R2A-4C.1
Meiothermus sp. L462 L462
Meiothermus sp. LY1 LY1
Meiothermus sp. R55-11 R55-11
Meiothermus taiwanensis WR-220 DSMZ:DSM14543  TYPE STRAIN
Meiothermus taiwanensis WR-30 DSMZ:DSM14542  TYPE STRAIN
Thermus sp. R55-10 R55-10
Thermus sp. WQ-R1 WQ-R1
Thermus sp. ac-17
Thermus sp. ac-2

CLUSTER_33 number of sequences=37 genome representatives=0


Empedobacter brevis
Empedobacter brevis IAM 14197
Empedobacter brevis Y7D
Empedobacter brevis type strain: LMG 4011
Empedobacter sp. F-Fue-04IIIbab
Empedobacter sp. F-Fue-04TIIa
Empedobacter sp. FM-1 FM-1
Empedobacter sp. PH7-1
Flavobacterium sp. ANU301
Flavobacterium sp. GXW15-4 GXW15-4
Flavobacterium sp. PAMU-2.98
Flavobacterium sp. VA24240/2003
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 1182
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 1240
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 1241
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 1242
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 1243
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 1244
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 289
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 777
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 835
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 869
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 880
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 1 NF 993
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 1080
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 1084
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 1136
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 1140
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 1159
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 1249
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 203
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 316
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 58
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 622
Wautersiella falsenii subsp. genomovar 2 NF 770
Weeksella virosa DSMZ:DSM16922  TYPE STRAIN
endophytic bacterium CK12 CK12

CLUSTER_34 number of sequences=25 genome representatives=2


Leptospira biflexa TORORO tororo TORORO
Leptospira biflexa mutant 1/1993
Leptospira biflexa mutant 2/1993
Leptospira biflexa mutant 2/1994
Leptospira biflexa mutant 3/1993
Leptospira biflexa mutant 3/1994
Leptospira biflexa mutant 6/1993
Leptospira biflexa mutant 6/1994
Leptospira biflexa serovar Ancona ANCONA ANCONA PORTO
Leptospira biflexa serovar Andamana CH 11
Leptospira biflexa serovar Canela CANELA CANELA
Leptospira biflexa serovar Jequitaia JEQUITAIA JEQUITAIA
Leptospira biflexa serovar Patoc Patoc I; ATCC 23582 Gi01016ph Gi01016
Leptospira biflexa serovar Patoc patoc Patoc 1
Leptospira biflexa serovar Patoc strain 'Patoc 1 (Ames)' Patoc 1 (Ames)
Leptospira biflexa serovar Patoc strain 'Patoc 1 (Ames)' Patoc 1 (Ames) Gc00818_2of2 Gc00818
Leptospira genomosp. 3 serovar Holland WaZ Holland; ATCC 700522
Leptospira genomosp. 4 serovar Hualin LT 11-33; ATCC 700639
Leptospira genomosp. 5 serovar Saopaulo Sao Paulo; ATCC 700523
Leptospira meyeri serovar Semaranga Veldrat Samarang DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21537
Leptospira sp. A-183
Leptospira sp. A14N A14N
Leptospira wolbachii CDC BIFLEXA CDC
Leptospira wolbachii serovar Codice CDC; ATCC 43284
Leptospira wolbachii serovar Gent Wa Gent

CLUSTER_35 number of sequences=31 genome representatives=4


Aquificales bacterium YNP-SS1 YNP-SS1
Aquificales str. CIR30126 30126
Aquificales str. CIR30173 CIR30173
Hydrogenothermus marinus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12046
Persephonella guaymasensis H2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14351
Persephonella hydrogeniphila 29W DSMZ:DSM15103
Persephonella marina EX-H1 EX-H1 Gi00443_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14350 Gi00443
Persephonella sp. CIR2951 CIR2951
Persephonella sp. CIR2971 CIR2971
Persephonella sp. CIR297H CIR297H
Persephonella sp. EPR351 EPR351
Persephonella sp. EPR486 EPR486
Persephonella sp. MAR10202 MAR10202
Persephonella sp. MAR9703 MAR9703
Persephonella sp. NV1 NV1
Persephonella sp. OY OY
Persephonella sp. SV1 SV1
Persephonella sp. SV2 SV2
Sulfurihydrogenibium azorense Az-Fu1 Az-Fu1; Fc8A70 Gi00634_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15241 Gi00634
Sulfurihydrogenibium kristjanssoni type strain:I6628
Sulfurihydrogenibium sp. 153IV-9 153IV-9
Sulfurihydrogenibium sp. GV2-1C1 GV2-1C1
Sulfurihydrogenibium sp. NBRC 101520 NBRC 101520
Sulfurihydrogenibium sp. UZ1-1C1 UZ1-1C1
Sulfurihydrogenibium sp. UZ1-1C2 UZ1-1C2
Sulfurihydrogenibium sp. UZ3-5 UZ3-5
Sulfurihydrogenibium sp. Y04ACS1 Y04ACS1
Sulfurihydrogenibium sp. Y04ANG1 Y04ANG1
Sulfurihydrogenibium sp. YO3AOP1 YO3AOP1 Gc00808
Sulfurihydrogenibium yellowstonense SS-5 Gi01958_1of1 Gi01958
Venenivibrio stagnispumantis CP.B2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18763

CLUSTER_36 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=2


Salinibacter ruber C4r DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13855
Salinibacter ruber DSM 13855 M31 Gc00331_1of1 DSMZ:DSM13855 Gc00331  TYPE STRAIN
Salinibacter ruber M8 Gi01085_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13855 Gi01085
Salinibacter sp. 2Mb2
Salinibacter sp. 2Mm3
Salinibacter sp. 5Sm6
Salinibacter sp. 7Mb1
halophilic eubacterium EHB
halophilic eubacterium EHB-2
halophilic eubacterium EHB-3
halophilic eubacterium EHB-4
halophilic eubacterium EHB-5

CLUSTER_37 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=1


Achromobacter xylosoxidans DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2402
Rhodothermus clarus AR3
Rhodothermus marinus D-3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4252
Rhodothermus marinus DSM 4252T Gi02285_1of1 DSMZ:DSM4252 Gi02285  TYPE STRAIN
Rhodothermus marinus DSM 4253 DSMZ:DSM4253
Rhodothermus marinus R-10 (DSM 4252) DSMZ:DSM4252  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_38 number of sequences=22 genome representatives=1


Anaerocellum thermophilum Z-1203
Caldicellulosiruptor hydrothermalis 108 DSMZ:DSM18901  TYPE STRAIN
Caldicellulosiruptor kristjanssonii 117 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12137
Caldicellulosiruptor kristjanssonii I77R1B DSMZ:DSM12137
Caldicellulosiruptor kronotskiensis 2002 DSMZ:DSM18902  TYPE STRAIN
Caldicellulosiruptor kronotskiensis 2902 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18902
Caldicellulosiruptor lactoaceticus 64 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9545
Caldicellulosiruptor owensensis OL DSMZ:DSM13100
Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus DSM 8903 DSM 8903 Gc00543_1of1 DSMZ:DSM8903 Gc00543  TYPE STRAIN
Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus Tok7B.1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM8903
Caldicellulosiruptor sp. Rt8B.4 Rt8B.4
Caldicellulosiruptor sp. YI5 YI5
Firmicutes bacterium SP83 SP83
Syntrophomonadaceae bacterium CDA4 CDA 4
Thermoanaerobacter cellulolyticus NA 10B
unidentified Anaerocellum group bacteria COMP.B1
unidentified Anaerocellum group bacteria Ok9. B1
unidentified Anaerocellum group bacteria RI2 B1
unidentified Anaerocellum group bacteria Rt8. B15
unidentified Anaerocellum group bacteria Rt8. B7
unidentified Anaerocellum group bacteria Tp8T.6331
unidentified Anaerocellum group bacteria Wai35 B1

CLUSTER_39 number of sequences=24 genome representatives=2


Aquificaceae bacterium CR11 CR11
Aquificales str. SS5H1 SS5H1
Hydrogenobacter hydrogenophilus Z-829 (DSM-2913) DSMZ:DSM
Hydrogenobacter sp. 153II-6 153II-6
Hydrogenobacter sp. BB4L1B BB4L1B
Hydrogenobacter sp. GV1-4 GV1-4
Hydrogenobacter sp. GV2-1C3 GV2-1C3
Hydrogenobacter sp. GV4-1 GV4-1
Hydrogenobacter sp. GV8L3A GV8L3A
Hydrogenobacter sp. IT-7242
Hydrogenobacter sp. MV4L2B MV4L2B
Hydrogenobacter sp. PA14 PA14
Hydrogenobacter sp. PZ2AL1B PZ2AL1B
Hydrogenobacter sp. SS4 SS4
Hydrogenobacter sp. UZ27L2A UZ27L2A
Hydrogenobacter subterraneus HGP1
Hydrogenobacter thermophilus TK-6 (IAM-12695) Gi03025_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6534 Gi03025
Thermocrinis albus HI 11/12 DSMZ:DSM14484  TYPE STRAIN
Thermocrinis ruber Gi02943_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12173 Gi02943
Thermocrinis sp. G3L1B G3L1B
Thermocrinis sp. H7L1B H7L1B
Thermocrinis sp. P2L2B P2L2B
Thermocrinis sp. UZ23L3A UZ23L3A
Thermothrix thiopara

CLUSTER_40 number of sequences=19 genome representatives=1


Halanaerobiaceae bacterium Benz1 Benz1
Halanaerobiaceae bacterium Lac3 Lac3
Halanaerobium acetethylicum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3532
Halanaerobium acetethylicum DSM 3532 DSMZ:DSM3532  TYPE STRAIN
Halanaerobium congolense SEBR 4224 DSMZ:DSM11287
Halanaerobium fermentans
Halanaerobium kushneri ATCC 700103
Halanaerobium lacurosei H200
Halanaerobium praevalens DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2228
Halanaerobium praevalens DSM 2228 Gi02917_1of1 DSMZ:DSM2228 Gi02917  TYPE STRAIN
Halanaerobium saccharolyticum subsp. saccharolyticum DSM 6643 DSMZ:DSM6643  TYPE STRAIN
Halanaerobium saccharolyticum subsp. saccharolyticum Z-7787 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM7379
Halanaerobium saccharolyticum subsp. senegalense DSM 7379 DSMZ:DSM7379  TYPE STRAIN
Halanaerobium salsuginis VS-752
Halanaerobium sp. AN-BI5B AN-BI5B
Halanaerobium sp. KT-2/3-3
Halanaerobium sp. KT-8-13
Halanaerobium sp. M2 M2
Halanaerobium sp. S5L4

CLUSTER_41 number of sequences=17 genome representatives=1


Moorella glycerini YS6 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11254
Moorella mulderi TMS DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14980
Moorella sp. AIP 246.00 AIP 246.00
Moorella sp. AIP 247.00 AIP 247.00
Moorella sp. AIP 248.00 AIP 248.00
Moorella sp. AIP 383.98 AIP 383.98
Moorella sp. AIP 384.98 AIP 384.98
Moorella sp. AIP 515.00 AIP 515.00
Moorella sp. An10 An10
Moorella sp. F21 F21
Moorella sp. HUC22-1 HUC22-1
Moorella thermoacetica DSMZ:DSM2955  TYPE STRAIN
Moorella thermoacetica ATCC 39073 ATCC 39073 Gc00397_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM521 Gc00397
Moorella thermoacetica DSM 521 DSMZ:DSM521  TYPE STRAIN
Moorella thermoacetica ET-5a DSMZ:DSM12797  TYPE STRAIN
Moorella thermoautotrophica DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1974
Moorella thermoautotrophica DSM 1974 DSMZ:DSM1974  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_42 number of sequences=18 genome representatives=0


Bacteroidetes bacterium O-014 O-014
Bacteroidetes bacterium PM13 PM13
Cytophaga sp.
Flexibacter aggregans IFO 15974
Flexibacter tractuosus IFO 16035 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4126
Flexibacteraceae bacterium CL-GR63 CL-GR63
Flexibacteraceae bacterium DG1232 DG1232
Flexibacteraceae bacterium DG1392 DG1392
Flexibacteraceae bacterium UST030701-084 UST030701-084
Flexibacteraceae bacterium UST030701-097 UST030701-097
Fulvivirga kasyanovii
Fulvivirga kasyanovii KMM 6220
Fulvivirga sp. MOLA 70
Marinicola seohaensis SW-152
Reichenbachiella agariperforans KMM 3525
Roseivirga echinicomitans KMM 6058
Roseivirga ehrenbergii KMM 6017
Roseivirga sp. F8 F8

CLUSTER_43 number of sequences=13 genome representatives=2


Thermosipho africanus Ob7 Ob7 DSMZ:DSM5309  TYPE STRAIN
Thermosipho africanus TCF52B TCF52B Gi01046_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5309 Gi01046
Thermosipho atlanticus type strain: DV1140 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15807
Thermosipho ferriphilus GB21
Thermosipho geolei DSM 13256, type strain DSMZ:DSM13256
Thermosipho japonicus IHB1 DSMZ:DSM13481  TYPE STRAIN
Thermosipho melanesiensis BI429 BI429 Gc00582_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12029 Gc00582  TYPE STRAIN
Thermosipho sp. DSM 6568 DSM 6568, RI19.B2 DSMZ:DSM6568
Thermosipho sp. FD1 FD1
Thermosipho sp. MN14
Thermosipho sp. MV1063 MV1063
Thermosipho sp. TBA5 TBA5
Thermosipho sp. TH70-3 TH70-3

CLUSTER_44 number of sequences=18 genome representatives=1


Arcicella aquatica type strain: NO-502 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17092
Arcicella aquiviva type strain: TW5
Arcicella sp. MG83
Flectobacillus major Gi02299_1of1 DSMZ:DSM103 Gi02299  TYPE STRAIN
Flectobacillus sp. 'starch-degrading 2'
Flectobacillus sp. CL-GP79 CL-GP79
Flectobacillus sp. EP293 EP293
Flectobacillus sp. GC5
Flectobacillus sp. GFA-11 GFA-11
Flectobacillus sp. GWF20A
Flectobacillus sp. MWH38
Flectobacillus sp. PIC-C19
Flectobacillus sp. RG-4 RG-4
Flectobacillus speluncae GWF20B
Flectobacillus speluncae GWF20C
Flexibacteraceae bacterium PR05 PR05
bacterium H22 H22
bacterium MI3-53 MI3-53

CLUSTER_45 number of sequences=16 genome representatives=1


Prevotella aff. ruminicola Tc2-24
Prevotella brevis GA33
Prevotella ruminicola
Prevotella ruminicola PF20-3
Prevotella ruminicola T31
Prevotella ruminicola TC2-28
Prevotella ruminicola TF2-5
Prevotella sp. sp158
Prevotella sp. sp20
Prevotella sp. sp24
Prevotella sp. sp28
Prevotella sp. sp34 Gi02840_1of1 Gi02840
Prevotellaceae bacterium DJF_RP84 DJF_RP84
bacterium mpn-isolate group 2
rumen bacterium R-9 R-9
rumen bacterium YS1 YS1

CLUSTER_46 number of sequences=16 genome representatives=1


Acidobacteria bacterium AL AL
Acidobacteria bacterium Ellin345 Ellin345
Acidobacteria bacterium KMR KMR
Acidobacteria bacterium OB1010 OB1010
Acidobacteria bacterium T4 T4
Acidobacteria bacterium TPB6011 TPB6011
Acidobacteria bacterium TPB6017 TPB6017
Acidobacteria bacterium TPB6028 TPB6028
Acidobacteriaceae bacterium Gsoil 149 Gsoil 149
Acidobacteriaceae bacterium Gsoil 969 Gsoil 969
Acidobacteriaceae isolate WJ7 WJ7
Acidobacterium capsulatum Gi00004ph DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11244 Gi00004
Edaphobacter modestum Jbg-1
Edaphobacter modestum Wbg-1
Terriglobus roseus KBS 62 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18391
Terriglobus roseus KBS 63 DSMZ:DSM18391  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_47 number of sequences=18 genome representatives=4


Dehalococcoides ethenogenes 195 195 Gc00246_1of1 Gc00246
Dehalococcoides ethenogenes strain 195
Dehalococcoides sp. BAV1 BAV1
Dehalococcoides sp. BAV1 BAV1 Gc00558_1of1 Gc00558
Dehalococcoides sp. CBDB1 CBDB1
Dehalococcoides sp. CBDB1 CBDB1 Gc00293_1of1 Gc00293
Dehalococcoides sp. FL2 FL2
Dehalococcoides sp. H10 H10
Dehalococcoides sp. JN18_A30_B
Dehalococcoides sp. JN18_A96_B*
Dehalococcoides sp. JN18_V108_B
Dehalococcoides sp. JN18_V12_B
Dehalococcoides sp. JN18_V35_B
Dehalococcoides sp. JN18_V4_B
Dehalococcoides sp. KM-2005
Dehalococcoides sp. TM-EtOH
Dehalococcoides sp. VS VS Gi00938_1of1 Gi00938
Dehalococcoides sp. WL

CLUSTER_48 number of sequences=15 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter aggregans
Flexibacter aggregans IAM 14894
Flexibacter aggregans IFO 15973
Flexibacter aggregans IFO 15976
Flexibacter aggregans IFO 15990
Flexibacter sp. 37GB 37GB
Flexibacter sp. 58GB 58GB
Flexibacter sp. 64GB 64GB
Flexibacter sp. 66GB 66GB
Flexibacter sp. SH1.3.1 SH1.3.1
Flexibacter sp. SH9.43.1 SH9.43.1
Flexithrix dorotheae ATCC 23163 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6795
Microscilla arenaria
Rapidithrix sp. TISTR 1768 TISTR 1768
Rapidithrix thailandica TISTR 1736

CLUSTER_49 number of sequences=16 genome representatives=1


Leptotrichia buccalis Gi02240 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1135 Gi02240
Leptotrichia buccalis NCTC 10429 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1135
Leptotrichia genomosp. C1
Leptotrichia goodfellowii LB57 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19756
Leptotrichia hofstadii LB23 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21651
Leptotrichia shahii LB37 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19757
Leptotrichia sp.
Leptotrichia sp. HKU24 HKU24
Leptotrichia sp. LB32 LB32
Leptotrichia sp. Ulm D Ulm D
Leptotrichia sp. oral isolate A39FD
Leptotrichia sp. oral strain FAC5 FAC5
Leptotrichia trevisanii
Leptotrichia trevisanii LB06
Leptotrichia trevisanii LB11
Leptotrichia wadeii LB16

CLUSTER_50 number of sequences=8 genome representatives=2


Leptotrichia amnionii
Leptotrichia amnionii AMN-1
Leptotrichia amnionii CCUG 51846
Leptotrichia amnionii CCUG 51847 Gi02806_1of1 Gi02806
Sneathia sanguinegens
Sneathia sanguinegens CCUG 41628T
Streptobacillus moniliformis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12112
Streptobacillus moniliformis ATCC 14647, Type strain Gi02312 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12112 Gi02312

CLUSTER_51 number of sequences=14 genome representatives=0


Isosphaera sp. Schlesner 640
Isosphaera sp. Schlesner 657
Isosphaera sp. Schlesner 666
Isosphaera-like str. C2-3 C2-3
Isosphaera-like str. CJuql1 CJuql1
Nostocoida limicola III Ben222
Nostocoida limicola III Ben223
Nostocoida limicola III Ben224
Nostocoida limicola III Ben225
Singulisphaera acidiphila MOB10 DSMZ:DSM18658  TYPE STRAIN
Singulisphaera acidiphila PO2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18658
planctomycete str. 394 394
planctomycete str. 532 532
planctomycete str. 563 563

CLUSTER_52 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=0


Treponema socranskii subsp. '04' D11B-2
Treponema socranskii subsp. '04' D40DR-2
Treponema socranskii subsp. buccale
Treponema socranskii subsp. buccale ATCC 35534
Treponema socranskii subsp. buccale OMZ 884
Treponema socranskii subsp. paredis ATCC 35535
Treponema socranskii subsp. paredis OMZ 882
Treponema socranskii subsp. socranskii
Treponema socranskii subsp. socranskii D56BRIII6, ATCC 35536
Treponema sp. 6:H:D15A-4 D15A-4
Treponema sp. Smibert-5 D120CR-1

CLUSTER_53 number of sequences=10 genome representatives=4


Chloroflexus aggregans DSM 9485 DSM 9485 DSMZ:DSM9485  TYPE STRAIN
Chloroflexus aggregans DSM 9485 DSM 9485 Gi00930_1of1 DSMZ:DSM9485 Gi00930  TYPE STRAIN
Chloroflexus aggregans DSM 9486 DSMZ:DSM9486
Chloroflexus aurantiacus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM635
Chloroflexus aurantiacus DSM 636 DSMZ:DSM636
Chloroflexus aurantiacus DSM 637 DSMZ:DSM637
Chloroflexus aurantiacus J-10-fl J-10-fl Gc00703_1of1 DSMZ:DSM635 Gc00703  TYPE STRAIN
Chloroflexus sp. 396-1 396-1 Gi02996
Chloroflexus sp. Y-400-fl Y-400-fl Gi00931
sulfidic hot spring bacterium NPE NPE

CLUSTER_54 number of sequences=15 genome representatives=0


Rubritalea sp. YM29-052 YM29-052
Rubritalea spongiae YM21-132
Rubritalea tangerina YM27-005
Rubromonas marinus Pol012
Verrucomicrobia bacterium 05IJR53-1 05IJR53-1
Verrucomicrobia bacterium 06SJR1-1 06SJR1-1
Verrucomicrobia bacterium A4T-83 A4T-83
Verrucomicrobia bacterium A5J-40 A5J-40
Verrucomicrobia bacterium A5J-41-2 A5J-41-2
Verrucomicrobia bacterium AK18-024 AK18-024
Verrucomicrobia bacterium HOact23 HOact23
Verrucomicrobia bacterium MN1-1006 MN1-1006
Verrucomicrobia bacterium MN1-1037 MN1-1037
Verrucomicrobia bacterium MN1-1047 MN1-1047
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM23-227 YM23-227

CLUSTER_55 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Nitrospira cf. moscoviensis SBR1015 SBR1015
Nitrospira cf. moscoviensis SBR1024 SBR1024
Nitrospira cf. moscoviensis SBR2016 SBR2016
Nitrospira cf. moscoviensis SBR2046 SBR2046
Nitrospira moscoviensis
Nitrospira sp.

CLUSTER_56 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=1


Meiothermus silvanus B-R2A5-50-4 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9946
Meiothermus silvanus V1-R2 Gi02308 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9946 Gi02308
Meiothermus sp. B-R2A-5 B-R2A-5
Meiothermus sp. B-R2A-6 B-R2A-6
Meiothermus sp. B-R2A5-50-1 B-R2A5-50-1
Meiothermus sp. B-R2A5-50-3 B-R2A5-50-3
Meiothermus sp. B-maf-R2A-1 B-maf-R2A-1
Meiothermus sp. B-maf-R2A5-3 B-maf-R2A5-3
Meiothermus sp. C-jv-PA-1 C-jv-PA-1
Meiothermus sp. L-s-R2A-4C.2 L-s-R2A-4C.2
Meiothermus sp. P266
bacterium S119 S119

CLUSTER_57 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=1


Fervidobacterium gondwanense DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13020
Fervidobacterium islandicum AW-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5733
Fervidobacterium nodosum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5306
Fervidobacterium nodosum Rt17-B1 Rt17-B1 DSMZ:DSM5306  TYPE STRAIN
Fervidobacterium nodosum Rt17-B1 Rt17-B1 Gc00630_1of1 DSMZ:DSM5306 Gc00630  TYPE STRAIN
Fervidobacterium pennivorans DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9078
Fervidobacterium sp. 1445t 1445t
Fervidobacterium sp. CBS-1 CBS-1
Fervidobacterium sp. CBS-2 CBS-2
Fervidobacterium sp. CBS-3 CBS-3
Fervidobacterium sp. CBS-4 CBS-4
Fervidobacterium sp. YNP YNP

CLUSTER_58 number of sequences=14 genome representatives=2


Aquificales str. BHI80-14 BHI80-14
Balnearium lithotrophicum 17S DSMZ:DSM16304  TYPE STRAIN
Balnearium sp. 70-12-3 70-12-3
Balnearium sp. E9S70-D E9S70-D
Desulfurobacterium crinifex type strain: NE1206
Desulfurobacterium sp. Ax01-57 Ax01-57
Desulfurobacterium sp. Ax99-59 Ax99-59
Desulfurobacterium sp. SL17 SL17
Desulfurobacterium sp. SL19 SL19
Desulfurobacterium sp. SL20 SL20
Desulfurobacterium sp. SL22 SL22
Desulfurobacterium thermolithotrophum BSA Gi02913_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11699 Gi02913  TYPE STRAIN
Thermovibrio ammoniificans HB-1 Gi02061_1of1 Gi02061
Thermovibrio ruber DSM 14644 DSMZ:DSM14644  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_59 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=2


Alistipes finegoldii 4401054 Gi02253_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17242 Gi02253
Alistipes massiliensis 3302398
Alistipes putredinis DSM 17216 DSM 17216 DSMZ:DSM17216  TYPE STRAIN
Alistipes putredinis DSM 17216 DSM 17216 Gi02070_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17216 Gi02070  TYPE STRAIN
Alistipes sp. DJF_B185 DJF_B185
Alistipes sp. NML05A004 NML05A004
Alistipes sp. WAL 8169
Alistipes sp. WAL 8301
Bacteroides sp. ANH 2438 ANH 2438
Bacteroides sp. CCUG 39913 CCUG 39913
Bacteroides sp. DSM 12148 DSM 12148 DSMZ:DSM12148
Bacteroides sp. Smarlab 3302398 Smarlab 3302398

CLUSTER_60 number of sequences=13 genome representatives=0


Myroides odoratimimus CM9
Myroides odoratimimus DB-3
Myroides odoratimimus GJ1-8
Myroides odoratimimus YRL08
Myroides odoratimimus YRR05
Myroides odoratimimus type strain: CCUG 39352
Myroides odoratimimus zyj2-3
Myroides odoratus DSMZ:DSM2801  TYPE STRAIN
Myroides odoratus JCM 7458 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2801
Myroides sp. D25 D25
Myroides sp. PH3-2 PH3-2
Myroides sp. SDDC32 SDDC32
Myroides sp. SM1 SM1

CLUSTER_61 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=1


Neochlamydia hartmannellae A1Hsp
Parachlamydia acanthamoebae Berg17
Parachlamydia acanthamoebae Bn9
Parachlamydia acanthamoebae Seine
Parachlamydia sp. Hall's coccus
Parachlamydia sp. OEW1 OEW1
Parachlamydia sp. UV-7
Parachlamydia sp. UWE25 UWE25 Gc00185_2of2 Gc00185
Protochlamydia neagleriophila KNic
Waddlia chondrophila 2032/99
Waddlia chondrophila WSU 86/1044
Waddlia sp. G817 G817

CLUSTER_62 number of sequences=13 genome representatives=0


Lewinella agarilytica type strain: SST-19
Lewinella antarctica IMCC3223
Lewinella cohaerens
Lewinella cohaerens ATCC23123
Lewinella cohaerens NBRC 102661
Lewinella cohaerens type strain:ATCC 23123
Lewinella lutea NCI
Lewinella marina NCIMB 1
Lewinella persicus
Lewinella persicus ATCC23167
Lewinella persicus NBRC 102663
Lewinella persicus type strain ATCC 23167
marine bacterium MSC1 MSC1

CLUSTER_63 number of sequences=8 genome representatives=1


Natranaerobius thermophilus JW/NM-WN-LF JW/NM-WN-LF DSMZ:DSM18059
Natranaerobius thermophilus JW/NM-WN-LF JW/NM-WN-LF Gc00772_1of1 DSMZ:DSM18059 Gc00772  TYPE STRAIN
Natranaerobius thermophilus JW/WN-NM-LF2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18059
Natronanaerobium thermophilum JW/NM-WN-LF
Natronoanaerobium aggerbacterium
Natronoanaerobium halophilum
Natronoanaerobium salstagnum
alkaliphilic bacterium Cello Cello

CLUSTER_64 number of sequences=9 genome representatives=0


Cytophaga sp. I-1787
Cytophaga sp. I-1789
Cytophaga sp. I-482
Cytophaga sp. I-976
Persicobacter diffluens NBRC 15940 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3658
Persicobacter sp. NBRC 101035 NBRC 101035
Persicobacter sp. NBRC 101041 NBRC 101041
Persicobacter sp. NBRC 101262 NBRC 101262
Persicobacter sp. NBRC 101267 NBRC 101267

CLUSTER_65 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=0


Aureispira marina TISTR 1719)
Aureispira marina TISTR 1728)
Aureispira marina TISTR 1731)
Aureispira maritima TISTR 1726)
Aureospira sp. 59SA 59SA
Saprospira sp. CNJ451 CNJ451
Saprospira sp. CNJ640 CNJ640
Saprospira sp. SS03-3 SS03-3
Saprospira sp. SS03-4 SS03-4
Saprospira sp. SS90-1 SS90-1
Saprospira sp. SS91-40 SS91-40
Saprospira sp. SS98-5 SS98-5

CLUSTER_66 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=0


Flammeovirga aprica ATCC23126
Flammeovirga aprica NBRC 15941
Flammeovirga bosoensis YML5
Flammeovirga bosoensis YS10
Flammeovirga sp. NBRC 100898 NBRC 100898
Flammeovirga sp. NBRC 100899 NBRC 100899
Flammeovirga sp. NBRC 100900 NBRC 100900
Flammeovirga sp. NBRC 100901 NBRC 100901
Flammeovirga sp. NBRC 100902 NBRC 100902
Flammeovirga sp. TJD780 TJD780
Microscilla arenaria IFO 15982
Microscilla sp. MY04 MY04

CLUSTER_67 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=1


Brevibacillus sp. PF-G PF-G
Dyadobacter crusticola type strain: CP183-8 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16708
Dyadobacter fermentans NS114 Gi02155 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18053 Gi02155
Dyadobacter ginsengisoli Gsoil 043 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21015
Dyadobacter hamtensis type strain: HHS 11
Dyadobacter koreensis KCTC 12534; NBRC 101116 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19938
Dyadobacter sp. 12116 12116
Dyadobacter sp. A54 A54
Dyadobacter sp. PF-B PF-B
Dyadobacter sp. SSL13 SSL13
Dyadobacter sp. VTT E-052912 VTT E-052912

CLUSTER_68 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=2


Aquifex aeolicus VF5
Aquifex aeolicus VF5 VF5 Gc00013_2of2 Gc00013
Aquifex pyrophilus Kol5a DSMZ:DSM6858
Aquifex sp. Gri14L3B Gri14L3B
Aquifex sp. Ob6 Ob6
Aquificales str. CIR3017HO90 CIR3017HO90
Hydrogenivirga caldilitoris IBSK3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16510
Hydrogenivirga sp. 128-5-R1-1 128-5-R1-1 Gi01416_1of1 Gi01416
Hydrogenivirga sp. 128-5-R1-6 128-5-R1-6
Hydrogenivirga sp. 70-1%-12-2 70-1%-12-2
Hydrogenivirga sp. OY1-1 OY1-1

CLUSTER_69 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=2


Spirochaeta caldaria DSMZ7334 DSMZ:DSM7334  TYPE STRAIN
Spirochaeta caldaria Thermophilic strain H1; Leschi DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM7334
Spirochaeta sp.
Spirochaeta sp. HT HT
Spirochaeta sp. kf401
Spirochaeta stenostrepta DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2028
Spirochaeta taiwanensis K1LY
Spirochaeta xylanolyticus
Treponema azotonutricium ZAS-9 Gi01249_1of1 DSMZ:DSM13862 Gi01249  TYPE STRAIN
Treponema primitia ZAS-2 Gi01248_1of1 Gi01248
Treponema sp. SPIT5 SPIT5

CLUSTER_70 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=1


Blastopirellula marina DSM 3645 IFAM 1313 Gi00835_1of1 DSMZ:DSM3645 Gi00835  TYPE STRAIN
Pirellula sp. 16 16
Pirellula sp. 81 81
Pirellula sp. ACM 3180
Pirellula sp. ACM 3181
Pirellula sp. AGA/C41
Pirellula sp. AGA/M12
Pirellula sp. AGA/M41
planctomycete Zi62 Zi62
planctomycete str. 116 116
planctomycete str. 391 391
planctomycete str. 611 611

CLUSTER_71 number of sequences=10 genome representatives=0


Prevotella buccalis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20616
Prevotella genomosp. C1
Prevotella loescheii DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19665
Prevotella marshii E9.34 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16973
Prevotella oralis DSMZ:DSM20702  TYPE STRAIN
Prevotella oralis ATCC 33269 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20702
Prevotella shahii JCM 12083 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15611
Prevotella sp. 152R-1a
Prevotella sp. 4401737 4401737
Prevotella sp. B31FD B31FD

CLUSTER_72 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=0


Chinabacter akesu zy-4
Flexibacteraceae bacterium 1351 1351
Flexibacteraceae bacterium RCML-10 RCML-10
Pontibacter actiniarum KMM 6156 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19842
Pontibacter sp. 311-10 311-10
Pontibacter sp. RCML-11 RCML-11
Pontibacter sp. z1 z1
Pontibacter sp. z2 z2
Sedimentibacter rubrus type strain: SRC-1
Taxeobacter sp. SAFR-033 SAFR-033
bacterium str. 47077 47077

CLUSTER_73 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=0


Sphaerochaeta sp. 'Grapes TMA14' Grapes TMA14
Sphaerochaeta sp. 'Grapes TMA5' Grapes TMA5
Sphaerochaeta sp. 'Grapes TMB5' Grapes TMB5
Sphaerochaeta sp. Jel1 Jel1
Sphaerochaeta sp. Jel1-C Jel1-C
Sphaerochaeta sp. Jel1-T Jel1-T
Sphaerochaeta sp. RCcp2 RCcp2
Sphaerochaeta sp. TQ1 TQ1
Spirochaeta sp. Buddy Buddy
Spirochaeta sp. Grapes Grapes
Spirochaeta sp. MET-E MET-E

CLUSTER_74 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=2


Marinitoga camini Gi01018_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13578 Gi01018
Marinitoga hydrogenitolerans type strain:AT1271 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16785
Marinitoga okinawensis JCM 13303) DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17373
Marinitoga piezophila KA3 Gi01419_1of1 DSMZ:DSM14283 Gi01419
Marinitoga sp. MC3 MC3
Thermotogales str. AM1110
Thermotogales str. AM1111
Thermotogales str. AM1112
Thermotogales str. AM1113
Thermotogales str. Dex60-136 Dex60-136
Thermotogales str. Dex60-32 Dex60-32

CLUSTER_75 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=1


Cloacibacillus evryensis type strain: 158 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19522
Synergistes jonesii 78-1 Gi01742_1of1 Gi01742
Synergistes sp. NML05A017
Synergistes sp. NML060450
Synergistes sp. NML96A088
Synergistes sp. RMA 14605 RMA 14605
Synergistes sp. RMA 15677 RMA 15677
Synergistes sp. RMA 16088 RMA 16088
Synergistes sp. RMA 16290 RMA 16290
Synergistes sp. RMA 16406 RMA 16406
bacterium ADV66 ADV66

CLUSTER_76 number of sequences=11 genome representatives=0


Mucispirillum schaedleri ABHU I23
Mucispirillum schaedleri HRI I12
Mucispirillum schaedleri HRI I17
Mucispirillum schaedleri HRI1cae
Mucispirillum schaedleri HRI3liv
Mucispirillum schaedleri UNSW I23
Mucispirillum schaedleri UNSW2.6liv
Mucispirillum schaedleri UNSWMCS1
Mucispirillum schaedleri UNSWRSp12
bacterium 'Lincoln Park 3' Lincoln Park 3
bacterium ASF457 ASF 457

CLUSTER_77 number of sequences=10 genome representatives=0


Flavobacterium sp. D-2 D-2
Kartchner Caverns bacterium PF-H PF-H
Olivibacter itius AW-6
Parapedobacter soli DCY14
Pedobacter koreensis Jip14
Pocheonia ginsengisoli Gsoil 060
Pocheonia soli Gsoil 034
Pocheonia terrae Jip 13
Pseudosphingobacterium domesticus type strain: DC186
Sphingobacterium sp. Wy wy

CLUSTER_78 number of sequences=10 genome representatives=1


Bacteroidetes bacterium M5H2 M5H2
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium Gsoil 1519 Gsoil 1519
Spirosoma aquatica WPCB118
Spirosoma aquatica WPCB128
Spirosoma linguale DSMZ:DSM75  TYPE STRAIN
Spirosoma linguale type strain: LMG 10896 Gi02298 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM74 Gi02298
Spirosoma sp. II_Gauze_A_2_12 II_Gauze_A_2_12
Spirosoma sp. RODSPM10 RODSPM10
Spirosoma sp. RODSPM9 RODSPM9
Spirosoma-like sp. PC5.1A PC5.1A (pale yellow colony typ

CLUSTER_79 number of sequences=10 genome representatives=0


Synergistes genomosp. C1
Synergistes sp. P4G_18 P1 P4G_18
Synergistes sp. RMA 14551 RMA 14551
Synergistes sp. W5455 W5455
Synergistes sp. W5706 W5706
Synergistetes bacterium W5455
bacterium ADV244 ADV244
bacterium ADV403 ADV403
bacterium ADV70 ADV70
bacterium ADV746 ADV746

CLUSTER_80 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=1


Herpetosiphon aurantiacus ATCC 23779 ATCC 23779 Gc00677_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM785 Gc00677
Herpetosiphon geysericola ATCC23076 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM7119
Herpetosiphon sp. F018
Herpetosiphon sp. OSI-B2 OSI-B2

CLUSTER_81 number of sequences=9 genome representatives=0


Sediminibacterium sp. IV-105 IV-105
Sediminibacterium sp. IV-28 IV-28
Sediminibacterium sp. IV-37 IV-37
Solibium soli DCY13
Solibium sp. I-28 I-28
Solibium sp. I-32 I-32
bacterium NJ-44 NJ-44
estrogen-degrading bacterium KC2 KC2
gamma proteobacterium MU-1 MU-1

CLUSTER_82 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=1


Hydrogenobaculum acidophilum 2778 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11251
Hydrogenobaculum acidophilum 3H-1 DSMZ:DSM11251
Hydrogenobaculum sp. NOR3L3B NOR3L3B
Hydrogenobaculum sp. Y04AAP1 Y04AAP1
Hydrogenobaculum sp. Y04AAS1 Y04AAS1 Gi01926_1of1 Gc00844
Hydrogenobaculum sp. Y04ANC1 Y04ANC1

CLUSTER_83 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=0


Thermaerobacter marianensis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12885
Thermaerobacter nagasakiensis JCM 11223 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14512
Thermaerobacter riparius KW1
Thermaerobacter sp. C4-1 C4-1
Thermaerobacter sp. Ni80 Ni80
Thermaerobacter subterraneus C21 DSMZ:DSM13965  TYPE STRAIN
Thermaerobacter subterraneus mt-14 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13965

CLUSTER_84 number of sequences=8 genome representatives=2


Fusobacteria bacterium HAW-EB21 HAW-EB21
Ilyobacter insuetus DSM 6831 T DSMZ:DSM6831  TYPE STRAIN
Ilyobacter polytropus DSM 2926 T Gi02536_1of1 DSMZ:DSM2926 Gi02536  TYPE STRAIN
Ilyobacter psychrophilus type strain:FQ50
Ilyobacter tartaricus DSM 2382 T DSMZ:DSM2382  TYPE STRAIN
Propionigenium maris 10succ1 DSMZ:DSM9537  TYPE STRAIN
Propionigenium maris DSL-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9537
Propionigenium modestum Gi02935_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2376 Gi02935

CLUSTER_85 number of sequences=8 genome representatives=2


Thermodesulfovibrio islandicus R1ha3 DSMZ:DSM12570  TYPE STRAIN
Thermodesulfovibrio sp. Hbr5 Hbr5
Thermodesulfovibrio sp. TDV TDV
Thermodesulfovibrio sp. TGE-P1 TGE-P1
Thermodesulfovibrio sp. TGL-LS1 TGL-LS1
Thermodesulfovibrio sp. TSL-P1 TSL-P1
Thermodesulfovibrio yellowstonii DSM 11347 DSM 11347 Gc00864_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11347 Gc00864  TYPE STRAIN
Thermodesulfovibrio yellowstonii YP87 Gi00736ph DSMZ:DSM11347 Gi00736

CLUSTER_86 number of sequences=8 genome representatives=1


Bacteroides sp. 22C
Bacteroides sp. SA-11 SA-11
Bacteroides sp. SA-7 SA-7
Bacteroides sp. sp14 Gi02650_1of1 Gi02650
Bacteroides sp. sp4
Petrimonas sulfuriphila BN3 DSMZ:DSM16547  TYPE STRAIN
Proteiniphilum acetatigenes TB107 DSMZ:DSM18083  TYPE STRAIN
Ruminobacillus xylanolyticum G1

CLUSTER_87 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=2


Petrotoga mexicana Met-12; DSM 14811; CIP 107371 DSMZ:DSM14811  TYPE STRAIN
Petrotoga miotherma 42-6 Gi00445_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10691 Gi00445
Petrotoga mobilis SJ95T Gc00684_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10674 Gc00684
Petrotoga olearia SL24T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13574
Petrotoga sibirica SL25T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13575
Petrotoga sp. MET-B MET-B

CLUSTER_88 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=2


Dictyoglomus sp. 1507-9 1507-9
Dictyoglomus sp. 1521-1 1521-1
Dictyoglomus sp. Rt46-B1 Rt46-B1
Dictyoglomus thermophilum DSM 3960 T DSMZ:DSM3960  TYPE STRAIN
Dictyoglomus thermophilum H-6-12 H-6-12; ATCC 35947 Gc00863_1of2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3960 Gc00863
Dictyoglomus turgidum DSM 6724 DSM 6724 Gi02553_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6724 Gi02553  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_89 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=3


Prosthecobacter debontii FC3 DSMZ:DSM14044  TYPE STRAIN
Prosthecobacter dejongeii FC1 Gi00484_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12251 Gi00484  TYPE STRAIN
Prosthecobacter fusiformis FC4
Prosthecobacter sp. HAQ-1 HAQ-1
Prosthecobacter vanneervenii DSM 12252 DSMZ:DSM12252 Gi03463  TYPE STRAIN
Prosthecobacter vanneervenii FC2 DSMZ:DSM12252  TYPE STRAIN
Verrucomicrobium spinosum DSM 4136T Gi00677ph DSMZ:DSM4136 Gi00677  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_90 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Meiothermus chliarophilus ALT-8 DSMZ:DSM9957  TYPE STRAIN
Meiothermus sp. I40 I40
Meiothermus sp. S2-bf-R2A-7 S2-bf-R2A-7
Meiothermus timidus RQ-18 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17022

CLUSTER_91 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=2


Roseiflexus castenholzii DSM 13941 DSM 13941 DSMZ:DSM13941  TYPE STRAIN
Roseiflexus castenholzii DSM 13941 DSM 13941 Gc00650_1of2 DSMZ:DSM13941 Gc00650  TYPE STRAIN
Roseiflexus sp. RS-1 RS-1
Roseiflexus sp. RS-1 RS-1 Gc00575_1of1 Gc00575

CLUSTER_92 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=0


Flexistipes sp. E3_33 E3_33
Jonquetella anthropi ADV116
Jonquetella anthropi ADV126
Jonquetella anthropi ADV256
Jonquetella anthropi ADV62
Jonquetella anthropi ADV808
Synergistes sp. RMA 10849 RMA 10849

CLUSTER_93 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=0


Brumimicrobium glaciale ACAM 644
Brumimicrobium mesophilum YH207
Brumimicrobium sp. P99 P99
Fluviicola taffensis RW262 DSMZ:DSM16823  TYPE STRAIN
bacterium DG1021 DG1021
cf. Cytophaga sp. MGP-8AN MGP-8AN
marine bacterium H6 H6

CLUSTER_94 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=0


Ktedobacter racemifer SOSP1-21
bacterium SOSP1-0 SOSP1-0
bacterium SOSP1-1 SOSP1-1
bacterium SOSP1-165 SOSP1-165
bacterium SOSP1-30 SOSP1-30
bacterium SOSP1-52 SOSP1-52
bacterium SOSP1-85 SOSP1-85

CLUSTER_95 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans Z-2901 Z-2901 Gc00307_2of4 DSMZ:DSM6008 Gc00307
Carboxydothermus siderophilus 1315
Thermoterrabacterium ferrireducens

CLUSTER_96 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=0


Kouleothrix aurantiaca COM-B
Kouleothrix aurantiaca EJ2M-A
Kouleothrix aurantiaca MYSI-A
Kouleothrix aurantiaca NH3I-A
Kouleothrix aurantiaca SCM-E
green non-sulfur bacterium AK-6 AK-6
green non-sulfur bacterium T-1 T-1

CLUSTER_97 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter group bacterium LA48 LA48
Flexibacter tractuosus IFO 15979 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4126
Microscilla sericea IFO 15983
Microscilla sericea Microscilla sericea

CLUSTER_98 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Halanaerobacter chitinivorans OGC229 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9569
Halanaerobacter lacunarum DSM 6640 DSMZ:DSM6640  TYPE STRAIN
Halanaerobacter salinarius SG3903 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12146
Halobacteroides elegans Z-7287 DSMZ:DSM6639  TYPE STRAIN
Halobacteroides halobius Z-7287 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5150

CLUSTER_99 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale LMG 11551 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15997

CLUSTER_100 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=3


Opitutaceae bacterium TAV2 TAV2 Gi01740
Opitutus sp. VeCb1 VeCb1
Opitutus sp. VeGlc2 VeGlc2
Opitutus sp. VeSm13 VeSm13
Opitutus terrae ACB90 Gi01027ph DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11246 Gi01027
Opitutus terrae PB90-1 Gc00764_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11246 Gc00764  TYPE STRAIN
Opitutus terrae PB90-3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11246

CLUSTER_101 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=2


Caldus autotrophicum DES
Thermodesulfatator indicus CIR29812 Gi02944_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15286 Gi02944
Thermodesulfatator sp. AT1325 AT1325
Thermodesulfobacterium commune DSM 2178 Gi00737_1of1 DSMZ:DSM2178 Gi00737  TYPE STRAIN
Thermodesulfobacterium hveragerdense JSP DSMZ:DSM12571  TYPE STRAIN
Thermodesulfobacterium hydrogeniphilum SL6T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14290
Thermodesulfobacterium thermophilum DSM 1276 DSMZ:DSM1276  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_102 number of sequences=7 genome representatives=1


Verrucomicrobia bacterium 02PA-Ca-133 02PA-Ca-133
Verrucomicrobia bacterium H-MN48 H-MN48
Verrucomicrobia bacterium H-MN57 H-MN57
Verrucomicrobia bacterium MN1-156 MN1-156
Verrucomicrobia bacterium N5FB36-5 N5FB36-5
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM14-201 YM14-201
Verrucomicrobiae bacterium DG1235 DG1235 Gi01425_1of1 Gi01425

CLUSTER_103 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Microscilla marina ATCC 23134 ATCC 23134 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4236
Microscilla marina ATCC 23134 ATCC 23134 Gi00853_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4236 Gi00853

CLUSTER_104 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Adhaeribacter aquaticus type strain: MBRG1.5 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16391
Adhaeribacter sp. DNG6 DNG6
Adhaeribacter sp. KS35 KS35
Bacteroidetes bacterium OS-26C OS-26C
Hymenobacter sp. 29F 29F
groundwater biofilm bacterium S2 S2

CLUSTER_105 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Cytophaga aurantiaca NCIMB 8628 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3654
Cytophaga hutchinsonii ATCC 33406 ATCC 33406 Gc00400_2of3 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1761 Gc00400
Cytophaga hutchinsonii DSM 1761 DSMZ:DSM1761  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_106 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Ekhidna lutea type strain: BiosLi/39
Microscilla furvescens
Microscilla furvescens IFO 15994
Microscilla pacifica MRN461
Microscilla sp. DG946 DG946
bacterium DG873 DG873

CLUSTER_107 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Anaerophaga sp. HS1 HS1
Anaerophaga sp. TC371 TC371
Anaerophaga thermohalophila Fru22 DSMZ:DSM12881  TYPE STRAIN
Marinilabilia salmonicolor DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6480

CLUSTER_108 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Runella slithyformis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19594
Runella sp. EMB111 EMB111
Runella sp. EMB13 EMB13
Runella sp. P.slu-06 P.slu-06
Runella sp. THWCSN44 THWCSN44
Runella zeae NS12 DSMZ:DSM19591  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_109 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Clostridium sp. EBR-02E-0600 EBR-02E-0600
Tepidanaerobacter sp. Re1 Re1
anaerobic bacterium TOL TOL
anaerobic syntrophic bacterium JE JE
anaerobic syntrophic bacterium JL JL
anaerobic syntrophic bacterium OL OL

CLUSTER_110 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=1


Deferribacter abyssi DR DSMZ:DSM14928
Deferribacter abyssi JR DSMZ:DSM14873
Deferribacter desulfuricans SSM1 Gi01847_1of1 DSMZ:DSM14783 Gi01847
Deferribacter sp. RV1
Deferribacter sp. SL50 SL50
Deferribacter thermophilus BMA1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14813

CLUSTER_111 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Treponema parvum OMZ843 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16260
Treponema porcinum 14V28
Treponema sp. Smibert-2 7:A:D96NR3 D96NR-3

CLUSTER_112 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


cilia-associated respiratory bacterium M1 M1
cilia-associated respiratory bacterium NIH
cilia-associated respiratory bacterium R1 R1
cilia-associated respiratory bacterium R2 R2
cilia-associated respiratory bacterium R3 R3
cilia-associated respiratory bacterium R4 R4

CLUSTER_113 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Treponema brennaborense DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12168
Treponema lecithinolyticum
Treponema lecithinolyticum ATCC 700332
Treponema maltophilum
Treponema sp. OMZ 839 OMZ 839
Treponema sp. OMZ 840 OMZ 840

CLUSTER_114 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Pirellula sp. Schlesner 302
planctomycete str. 449 449
planctomycete str. 467 467
planctomycete str. 535 535
planctomycete str. 555 555
planctomycete str. 683 683

CLUSTER_115 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Prevotella tannerae 131-9-1
Prevotella tannerae 29-1
Prevotella tannerae 83-10-2
Prevotella tannerae 89-9-1
Prevotella tannerae 93-1-2
Prevotella tannerae ATCC 51259

CLUSTER_116 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Deinococcus maricopensis KR-23 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21211
Deinococcus maricopensis LB-34 DSMZ:DSM21211
Deinococcus sp. 3A5 3A5
Deinococcus sp. RCML-5 RCML-5

CLUSTER_117 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Oscillochloris sp. A19 A19
Oscillochloris sp. BM BM
Oscillochloris sp. R R
Oscillochloris trichoides C6
Oscillochloris trichoides Dg6

CLUSTER_118 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Gemmata obscuriglobus ACM 2246 Gi00270ph DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5831 Gi00270
Gemmata obscuriglobus DSM 5831T DSMZ:DSM5831  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_119 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Prevotella sp. DJF_B116 DJF_B116
Prevotella sp. DJF_LS16 DJF_LS16
Prevotella stercorea CB35 DSMZ:DSM18206  TYPE STRAIN
Prevotellaceae bacterium DJF_CR62 DJF_CR62
bacterium mpn-isolate group 3

CLUSTER_120 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Cytophaga sp. AN-BI4 AN-BI4
Prolixibacter bellariavorans F2
Sphingobacteria bacterium JAM-BA0302 JAM-BA0302
bacterium PB90-2 PB90-2
bacterium XB45 XB45

CLUSTER_121 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=1


Thermosediminibacter litoriperuensis JW/YJL-1230-2 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16647
Thermosediminibacter oceani JW/IW-1228-P Gi02252_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16646 Gi02252
Thermosediminibacter terrestris JW/SA-NV4
Thermovenabulum ferriorganovorum Z-9801
thermophilic bacterium 70B 70B

CLUSTER_122 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Dysgonomonas capnocytophagoides LMG 11519; CCUG 17996; CDC F90
Dysgonomonas gadei 1145589
Dysgonomonas mossii type strain: CCUG 43457
Dysgonomonas sp. AM15 AM15
Dysgonomonas wimpennyi ANFA2

CLUSTER_123 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=1


Coprothermobacter platensis 3R DSMZ:DSM11748  TYPE STRAIN
Coprothermobacter proteolyticus ATCC 35245 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5265
Coprothermobacter proteolyticus DSM 5265 DSM 5265 Gc00862_1of1 DSMZ:DSM5265 Gc00862  TYPE STRAIN
Coprothermobacter sp. P1 P1

CLUSTER_124 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Bacteroidetes bacterium MO17 MO17
Bacteroidetes bacterium MO18 MO18
Bacteroidetes bacterium MO48 MO48
Bacteroidetes bacterium MO49 MO49
Bacteroidetes bacterium MO54 MO54

CLUSTER_125 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Halonatronum saccharophilum Z-7986 DSMZ:DSM13868
Natroniella acetigena DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9952
Orenia marismortui DSM 5156 DSMZ:DSM5156  TYPE STRAIN
Orenia salinaria SG3902 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13466
Orenia sivashensis Z-7191 (T) DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12596

CLUSTER_126 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=2


Spirochaeta aurantia DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1902
Spirochaeta aurantia J1 Gi02937_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1902 Gi02937
Spirochaeta aurantia M1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1902 Gi03546
Spirochaeta sp. MWH-HuW24
Spirochaeta sp. MWH-HuW8

CLUSTER_127 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=1


Thermonema lapsum Gi02304_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5718 Gi02304
Thermonema rossianum AG3-1 DSMZ:DSM10299  TYPE STRAIN
Thermonema rossianum NR-27T DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10300
Thermonema rossianum SC-1 DSMZ:DSM10298  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_128 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter flexilis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6793

CLUSTER_129 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=1


Porphyromonas canis JCM 10100
Porphyromonas circumdentaria
Porphyromonas endodontalis
Porphyromonas endodontalis ATCC 35406 Gi03491
Porphyromonas gingivicanis ATCC 55562

CLUSTER_130 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=1


Dethiosulfovibrio acidaminovorans sr15 (DSM 12590) DSMZ:DSM12590  TYPE STRAIN
Dethiosulfovibrio marinus sr12; DSM 12538 DSMZ:DSM12538  TYPE STRAIN
Dethiosulfovibrio peptidovorans G4207 Gi02152 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11002 Gi02152
Dethiosulfovibrio russensis WS 100; DSM 12537 DSMZ:DSM12537  TYPE STRAIN
Dethiosulfovibrio russensis sr13; DSM 12577 DSMZ:DSM12577

CLUSTER_131 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


Verrucomicrobia bacterium MN1-741 MN1-741
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM20-122 YM20-122
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM24-184 YM24-184
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM26-010 YM26-010
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM27-120 YM27-120

CLUSTER_132 number of sequences=5 genome representatives=0


cilia-associated respiratory bacterium 243-54 243-54
cilia-associated respiratory bacterium 246-57 246-57
cilia-associated respiratory bacterium 95-15405 95-15405
cilia-associated respiratory bacterium 96-1590 96-1590
cilia-associated respiratory bacterium 96-4763 96-4763

CLUSTER_133 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Methylokorus infernorum V4 V4
Verrucomicrobia bacterium SolV SolV
Verrucomicrobiales bacterium Kam1 Kam1

CLUSTER_134 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Akkermansia muciniphila ATCC BAA-835 ATCC BAA-835
Akkermansia muciniphila ATCC BAA-835 ATCC BAA-835 Gc00780_2of3 Gc00780
Akkermansia muciniphila ATCC BAA-835 Muc

CLUSTER_135 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Balneola alkaliphila CM41_14b DSMZ:DSM19538  TYPE STRAIN
Balneola sp. MOLA 118
Sphingobacteriales bacterium CL-CB462 CL-CB462
Sphingobacterium sp. 13IX/A01/164 13IX/A01/164

CLUSTER_136 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=1


Candidatus Jettenia asiatica AS-1
Candidatus Kuenenia stuttgartiensis Gi00307
anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing planctomycete JMK-1
anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing planctomycete KOLL2a

CLUSTER_137 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=1


Chthoniobacter flavus
Chthoniobacter flavus Ellin428 Ellin428 Gi01672_1of1 Gi01672
Spartobacteria bacterium Gsoil 133 Gsoil 133
Spartobacteria bacterium Gsoil 144 Gsoil 144

CLUSTER_138 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Bacteroidales str. KB10 KB10
Bacteroidales str. KB11 KB11
Bacteroidales str. KB13 KB13
Bacteroidales str. KB3 KB3

CLUSTER_139 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Deinococcus papagonensis KR-119 DSMZ:DSM18022
Deinococcus papagonensis KR-237
Deinococcus papagonensis KR-241
Deinococcus yavapaiensis KR-236 DSMZ:DSM18048

CLUSTER_140 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=1


Marinithermus hydrothermalis T1 DSMZ:DSM14884  TYPE STRAIN
Oceanithermus desulfurans St55B DSMZ:DSM15757  TYPE STRAIN
Oceanithermus profundus 506 Gi02932_1of1 DSMZ:DSM14977 Gi02932  TYPE STRAIN
Oceanithermus sp. E9S70-O E9S70-O

CLUSTER_141 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Porphyromonas cangingivalis VPB 4874
Porphyromonas canoris VPB 4882
Porphyromonas levii
Porphyromonas somerae WAL 6690

CLUSTER_142 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Prevotella nanceiensis LBN 298 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19126
Prevotella sp. AIP 261.03 AIP 261.03
Prevotella sp. AIP 268.03 AIP 268.03

CLUSTER_143 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Coprothermobacter sp. BHI60-1 BHI60-1
Coprothermobacter sp. BHI60-2 BHI60-2
Coprothermobacter sp. Dex80-3 Dex80-3
Coprothermobacter sp. Dex80-4 Dex80-4

CLUSTER_144 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Saprospira grandis
Saprospira grandis ATCC 23116
Saprospira grandis ATCC23116
Saprospira sp. CNJ537 CNJ537

CLUSTER_145 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Cytophaga sp. BHI60-51 BHI60-51
Cytophaga sp. BHI80-3 BHI80-3
Cytophaga sp. BHI80-86 BHI80-86
Olavius loisae endosymbiont 4

CLUSTER_146 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Pirellula staleyi ATCC 35122 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6068
Pirellula staleyi DSM 6068 Gi02538_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6068 Gi02538  TYPE STRAIN
Pirellula staleyi DSM 6068T DSMZ:DSM6068  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_147 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter elegans NZ-1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3317
Flexibacter roseolus IFO 16486 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9546
Flexibacter ruber IFO 16675 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9560

CLUSTER_148 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Lewinella nigricans
Lewinella nigricans ATCC23147
Lewinella nigricans NBRC 102662
Lewinella nigricans type strain:ATCC 23147

CLUSTER_149 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Tuber borchii symbiont b-10RA
Tuber borchii symbiont b-17BO
Tuber borchii symbiont b-1BO
Tuber borchii symbiont b-Z43

CLUSTER_150 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Cerasicoccus arenae YM26-026
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM31-066 YM31-066
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM31-067 YM31-067
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM31-114 YM31-114

CLUSTER_151 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter canadensis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3403
Flexibacter sp. R2A36-4 R2A36-4

CLUSTER_152 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Anaerobaculum mobile AT DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM13181
Anaerobaculum thermoterrnum RWcit
Anaerobaculum thermoterrnum YWT-2

CLUSTER_153 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Halobacteroides halobius DSM 5150 DSMZ:DSM5150  TYPE STRAIN
Halobacteroides halobius MD-1; ATCC 35273 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5150
Halobacteroides sp. 6SANG 6SANG

CLUSTER_154 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Turneriella parva H DSMZ:DSM21527  TYPE STRAIN
Turneriella parva S-308-81 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21527

CLUSTER_155 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Fucophilus fucoidanolyticus SI-1234
Lentimonas marisflavi IMCC2112
Verrucomicrobia bacterium 04OKA010-24 04OKA010-24

CLUSTER_156 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Halanaerobiales bacterium Ag-C55 Ag-C55
Halocella cellulolsilytica DSM 7362 DSMZ:DSM7362  TYPE STRAIN
Halothermothrix orenii Gi01049ph DSMZ:DSM9562 Gi01049  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_157 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Haliscomenobacter hydrossis ATCC 27775 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM1100
filamentous bacterium Plant1 Iso10B Plant1 Iso10B

CLUSTER_158 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Deinococcaceae bacterium TDMA-25 TDMA-25
Deinococcaceae bacterium TDMA-uv51 TDMA-uv51
Deinococcus cellulolytica 5516J-15

CLUSTER_159 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Candidatus Sulcia muelleri GWSS GWSS Gc00693_1of1 Gc00693
Mycoplasma sp. A4 A4
Mycoplasma sp. B2 B2

CLUSTER_160 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Porphyromonas cansulci VPB 4875
Porphyromonas crevioricanis ATCC 55563

CLUSTER_161 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Emticicia oligotrophica GPTSA100-15 DSMZ:DSM17448  TYPE STRAIN
Kaistomonas ginsengisoli Gsoil 085
Kaistomonas sp. IMCC1731 IMCC1731

CLUSTER_162 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Alkaliflexus imshenetskii type strain: Z-7010 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15055
Rikenellaceae bacterium JAM-BA0501 JAM-BA0501
Ruminofilibacter xylanolyticum S1

CLUSTER_163 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Spirochaeta africana Z-7692 Gi02936_1of1 DSMZ:DSM8902 Gi02936  TYPE STRAIN
Spirochaeta asiatica Z-7591 DSMZ:DSM8901  TYPE STRAIN
Spirochaeta sp. ASpC-2 ASpC-2

CLUSTER_164 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Bacteroidetes bacterium ANT9285 ANT9285
Bacteroidetes bacterium JC2469 JC2469
Lactobacillales bacterium HY-45-2 HY-45-2

CLUSTER_165 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Spirochaeta bajacaliforniensis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM16054
Spirochaeta bajacaliforniensis type strain DSM 16054 DSMZ:DSM16054  TYPE STRAIN
Spirochaeta smaragdinae SEBR 4228; DSM 11293 Gi02938_1of1 DSMZ:DSM11293 Gi02938  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_166 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Acetohalobium arabaticum DSM 5501 DSMZ:DSM5501  TYPE STRAIN
Acetohalobium arabaticum Z-7288 Gi02906_1of1 DSMZ:DSM5501 Gi02906  TYPE STRAIN
Sporohalobacter lortetii DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3070

CLUSTER_167 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Leptonema illini DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM21528
Leptonema illini 3055 DSMZ:DSM21528  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_168 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Treponema amylovorum Gi02905_1of1 Gi02905
Treponema sp. 5:22:BH022 5:22:BH022
Treponema sp. 5:C:AT040 5:C:AT040

CLUSTER_169 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Treponema berlinense 7CPL208
Treponema pectinovorum 8:A:33768 ATCC 33768
Treponema pectinovorum OMZ831

CLUSTER_170 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Spirochaeta alkalica Z-7491 DSMZ:DSM8900  TYPE STRAIN
Spirochaeta americana ASpG1, ATCC BAA-392, DSM 14872 DSMZ:DSM14872  TYPE STRAIN
Spirochaeta halophila DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM10522

CLUSTER_171 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Brevinema andersonii FS47
Brevinema andersonii MV116
Treponema sp.

CLUSTER_172 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Planctomyces maris DSM 8797T Gi01149ph DSMZ:DSM8797 Gi01149  TYPE STRAIN
Planctomyces sp. Schlesner 130

CLUSTER_173 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Planctomyces limnophilus IFAM 1008 Gi02301 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM3776 Gi02301
Planctomyces sp. 282 282
Planctomyces sp. 287 287

CLUSTER_174 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Encarsia pergandiella asexual line endosymbiont
Ixodes scapularis endosymbiont
endosymbiont of Brevipalpus phoenicis

CLUSTER_175 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Chrysiogenes arsenatis BAL-1 DSMZ:DSM11915 Gi00740
Desulfurispirillum alkaliphilum SR 1
dissimilatory selenate-respiring bacterium S5 S5

CLUSTER_176 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Geovibrio ferrireducens PAL-1
Geovibrio thiophilus Gi01619_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM11263 Gi01619
dissimilatory selenate-respiring bacterium S7 S7

CLUSTER_177 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Thermopallium natronophilum DSM 9460 DSMZ:DSM9460
Thermopallium natronophilum TG9A

CLUSTER_178 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Deinococcus peraridilitoris KR-198 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19664
Deinococcus sp. ZLM-202 ZLM-202

CLUSTER_179 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter tractuosus IFO 16038 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4126
Perexilibacter aurantiacus Shu-F-UV2-2

CLUSTER_180 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Chloroherpeton thalassium
Chloroherpeton thalassium ATCC 35110 ATCC 35110 Gc00826_1of1 Gc00826

CLUSTER_181 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Isosphaera pallida DSM 9630T Gi02488_1of1 DSMZ:DSM9630 Gi02488
Isosphaera pallida Giovannoni IS1B

CLUSTER_182 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Prevotella enoeca ATCC 51261
Prevotella pleuritidis JCM 14110

CLUSTER_183 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Thermotogales bacterium Ag55 Ag55
Thermotogales bacterium Ag70 Ag70

CLUSTER_184 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Prevotella genomosp. E3 4D22
Prevotella sp. E7_56 E7_56

CLUSTER_185 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Barnesiella intestinihominis YIT 11860
Barnesiella viscericola JCM 13660 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM18177

CLUSTER_186 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


bacterium SOSP1-79 SOSP1-79
bacterium SOSP1-9 SOSP1-9

CLUSTER_187 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Criblamydia sequanensis CRIB-18
Estrella lausannensis CRIB 30

CLUSTER_188 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Sporocytophaga myxococcoides DSM 11118T DSMZ:DSM11118  TYPE STRAIN
Sporocytophaga sp. JL-01 JL-01

CLUSTER_189 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Deinococcus pimensis KR-235 DSMZ:DSM21231
Deinococcus pimensis KR-242 DSMZ:DSM18100

CLUSTER_190 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Truepera radiovictrix RQ-24 Gi02949_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17093 Gi02949  TYPE STRAIN
Truepera radiovictrix TU-8 DSMZ:DSM17094

CLUSTER_191 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Owenweeksia hongkongensis UST20020801 DSMZ:DSM17368  TYPE STRAIN
bacterium DG890 DG890

CLUSTER_192 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Ferribacter thermoautotrophicus JW/JH-Fiji-2
Thermolithobacter carboxydivorans R1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM7242

CLUSTER_193 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Lentisphaera araneosa HTCC2155 HTCC2155 Gi00847_1of1 Gi00847
Lentisphaera araneosa HTCC2160

CLUSTER_194 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Cytophaga fermentans DSMZ:DSM9555
Cytophaga fermentans NCIMB 2218 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9555

CLUSTER_195 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Porphyromonas asaccharolytica DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20707
Porphyromonas uenonis WAL 9902; ATCC BAA-906; CCUG 4

CLUSTER_196 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Bacteroidales bacterium DJF_B268 DJF_B268
Bacteroidetes bacterium Smarlab 3301186 Smarlab 3301186

CLUSTER_197 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Spirochaeta litoralis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2029
Spirochaeta sp. B B

CLUSTER_198 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Spirochaetes bacterium SA-10 SA-10
Spirochaetes bacterium SA-8 SA-8

CLUSTER_199 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Treponema bryantii RUS-1 DSMZ:DSM1788  TYPE STRAIN
Treponema sp. Sy24 Sy24

CLUSTER_200 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Dehalococcoides sp. BHI80-15 BHI80-15
Dehalococcoides sp. BHI80-52 BHI80-52

CLUSTER_201 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Spirochaeta sp. M6 M6
Spirochaeta sp. P P

CLUSTER_202 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Thermacetogenium phaeum PB Gi02025_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12270 Gi02025  TYPE STRAIN
Thermacetogenium sp. Sp3 Sp3

CLUSTER_203 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Treponema succinifaciens 6091 DSMZ:DSM2489  TYPE STRAIN
bacterium mpn-isolate group 17

CLUSTER_204 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Planctomyces sp. 423 423
Planctomyces sp. Schlesner 269

CLUSTER_205 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Planctomyces sp. Schlesner 664
Planctomyces sp. Schlesner 668

CLUSTER_206 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Planctomyces brasiliensis DSM 5305T DSMZ:DSM5305  TYPE STRAIN
Planctomyces sp. AGA/M18

CLUSTER_207 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Planctomyces sp. Schlesner 638
Planctomyces sp. Schlesner 642

CLUSTER_208 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter roseolus DSMZ:DSM9546  TYPE STRAIN
Flexibacter roseolus IFO 16707 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9546

CLUSTER_209 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter litoralis DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6794

CLUSTER_210 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Flexibacter polymorphus DSMZ:DSM9678  TYPE STRAIN
Flexibacter polymorphus IFO 16703 Gi03020_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9678 Gi03020

CLUSTER_211 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter ruber DSMZ:DSM9560  TYPE STRAIN
Flexibacter ruber IFO 16677 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9560

CLUSTER_212 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Cryomorpha ignava QSSC1-22; ACAM 647T; CIP 10745
cf. Cytophaga sp. MGP-14AN MGP-14AN

CLUSTER_213 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Coleomegilla maculata male-killing endosymbiont
Flavobacterium sp.

CLUSTER_214 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Crocinitomix catalasitica IFO 15977
Flexibacter aggregans

CLUSTER_215 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Porphyromonas macacae DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20710

CLUSTER_216 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Bacteroides splanchnicus
Odoribacter splanchnicus DJF_B089 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM20712

CLUSTER_217 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Geothrix fermentans H5 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14018
Holophaga foetida TMBS4T (DSM 6591T) DSMZ:DSM6591  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_218 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Thermanaerovibrio acidaminovorans DSM 6589 Gi02247_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6589 Gi02247  TYPE STRAIN
Thermanaerovibrio velox Z-9701 (T) DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM12556

CLUSTER_219 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Nitrospira marina 295
Nitrospira marina Nb-295 Gi00859_1of1 Gi00859

CLUSTER_220 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Limibacter armeniacum YM11-159
Limibacter armeniacum YM11-185

CLUSTER_221 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Geotoga aestuarianus T3B
Thermotogales bacterium OCT74 OCT74

CLUSTER_222 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Candidatus Amoebophilus asiaticus 5a2 5a2 Gi01564_1of1 Gc00817

CLUSTER_223 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM20-087 YM20-087
Verrucomicrobia bacterium YM21-151 YM21-151

CLUSTER_224 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Acidobacteria bacterium MOB76 MOB76
Acidobacteria bacterium MPL1011 MPL1011

CLUSTER_225 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=1


Victivallis vadensis ATCC BAA-548 ATCC BAA-548 Gi01047_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14823 Gi01047
Victivallis vadensis Cello DSMZ:DSM14823

CLUSTER_226 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Thermanaeromonas toyohensis ToBE DSMZ:DSM14490  TYPE STRAIN
low G+C Gram-positive bacterium SA-5 SA-5

CLUSTER_227 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


anaerobic filamentous bacterium KIBI-1 KIBI-1
anaerobic filamentous bacterium YMTK-2 YMTK-2

CLUSTER_228 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Treponema calligyrum CIP 64.40
Treponema refringens CIP 51.64

CLUSTER_229 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Flavobacteriaceae bacterium NML no.97-0007 NML no.97-0007
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium NML no.99-0049 NML no.99-0049

CLUSTER_230 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Saprospira sp. SS92-11 SS92-11
Saprospira sp. SS95-4 SS95-4

CLUSTER_231 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Acanthopleuribacter pedis NBRC 101209

CLUSTER_232 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Elusimicrobium minutum Pei191 Pei191 Gc00773_1of1 Gc00773

CLUSTER_233 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing planctomycete JMK-2

CLUSTER_234 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


filamentous bacterium Plant1 Iso8 Plant1 Iso8

CLUSTER_235 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Coccinistipes vermicola IMCC1411

CLUSTER_236 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Solibacter usitatus Ellin6076 Ellin6076 Gc00446

CLUSTER_237 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


bacterium sp. OF1 OF1

CLUSTER_238 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Puniceibacter vermicola IMCC1545

CLUSTER_239 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


bacterium SOSP1-63 SOSP1-63

CLUSTER_240 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


bacterium SOSP1-142 SOSP1-142

CLUSTER_241 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Rhabdochlamydia crassificans CRIB01

CLUSTER_242 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Larkinella insperata type strain: LMG 22510

CLUSTER_243 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Acidobacteriaceae bacterium Gsoil 1619 Gsoil 1619

CLUSTER_244 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Flavobacterium sp. Xb-5 Xb-5

CLUSTER_245 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Thermovirga lienii Cas60314 Gi02948_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17291 Gi02948

CLUSTER_246 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


rumen bacterium R-23 R-23

CLUSTER_247 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Paludibacter propionicigenes WB4 DSMZ:DSM17365

CLUSTER_248 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Treponema zioleckii kT

CLUSTER_249 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Halanaerobiaceae bacterium SLAS-1 SLAS-1

CLUSTER_250 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Leadbetterella byssophila 4M15 Gi02316_1of1 DSMZ:DSM17132 Gi02316  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_251 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Prevotella genomosp. P4 P4P_53

CLUSTER_252 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Odoribacter denticanis B106

CLUSTER_253 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Saprospira sp. PdY3 PdY3

CLUSTER_254 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Aminiphilus restrictus

CLUSTER_255 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Cytophaga sp. Dex80-37 Dex80-37

CLUSTER_256 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Spirochaeta coccoides type strain:SPN1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM17374

CLUSTER_257 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Bacteroidetes bacterium PPf50E2 PPf50E2

CLUSTER_258 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Opitutus sp. SA-9 SA-9

CLUSTER_259 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Bacteroidetes bacterium T4-KAD-str1 T4-KAD-str1

CLUSTER_260 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Microscilla sp. Nano 1

CLUSTER_261 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Sebaldella termitidis Gi02490 Gi02490

CLUSTER_262 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


bacterium 09.96.18 09.96.18

CLUSTER_263 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Alterococcus agarolyticus ADT3; CCRC17102

CLUSTER_264 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Cristispira CP1 CP1

CLUSTER_265 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Spirochaeta sp. NL1

CLUSTER_266 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Treponema saccharophilum DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM2985

CLUSTER_267 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


wall-less spirochete Antarctic

CLUSTER_268 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Spirochaeta thermophila DSM 6192 Gi02939_1of1 DSMZ:DSM6192 Gi02939

CLUSTER_269 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Simkania negevensis Z Gi00771_1of1 Gi00771

CLUSTER_270 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Planctomyces sp. Schlesner 658

CLUSTER_271 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Planctomyces sp. 248 248

CLUSTER_272 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Planctomyces sp. 599 599

CLUSTER_273 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Planctomycetaceae Schlesner 670

CLUSTER_274 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


planctomycete str. 292 292

CLUSTER_275 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Pirellula sp. Schlesner 678

CLUSTER_276 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Pirellula sp. Schlesner 382

CLUSTER_277 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Cytophagales str. QSSC5-1 QSSC5-1

CLUSTER_278 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Porphyromonas catoniae ATCC 51270

CLUSTER_279 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Rikenella microfusus DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM15922

CLUSTER_280 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Flexistipes sinusarabici Gi02915_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM4947 Gi02915

CLUSTER_281 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Eubacterium sp. OS Type K

CLUSTER_282 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Aminobacterium colombiense ALA-1 Gi02908_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12261 Gi02908  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_283 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Eubacterium sp.

CLUSTER_284 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Thermomicrobium roseum Gi00735ph DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM5159 Gi00735

CLUSTER_285 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Caldotoga fontana B4

CLUSTER_286 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Geotoga subterranea CC-1

CLUSTER_287 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium Gsoil 524 Gsoil 524

CLUSTER_288 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


marine bacterium NAMAF003 NAMAF003

CLUSTER_289 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Bacilli bacterium JAM-FM0401 JAM-FM0401

CLUSTER_290 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Porphyromonas sp. WAL 1926C WAL 1926C

CLUSTER_291 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Spirochaeta sp. SIP1 SIP1

CLUSTER_292 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Sphingobacteriales bacterium S4-4 S4-4

CLUSTER_293 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Rhodocytophaga aerolata 5416T-29

CLUSTER_294 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Eubacterium sp. F1 F1

CLUSTER_295 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


anaerobic bacterium RASEN RASEN

CLUSTER_296 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Rudanella aurantiaca 5715S-11

CLUSTER_297 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Cytophaga sp. PRPR22

CLUSTER_298 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Sphingobacterium sp. P-7 P-7

CLUSTER_299 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Sediminitomix flava Mok-1-85

CLUSTER_300 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Fervidomicrobium thiophilum SR

CLUSTER_301 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Thermosulfidobacterium lithotrophicum DSM 17441 DSMZ:DSM17441  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_302 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Flexibacteraceae bacterium Shu-9-SY12-35C Shu-9-SY12-35C

CLUSTER_303 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Rikenellaceae bacterium WN081 WN081

CLUSTER_304 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Desulfitobacter alkalitolerans Sk.kt5

CLUSTER_305 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Gram-negative bacterium cL10-2b-4

CLUSTER_306 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


anaerobic filamentous bacterium IMO-1 IMO-1

CLUSTER_307 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Prevotellaceae bacterium P4P_62 P1 P4P_62

CLUSTER_308 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Thermotogales str. BHI80-139 BHI80-139

CLUSTER_309 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Cytophaga sp. Dex80-64 Dex80-64

CLUSTER_310 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Cytophaga sp. BHI60-95B BHI60-95B

CLUSTER_311 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Cytophaga sp. Dex80-43 Dex80-43

CLUSTER_312 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Spirochaeta sp. BHI80-158 BHI80-158

CLUSTER_313 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Flexistipes sp. vp180

CLUSTER_314 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Vulcanithermus mediatlanticus type strain: TR Gi02951_1of1 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM14978 Gi02951

CLUSTER_315 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter flexilis subsp. pelliculosus IFO 16028 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM6793

CLUSTER_316 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Flexibacter roseolus IFO 16030 DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM9546

CLUSTER_317 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Microscilla sericea IFO 16561

CLUSTER_318 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


rumen bacterium YS3 YS3

CLUSTER_319 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Prevotella sp. E7_34 E7_34

CLUSTER_320 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Thermobaculum terrenum YNP1 Gi02489_1of1 Gi02489

CLUSTER_321 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Selenihalanaerobacter shriftii DSSE-1; ATCC BAA-73

CLUSTER_322 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Gemmatimonas aurantiaca T-27 Gi01301ph DSMZ:DSM14586 Gi01301  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_323 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Denitrovibrio acetiphilus N2460 Gi02322_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12809 Gi02322  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_324 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


green non-sulfur bacterium B1-5 B1-5

CLUSTER_325 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Spironema culicis BR91

CLUSTER_326 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Thermodesulfobium narugense Na82 Gi02945_1of1 DSMZ:DSM14796 Gi02945  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_327 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Caldithrix abyssi LF13 Gi02912_1of1 DSMZ:DSM13497 Gi02912  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_328 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Sphaerobacter thermophilus DSM 20745T Gi02236 DSMZ:DSM20745 Gi02236  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_329 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Nostocoida limicola III Ben220

CLUSTER_330 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Aminomonas paucivorans GLU-3 Gi02542_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12260 Gi02542  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_331 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Prevotellaceae bacterium DJF_VR15 DJF_VR15

CLUSTER_332 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Calditerrivibrio nitroreducens NBRC 101217) DSMZ:SEE_TYPE_STRAIN_DSM19672

CLUSTER_333 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


filamentous bacterium AZM16c01 AZM16c01

CLUSTER_334 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Flexibacteraceae bacterium P2 P2

CLUSTER_335 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Bacteroidetes bacterium AKB-K1-255 type strain: K1-255

CLUSTER_336 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Sufflavibacter maritimus P43

CLUSTER_337 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


thermophilic bacterium IH55 IH55