Green: the species has genome representative
Blue: the strain has genome representative
Red and underline: Type strain

CLUSTER_1 number of sequences=314 genome representatives=7


Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans 2CP-C str. 2CP-C; ATCC BAA-259
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. 2CP-1 Gi01321_1of1 DSMZ:DSM21875 Gi01321  TYPE STRAIN
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. 2CP-1; ATCC BAA-258
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. 2CP-2
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. 2CP-3
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. 2CP-5
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. 2CP-C Gc00340_2of2 Gc00340
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. DCP1-2D
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. DCP15
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. DCP16
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. DCP17
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. DCP18
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. DCP19
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. DCP2
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. DCP20-E
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-D1
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-D3
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-D5
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-D6
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-R1
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-R2
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-R3
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-R4
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-R5
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-R6
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-R7
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-R8
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-R9
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. FRC-W
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans str. R
Anaeromyxobacter sp. str. Fw109-5 Gc00618_1of1 Gc00618
Anaeromyxobacter sp. str. K Gi01323_1of1 Gc00848
Angiococcus disciformis str. d1
Angiococcus disciformis str. d4
Angiococcus disciformis str. d6
Archangium gephyra str. Ar g1
Archangium gephyra str. Ar g2
Archangium gephyra str. DSM 2261 DSMZ:DSM2261  TYPE STRAIN
Archangium gephyra str. NBRC 100087
Archangium sp. str. 565
Corallococcus coralloides str. 0007-3
Corallococcus coralloides str. 0185-2
Corallococcus coralloides str. 0198-2
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 2259 DSMZ:DSM2259  TYPE STRAIN
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51298 DSMZ:DSM51298
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51301 DSMZ:DSM51301
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51307 DSMZ:DSM51307
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51359 DSMZ:DSM51359
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51379 DSMZ:DSM51379
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51408 DSMZ:DSM51408
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51425 DSMZ:DSM51425
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51427 DSMZ:DSM51427
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51433 DSMZ:DSM51433
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51434 DSMZ:DSM51434
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51435 DSMZ:DSM51435
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51461 DSMZ:DSM51461
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51492 DSMZ:DSM51492
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51547 DSMZ:DSM51547
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51548 DSMZ:DSM51548
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51557 DSMZ:DSM51557
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51558 DSMZ:DSM51558
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51615 DSMZ:DSM51615
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51619 DSMZ:DSM51619
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51620 DSMZ:DSM51620
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51625 DSMZ:DSM51625
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51639 DSMZ:DSM51639
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51643 DSMZ:DSM51643
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51651 DSMZ:DSM51651
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 51682 DSMZ:DSM51682
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 52496 DSMZ:DSM52496
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 52497 DSMZ:DSM52497
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 52498 DSMZ:DSM52498
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 52499 DSMZ:DSM52499
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 52500 DSMZ:DSM52500
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 52501 DSMZ:DSM52501
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 52502 DSMZ:DSM52502
Corallococcus coralloides str. DSM 52503 DSMZ:DSM52503
Corallococcus exiguus str. Cc e100
Corallococcus exiguus str. Cc e12b
Corallococcus exiguus str. DSM 14696 DSMZ:DSM14696
Corallococcus sp. str. 116782
Corallococcus sp. str. 116798
Corallococcus sp. str. 116803
Corallococcus sp. str. 506
Corallococcus sp. str. 91212
Corallococcus sp. str. HBUM 92054
Corallococcus sp. str. SDU-1
Corallococcus sp. str. SDU-2
Cystobacter armeniaca str. DSM 14710 DSMZ:DSM14710
Cystobacter badius str. DSM 14723 DSMZ:DSM14723
Cystobacter ferrugineus str. Cb fe13
Cystobacter ferrugineus str. Cb fe18
Cystobacter ferrugineus str. Cb fe27
Cystobacter ferrugineus str. DSM 14716 DSMZ:DSM14716
Cystobacter fuscus
Cystobacter fuscus str. Bj41
Cystobacter fuscus str. Cb f10
Cystobacter fuscus str. Cb f39
Cystobacter fuscus str. Cb f6
Cystobacter fuscus str. Cb9737
Cystobacter fuscus str. DSM 2262 DSMZ:DSM2262  TYPE STRAIN
Cystobacter fuscus str. NBRC 100088
Cystobacter fuscus str. NM03
Cystobacter gracilis str. DSM 14753 DSMZ:DSM14753  TYPE STRAIN
Cystobacter miniatus str. DSM 14712 DSMZ:DSM14712
Cystobacter minus str. Cb m2
Cystobacter minus str. Cb m6
Cystobacter minus str. DSM 14751 DSMZ:DSM14751
Cystobacter sp. str. 94032
Cystobacter sp. str. BD54
Cystobacter sp. str. SDU-1
Cystobacter sp. str. SHX9
Cystobacter velatus str. DSM 14718 DSMZ:DSM14718
Cystobacter violaceus str. Cb vi29
Cystobacter violaceus str. Cb vi34
Cystobacter violaceus str. DSM 14727 DSMZ:DSM14727
Hyalangium minutum str. DSM 14724 DSMZ:DSM14724
Melittangium alboraceum str. Me b7
Melittangium boletus str. DSM 14713 DSMZ:DSM14713
Melittangium boletus str. Me b8
Melittangium lichenicola str. ATCC 25944
Melittangium lichenicola str. ATCC 25946
Melittangium lichenicola str. DSM 14877 DSMZ:DSM14877
Melittangium lichenicola str. DSM 2275 DSMZ:DSM2275
Melittangium sp. str. HBUM 91081
Myxobacterium isolate str. KC
Myxococcaceae isolate HB01078Myxococcaceae str. HB01078
Myxococcales str. NOCB-2
Myxococcales str. NOCB-4
Myxococcus coralloides str. Cc c494
Myxococcus coralloides str. Cc c806
Myxococcus coralloides str. NBRC 100076
Myxococcus coralloides str. NBRC 100086
Myxococcus flavescens str. DSM 4946 DSMZ:DSM4946
Myxococcus flavescens str. Mx fl1
Myxococcus flavescens str. NBRC 100077
Myxococcus flavescens str. NBRC 100078
Myxococcus flavescens str. NBRC 100079
Myxococcus flavescens str. NBRC 100080
Myxococcus flavescens str. NBRC 100081
Myxococcus flavescens str. NBRC 100506
Myxococcus fulvus str. 0148-1
Myxococcus fulvus str. 0189-5
Myxococcus fulvus str. 0195-1
Myxococcus fulvus str. 0198-1
Myxococcus fulvus str. 124B02
Myxococcus fulvus str. 125-1
Myxococcus fulvus str. 128-7
Myxococcus fulvus str. ATCC 25199
Myxococcus fulvus str. HW-1 Gi02578_1of1 Gi02578
Myxococcus fulvus str. KYC1136
Myxococcus fulvus str. KYC1198
Myxococcus fulvus str. Mx f2
Myxococcus fulvus str. Mx f421
Myxococcus fulvus str. Mx f428
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100067
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100070
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100071
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100072
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100073
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100074
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100075
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100333
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100507
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100508
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100509
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100510
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100511
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100512
Myxococcus fulvus str. NBRC 100513
Myxococcus macrosporus str. 125-10-1
Myxococcus macrosporus str. 125-10-2
Myxococcus macrosporus str. 125-10-3
Myxococcus macrosporus str. Cc m7
Myxococcus macrosporus str. Cc m8
Myxococcus macrosporus str. DSM 14697 DSMZ:DSM14697
Myxococcus macrosporus str. Myxo9736
Myxococcus sp. str. 102
Myxococcus sp. str. 105
Myxococcus sp. str. 112
Myxococcus sp. str. 116744
Myxococcus sp. str. 116781
Myxococcus sp. str. 116809
Myxococcus sp. str. 116819
Myxococcus sp. str. 132-2
Myxococcus sp. str. 132-3
Myxococcus sp. str. 139
Myxococcus sp. str. 152-1
Myxococcus sp. str. 152-2
Myxococcus sp. str. 152-3
Myxococcus sp. str. 152-4
Myxococcus sp. str. 159-5
Myxococcus sp. str. 171
Myxococcus sp. str. 202
Myxococcus sp. str. 35
Myxococcus sp. str. 42
Myxococcus sp. str. 503
Myxococcus sp. str. 509
Myxococcus sp. str. 70
Myxococcus sp. str. 8
Myxococcus sp. str. 91014
Myxococcus sp. str. 91018
Myxococcus sp. str. 91072
Myxococcus sp. str. 91141
Myxococcus sp. str. 91155
Myxococcus sp. str. 91195
Myxococcus sp. str. 91227
Myxococcus sp. str. 91228
Myxococcus sp. str. 91229
Myxococcus sp. str. 92002
Myxococcus sp. str. 92006
Myxococcus sp. str. 92012
Myxococcus sp. str. 92022
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 90012
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 90016
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 90023
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 90032
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 91025
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 91040
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 91053
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 91066
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 91089
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92012
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92028
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92061
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92062
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92067
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92076
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92078
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92080
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92082
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92084
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92086
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92087
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92088
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92097
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 92122
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 93002
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 93011
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 94004
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 94006
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 94009
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 94026
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM 94043
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM DL030s-1
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM WH029s-1
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM WH031s-1
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM WH077s-1
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM WH089s-1
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM WH091t-1
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM90011
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM92041
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM92101
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM92103
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM92109
Myxococcus sp. str. HBUM94102
Myxococcus sp. str. KYC1013
Myxococcus sp. str. KYC1126
Myxococcus sp. str. KYC1183
Myxococcus sp. str. SDU-1
Myxococcus sp. str. SDU-2
Myxococcus sp. str. WH090s-1
Myxococcus sp. str. WH114s-1
Myxococcus sp. str. WH114s-3
Myxococcus stipitatus str. DSM 14675 DSMZ:DSM14675
Myxococcus stipitatus str. KYC1101
Myxococcus stipitatus str. KYC1154
Myxococcus stipitatus str. Mx s33
Myxococcus stipitatus str. Mx s42
Myxococcus stipitatus str. Mx s52
Myxococcus stipitatus str. NBRC 100068
Myxococcus stipitatus str. NBRC 100069
Myxococcus stipitatus str. YN78
Myxococcus virescens str. DSM 2260 DSMZ:DSM2260
Myxococcus virescens str. KYC1105
Myxococcus virescens str. Mx v1
Myxococcus virescens str. Mx v144
Myxococcus virescens str. Mx v2
Myxococcus virescens str. Mx v76
Myxococcus virescens str. NBRC 100334
Myxococcus xanthus
Myxococcus xanthus str. 0121-3
Myxococcus xanthus str. A12
Myxococcus xanthus str. A15
Myxococcus xanthus str. A16
Myxococcus xanthus str. A17
Myxococcus xanthus str. A19
Myxococcus xanthus str. A25
Myxococcus xanthus str. A31
Myxococcus xanthus str. A5
Myxococcus xanthus str. A59
Myxococcus xanthus str. ATCC 25232
Myxococcus xanthus str. BD86 Gi00396_1of1 Gi00396
Myxococcus xanthus str. DK 1622 Gc00391_1of4 Gc00391
Myxococcus xanthus str. DSM 435 (Mx x1) DSMZ:DSM435
Myxococcus xanthus str. KYC1190
Myxococcus xanthus str. KYC1200
Myxococcus xanthus str. Mx x132
Myxococcus xanthus str. NBRC 13542
Myxococcus xanthus str. UCDaV1
Myxococcus xanthus str. UCDaV16
Myxococcus xanthus str. UCDaV17
Myxococcus xanthus str. UCDaV5
Pyxicoccus fallax str. DSM 14698 DSMZ:DSM14698  TYPE STRAIN
Stigmatella aurantiaca str. ATCC 25190
Stigmatella aurantiaca str. Sg a1
Stigmatella aurantiaca str. Sg a15
Stigmatella aurantiaca str. Sg a28
Stigmatella erecta str. ATCC 25191
Stigmatella erecta str. DSM 16858 DSMZ:DSM16858
Stigmatella erecta str. Pd e19
Stigmatella erecta str. Pd e3
Stigmatella hybrida str. DSM 14722 DSMZ:DSM14722
Stigmatella koreensis str. KYC-1019

CLUSTER_2 number of sequences=161 genome representatives=1


Bdellovibrio sp. str. JS10
Bdellovibrio sp. str. JS2
Bdellovibrio sp. str. JS3
Bdellovibrio sp. str. JS4
Bdellovibrio sp. str. JS6
Bdellovibrio sp. str. JS7
litoralis str. JS5
marinus str. AQ
marinus str. SJ Gi00066_1of1 Gi00066
sp. ALDH21
sp. BB1
sp. BB2
sp. BB3
sp. COCO1A
sp. COCO1B
sp. COCO2B
sp. DA5
sp. DB1
sp. DD1
sp. DD2
sp. DF2
sp. GSL21
sp. GSL31
sp. GSL371
sp. GSL41
sp. GSL4A1
sp. GSL4B1
sp. GSL4C1
sp. GSL4D1
sp. GSL4E1
sp. IHS11
sp. IP1
sp. ISRA1
sp. ISRB1
sp. ISRC1
sp. ISRE1
sp. JDF1
sp. JS11
sp. JS81
sp. JS91
sp. KOKO31
sp. LEWES11
sp. MANZ1
sp. MANZ2
sp. MANZ3
sp. MANZ5
sp. MB21
sp. MB41
sp. MER21
sp. MIA1
sp. MIA2
sp. MIA3
sp. MIA4
sp. MIA5
sp. MN5
sp. MNZ1
sp. MNZ2
sp. MNZ3
sp. MNZ4
sp. NA7
sp. NB2
sp. ND1
sp. NE1
sp. NF1
sp. NF2
sp. NF3
sp. NR180
sp. NZ10
sp. NZ14
sp. NZ7
sp. NZ8
sp. NZ9
sp. NZAH11
sp. NZAH13
sp. OC11
sp. OC32
sp. OC51
sp. OC71
sp. OC81
sp. OC91
sp. ORF1
sp. P82S
sp. P91S
sp. PR1
sp. PS12B
sp. PS21S
sp. PS22S
sp. PS52B
sp. PS93S
sp. R2IH1
sp. R2IH2
sp. R2IH4
sp. SAU1
sp. SAU2
sp. SAU4
sp. SAV11
sp. SAV21
sp. SF11
sp. SMH1
sp. SMH2
sp. SMH3
sp. SMH4
sp. SMH5
sp. ST.MARK1
sp. T8
sp. TRI101
sp. TRI11
sp. TRI31
sp. TRI41
sp. TRI51
sp. TRI91
sp. VAB11
sp. VAB21
sp. VAB31
sp. VAB41
sp. VAB51
sp. str. 1b4
sp. str. 2b10
sp. str. 2bg
sp. str. 2o1
sp. str. 2o9
sp. str. ETC
sp. str. S-7-1
sp. str. S-7-2
sp. str. S-7-3
sp. str. S-7-4
sp. str. W-7-3
sp. str. W5-2
sp. str. b2-3b
sp. str. b2-4b
sp. str. b2-6b
sp. str. b6-10b
sp. str. b6-2b
sp. str. b6-8b1
sp. str. o6-2
sp. str. o6-4b
sp. str. o6-5b
sp. str. s1-2
sp. str. s1-4
sp. str. s2-1
sp. str. s2-2
sp. str. s3-2
sp. str. s3-3
sp. str. s8-4
sp. str. w-3-2
sp. str. w1-1
sp. str. w5-1
sp. str. w5-3
sp. str. w5-4

CLUSTER_3 number of sequences=66 genome representatives=11


"Desulfuromonas acetexigens"
Desulfuromonas acetoxidans
Desulfuromonas acetoxidans str. DSM 684 Gi00197_1of1 DSMZ:DSM684 Gi00197  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfuromonas alkaliphilus str. Z-0531
Desulfuromonas chloroethenica str. TT4B anaerobic sediment eastern Massachusetts DSMZ:DSM12431
Desulfuromonas michiganensis str. BB1
Desulfuromonas michiganensis str. BRS1
Desulfuromonas palmitatis str. SDBY1 DSMZ:DSM12391
Desulfuromonas sp. str. SDB-1
Desulfuromonas thiophila str. NZ27 (DSMZ 8987) DSMZ:DSM8987  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfuromusa bakii str. Gyprop (DSM 7345) DSMZ:DSM7345
Desulfuromusa kysingii str. Kysw2 (DSM 7343) DSMZ:DSM7343  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfuromusa sp. str. S1
Desulfuromusa succinoxidans str. Gylac (DSM 8270) DSMZ:DSM8270
Geoalkalibacter subterraneus str. Red1
Geobacter argillaceus str. G12
Geobacter bemidjiensis str. Bem DSMZ:DSM16622 Gc00849
Geobacter bremensis str. Dfr1 DSMZ:DSM12179
Geobacter chapelleii str. 172
Geobacter grbiciae str. TACP-2 DSMZ:DSM13689
Geobacter grbiciae str. TACP-5
Geobacter hephaestius str. VeEG4
Geobacter humireducens
Geobacter hydrogenophilus str. H2
Geobacter hydrogenophilus str. strain H4
Geobacter lovleyi str. SZ Gc00815
Geobacter metallireducens str. GS-15 DSMZ:DSM7210 Gc00314  TYPE STRAIN
Geobacter pelophilus str. Dfr2 DSMZ:DSM12255
Geobacter pickeringii str. G13 DSMZ:DSM17153
Geobacter psychrophilus str. P11
Geobacter psychrophilus str. P35
Geobacter psychrophilus str. P39
Geobacter sp. G02
Geobacter sp. Ply1 str. PLY1
Geobacter sp. Ply4 str. PLY4
Geobacter sp. str. Ala-6
Geobacter sp. str. CLFeRB
Geobacter sp. str. CdA-2
Geobacter sp. str. CdA-3
Geobacter sp. str. FRC-32 Gi00944
Geobacter sp. str. JW-3
Geobacter sp. str. M18 Gi02567_1of1 Gi02567
Geobacter sp. str. M21 Gi02329_1of1 Gi02329
Geobacter sp. str. TMJ1
Geobacter sulfurreducens str. PCA Gc00166_2of2 DSMZ:DSM12127 Gc00166
Geobacter uraniumreducens str. Rf4 Gc00560
Geopsychrobacter electrodiphilus str. A1 DSMZ:DSM16401  TYPE STRAIN
Geopsychrobacter electrodiphilus str. A2
Geothermobacter ehrlichii str. SS015 DSMZ:DSM15274  TYPE STRAIN
Identification anaerobic aquatic sediments USA: New Jersey Kearny Marsh isolate KMdissimilatory sele
Isolation ethanol-oxidizing anaerobic digested sludge isolate NE23-3anaerobic syntrophic str. NE23-3
Malonomonas rubra str. GraMal1
Microbial black exposed hot ridge flank crustal fluids Black rust formation on borehole observatory 
Pelobacter acetylenicus str. WoAcy1 DSM2348 DSMZ:DSM2348
Pelobacter acidigallici str. MaGal12T (DSM 2377T) DSMZ:DSM2377  TYPE STRAIN
Pelobacter carbinolicus
Pelobacter carbinolicus str. DSM 2380 Gc00306_1of2 DSMZ:DSM2380 Gc00306
Pelobacter masseliensis
Pelobacter propionicus str. DSM 2379 Gc00467_1of1 DSMZ:DSM2379 Gc00467
Pelobacter venetianus
Trichlorobacter thiogenes
isolate str. 102
isolate str. 103
isolate str. 112
isolate str. 49
isolate str. 60

CLUSTER_4 number of sequences=75 genome representatives=1


Desulfovibrio aespoeensis str. Aspo2
Desulfovibrio africanus str. DSM 2603T Gi03062_1of1 DSMZ:DSM2603 Gi03062
Desulfovibrio africanus str. SR-1
Desulfovibrio alkalitolerans str. RT2 DSMZ:DSM16529
Desulfovibrio aminophilus str. ALA-3 DSMZ:DSM12254
Desulfovibrio arcticus str. B15
Desulfovibrio bastinii str. SEBR 4225
Desulfovibrio bastinii str. SRL 4225
Desulfovibrio bizertensis str. MB3 DSMZ:DSM18034
Desulfovibrio brasiliensis str. LVform1
Desulfovibrio caledoniensis str. SEBR 7250
Desulfovibrio capillatus str. Met 2; DSM 14982T; CIP 107483T DSMZ:DSM14982  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfovibrio capillatus str. SUS3
Desulfovibrio cavernae str. H1M
Desulfovibrio dechloracetivorans
Desulfovibrio defluvii str. RB22
Desulfovibrio ferrireducens str. CY1
Desulfovibrio ferrireducens str. CY2
Desulfovibrio ferrophilus str. IS5
Desulfovibrio gabonensis str. SEBR 2840 DSMZ:DSM10636
Desulfovibrio gigas str. DSM 1382; ATCC 19364 DSMZ:DSM1382
Desulfovibrio gracilis str. SEBR 6116
Desulfovibrio halophilus str. SL 8903 DSMZ:DSM5663
Desulfovibrio hydrothermalis str. AM13 DSMZ:DSM14728
Desulfovibrio indonesiensis
Desulfovibrio indonesiensis str. H1
Desulfovibrio longus str. DSM 6739 DSMZ:DSM6739
Desulfovibrio mexicanus str. DSM 13116; Lup1 DSMZ:DSM13116
Desulfovibrio profundus str. DSM 11384 500-1 DSMZ:DSM11384
Desulfovibrio senezii str. CVL; DSM 8436 DSMZ:DSM8436
Desulfovibrio singaporenus str. SJI1
Desulfovibrio sp
Desulfovibrio sp str. PIB
Desulfovibrio sp str. SEBR 6143
Desulfovibrio sp. MS
Desulfovibrio sp. SB1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. AND1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. ANP3
Desulfovibrio sp. str. AS36
Desulfovibrio sp. str. Ac5.2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. BG50
Desulfovibrio sp. str. BL-157
Desulfovibrio sp. str. CVH2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. E2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. FSR12A
Desulfovibrio sp. str. FSR12B
Desulfovibrio sp. str. FSR14A
Desulfovibrio sp. str. FSR14B
Desulfovibrio sp. str. FSR17A
Desulfovibrio sp. str. FSR17B
Desulfovibrio sp. str. FSRs
Desulfovibrio sp. str. HRS-La4
Desulfovibrio sp. str. HS2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. IMP-2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. L3
Desulfovibrio sp. str. L7
Desulfovibrio sp. str. LVform6
Desulfovibrio sp. str. MUS1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. Met 82
Desulfovibrio sp. str. Mlhm
Desulfovibrio sp. str. Pr1.2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. SRB_D2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. STL10
Desulfovibrio sp. str. X
Desulfovibrio sp. str. ds2-2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. ds3
Desulfovibrio sp. zt31 str. zt3l
Desulfovibrio zosterae
Microbiological investigation methane- and hydrocarbon-discharging volcanoes Carpathian Mountains Ro
Psychrotolerant Arctic fjord sediments (Svalbard) ability reduce Fe(III) isolate 1818 str. 18
Psychrotolerant Arctic fjord sediments (Svalbard) ability reduce Fe(III) isolate 6161 str. 61
Psychrotolerant Arctic fjord sediments (Svalbard) ability reduce Fe(III) isolate 7777 str. 77
and physiological properties sulfate-reducing estuary sediments Japan harbor sediment isolate MSL80D
harbor sediment Japan isolate str. MSL79
isolate str. S4531

CLUSTER_5 number of sequences=65 genome representatives=8


Bilophila wadsworthia Gi03514
Bilophila wadsworthia str. NB-12
Bilophila wadsworthia str. RZATAU
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans str. 0104 959
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans str. 734
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans str. CSN
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans str. DM18
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans str. EFX-DES
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans str. F28-1
Desulfovibrio fairfieldensis Gi02716_1of1 Gi02716
Desulfovibrio intestinalis str. JG-G12
Desulfovibrio intestinalis str. KMS2 DSMZ:DSM11275
Desulfovibrio oryzae str. DDv
Desulfovibrio piger str. ATCC29098 Gi01734
Desulfovibrio sp str. DMB
Desulfovibrio sp str. KH2
Desulfovibrio sp str. KRS1
Desulfovibrio sp. 'Bendigo ' str. strain
Desulfovibrio sp. Bsl2
Desulfovibrio sp. DSM12803 DSMZ:DSM12803
Desulfovibrio sp. IrT-JG1-58
Desulfovibrio sp. IrT-JG1-71
Desulfovibrio sp. colonic FD1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. A1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. A2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. A4
Desulfovibrio sp. str. A45
Desulfovibrio sp. str. ABHU1SB
Desulfovibrio sp. str. ABHU1SBfatS
Desulfovibrio sp. str. ABHU2SB
Desulfovibrio sp. str. D4
Desulfovibrio sp. str. JG1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. JG5
Desulfovibrio sp. str. LNB1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. LNB2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. MIT 87-599
Desulfovibrio sp. str. PL35L1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. PT-2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. R2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. SA1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. STL1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. STL4 Gi02717_1of1 Gi02717
Desulfovibrio sp. str. STL6
Desulfovibrio sp. str. UNSW3caefatS
Desulfovibrio sp. str. ZIRB-2
Desulfovibrio subsp. desulfuricans str. Essex 6; ATCC29577
Desulfovibrio subsp. desulfuricans str. MB; ATCC27774 subsp. Gi02266
Desulfovibrio subsp. vulgaris str. DP4
Desulfovibrio subsp. vulgaris str. DP4 Gc00482_2of5 Gc00482
Desulfovibrio subsp. vulgaris str. DePue
Desulfovibrio subsp. vulgaris str. Hildenborough Gc00184_4of5 Gc00184
Desulfovibrio termitidis str. HI1
Desulfovibrio vulgaris str. A1
Desulfovibrio vulgaris str. DSM 644 DSMZ:DSM644
Desulfovibrio vulgaris str. I5
Desulfovibrio vulgaris subsp. oxamicus str. DSM 1925 DSMZ:DSM1925
Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium WN022
Lawsonia intracellularis str. Auratus
Lawsonia intracellularis str. GX
Lawsonia intracellularis str. NCTC 12657
Lawsonia intracellularis str. PHE/MN1-00 Gc00382_1of2 Gc00382
isolate str. S9552
longreachensis str. Desulfovibrio longreachii 16910a
str isolate 1482/89

CLUSTER_6 number of sequences=51 genome representatives=0


Chondromyces apiculatus str. BICC 8620
Chondromyces apiculatus str. Cm a14
Chondromyces apiculatus str. CmA2
Chondromyces crocatus str. Cmc6
Chondromyces lanuginosus str. Sy t2
Chondromyces pediculatus str. BICC 8609
Chondromyces pediculatus str. Cm p17
Chondromyces robustus str. Cm a13 DSMZ:DSM14608
Chondromyces robustus str. Cm a22
Myxococcales str. NOSO-1
Phaselicystaceae fam. Phaselicystis flava gen. sp. nov. arachidonic acid-containing soil myxobacteri
Polyangium cellulosum
Polyangium cellulosum str. 87-5
Polyangium cellulosum str. 9741
Polyangium cellulosum str. NUST_6
Polyangium cellulosum str. So ce26
Polyangium cellulosum str. So ce56
Polyangium cellulosum str. So0003-3
Polyangium cellulosum str. So0089-1
Polyangium cellulosum str. So0157-2
Polyangium cellulosum str. So02007-3
Polyangium cellulosum str. So9721-1
Polyangium cellulosum str. So9733-1
Polyangium cellulosum str. So9734
Polyangium cellulosum str. So9735-22
Polyangium cellulosum str. So9857
Polyangium cellulosum str. So9881
Polyangium cellulosum str. So9882-1
Polyangium sp str. PL 4943
Polyangium thaxteri str. Pl t3
Sorangium cellulosum str. DSM14627 DSMZ:DSM14627
Sorangium cellulosum str. DSM14731 DSMZ:DSM14731
Sorangium cellulosum str. KYC3013
Sorangium cellulosum str. KYC3016
Sorangium cellulosum str. KYC3017
Sorangium cellulosum str. KYC3018
Sorangium cellulosum str. KYC3025
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0007-16
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0081-1
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0085-1
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0087-23
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0133-4
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0139-5
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0157-1
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0157-24
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0157-52
Sorangium cellulosum str. So0184-1
Sorangium cellulosum str. So9711-1
Sorangium cellulosum str. So9734-1
and cultivation-based technique soil ginseng field isolate 473Myxococcales str. Gsoil 473

CLUSTER_7 number of sequences=47 genome representatives=2


Algidimarina butyricum str. AK-B
Algidimarina propionica str. AK-P
Anaerobic oxidation short-chain hydrocarbons marine sulphate-reducing Guaymas Basin hydrothermal sed
Annotation draft assembly Candidatus ctg184 whole genome shotgun isolate Hxd3Candidatus Desulfococcu
Desulfatibacillum aliphaticivorans str. CV2803 DSMZ:DSM15576  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfatibacillum alkenivorans str. AK-01 Gi01333_1of1 Gi01333
Desulfatibacillum alkenivorans str. PF2803 DSMZ:DSM16219
Desulfatibacillus olefinivorans str. LM2801
Desulfobacterium cetonicum str. DSM 7267 oil recovery water DSMZ:DSM7267
Desulfobacterium indolicum str. DSM 3383 marine mud DSMZ:DSM3383  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfobacterium sp. MB-2005
Desulfococcus biacutus str. DSM 5651T DSMZ:DSM5651
Desulfococcus multivorans
Desulfococcus multivorans str. DSM 2059 DSMZ:DSM2059  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfococcus oleovorans str. Hxd3 Gc00672_1of1 Gc00672
Desulfococcus sp. str. DSM 8541 DSMZ:DSM8541
Desulfodehalobacter spongiphilus str. AA1
Desulfofaba fastidiosa str. ATCC BAA-815; DSM 15249 DSMZ:DSM15249
Desulfofaba gelida str. PSv29 DSMZ:DSM12344  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfofaba hansenii str. P1; DSM 12642; ATCC 700811 DSMZ:DSM12642  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfofrigus fragile str. LSv21 DSMZ:DSM12345
Desulfofrigus oceanense str. ASv26 DSMZ:DSM12341  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfofrigus sp. str. HRS-La3x
Desulfofrigus sp. str. NA201
Desulfofrigus sp. str. NB81
Desulfonema ishimotonii str. DSM 9679 anaerobic intertidal mud flats Jadebusen (North Sea) Germany DSMZ:DSM9679
Desulfonema ishimotonii str. DSM 9680 anaerobic marine mud Tokyo Bay Japan DSMZ:DSM9680
Desulfonema limicola str. DSM 2076 anaerobic Jadebusen intertidal mud flats (North Sea) Germany DSMZ:DSM2076  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfonema magnum str. DSM 2077 anaerobic mud seawater lagoon (Etang de Prevost) near Montpellier F DSMZ:DSM2077
Desulforegula conservatrix
Desulfosarcina variabilis
Olavius 1 endosymbiont O. ilvae Individual 2
Olavius 3 endosymbiont O. ilvae Individual 5
Olavius 4 endosymbiont O. algarvensis Individual 2
Olavius algarvensis sulfate-reducing endosymbiont sulfate-reducing
Sulfate-reducing isolate str. PF2802
alkane-degrading first Aeckersberg et. al. (Arch. Microbiol. 156:5-14 1991) isolate str. Hxd3
harbor sediment Japan isolate str. MSL71
hypersaline sediment Great Salt Lake (Utah) Sulfate-reducing isolate PropAsulfate-reducing str. Prop
isolate str. Hxd3
isolate str. Pnd3
isolate str. S2550
isolate str. S2551
isolate str. S2552
n-alkane-degrading minor member p-xylene-degrading sulfate-reducing consortium isolate PL12PL12 str.
novel anaerobic alkane degrader marine-estuarine sediment isolate str. AK-01 AK-01
strain isolate str. oXyS1

CLUSTER_8 number of sequences=39 genome representatives=4


Desulfobacterium catecholicum str. DSM 3882 DSMZ:DSM3882
Desulfobacterium catecholicum str. Kette
Desulfobacterium corrodens str. IS4
Desulfobulbus elongatus str. FP DSMZ:DSM2908
Desulfobulbus mediterraneus str. 86FS1 DSMZ:DSM13871
Desulfobulbus mediterraneus str. NA62
Desulfobulbus propionicus str. DSM 2032 Gi02535_1of1 DSMZ:DSM2032 Gi02535  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfobulbus rhabdoformis str. M16 DSMZ:DSM8777
Desulfobulbus sp. 'Clear 54m' str. Clear 54m
Desulfobulbus sp. str. BG25
Desulfobulbus sp. str. DSM 2033 DSMZ:DSM2033
Desulfobulbus sp. str. RPf35L17
Desulfocapsa sp. Cad626
Desulfocapsa sp. str. La4.1
Desulfocapsa sulfexigens str. SB164P1 DSMZ:DSM10523
Desulfocapsa thiozymogenes str. Bra2 DSMZ:DSM7269  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfofustis glycolicus str. PerGlyS DSMZ:DSM9705  TYPE STRAIN
Desulforhopalus singaporensis str. S'pore T1 DSMZ:DSM12130
Desulforhopalus sp. str. LSv20
Desulforhopalus vacuolatus str. ltk10
Desulfotalea arctica str. LSv514 DSMZ:DSM12342
Desulfotalea psychrophila str. LSv54 DSMZ:DSM12343 Gc00207  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfotalea sp. str. NA22
Desulfotalea sp. str. SFA4
Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus str. AHT2 Gi02998
Intact phospholipids biomarkers study microbial -validation studies on sulfate-reducing tidal flat s
Mono Lake isolate str. MLMS-1 Gi01532_1of1 Gi01532
Norway:(Svalbard)Hornsund clone Sva0632
Psychrophilic sulfate-reducing isolate str. LSv23 bacterium
Psychrophilic sulfate-reducing isolate str. LSv24 bacterium
Psychrophilic sulfate-reducing isolate str. LSv53 bacterium
Psychrophilic sulfate-reducing isolate str. LSv55 bacterium
Sulfate-reducing strain isolate str. STP23
harbor sediment Japan isolate str. MSL86
harbor sediment Japan isolate str. Pro1
harbor sediment Japan isolate str. Pro16
s adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate (APS) reductase sulfate-reducing prokaryotes origin and evolution diss
sulfate-reducer Svalbard-sediments Arctic Ocean isolate str. LSv22 bacterium
sulfate-reducing habor harbor sediment Japan isolate MSL53Desulfobacteraceae str. MSL53

CLUSTER_9 number of sequences=37 genome representatives=2


Desulfocaldus sp. str. Hobo
Desulfocaldus terraneus str. P6.2
Desulfomicrobium apsheronum str. Ac1.2
Desulfomicrobium apsheronum str. Ac3.2
Desulfomicrobium apsheronum str. DSM 5918 DSMZ:DSM5918
Desulfomicrobium apsheronum str. be2.2
Desulfomicrobium apsheronum str. bu4.1
Desulfomicrobium baculatum str. DSM 1742 DSMZ:DSM1742
Desulfomicrobium baculatum str. DSM 2555 DSMZ:DSM2555
Desulfomicrobium baculatum str. DSM 4028T Gi02302 DSMZ:DSM4028 Gi02302  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfomicrobium baculatum str. X; VKM B-1378; DSM 4 DSMZ:DSM4
Desulfomicrobium escambiense str. DSM 10707T DSMZ:DSM10707
Desulfomicrobium hypogeium str. CN-
Desulfomicrobium macestii str. DSM 4194 sulfide spring DSMZ:DSM4194
Desulfomicrobium norvegicum str. DSM 1741T DSMZ:DSM1741
Desulfomicrobium orale str. DSM12838 Gi02715_1of1 DSMZ:DSM12838 Gi02715
Desulfomicrobium orale str. NY676
Desulfomicrobium orale str. NY677
Desulfomicrobium orale str. NY679
Desulfomicrobium orale str. NY683
Desulfomicrobium sp. ' +' str. +
Desulfomicrobium sp. 'Bendigo B' str. strain B 'Bendigo
Desulfomicrobium sp. 'Scale 10m' str. Scale 10m 'Scale
Desulfomicrobium sp. 'Scale 9m' str. Scale 9m 'Scale
Desulfomicrobium sp. Bsl6
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. 63
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. ADR21
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. ADR26
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. ADR28
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. BL
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. MSL92
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. MSL93
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. MSL94
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. MSL97
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. MSL98
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. SA2
Desulfomicrobium sp. str. STL8

CLUSTER_10 number of sequences=34 genome representatives=1


Desulfohimalaya abdulkalamii str. pwc
Desulfovibrio acrylicus str. W218 DSMZ:DSM10141
Desulfovibrio alaskensis str. AN2
Desulfovibrio alaskensis str. HEB223
Desulfovibrio alaskensis str. IMP-7760
Desulfovibrio alaskensis str. JAc
Desulfovibrio alaskensis str. Jlac
Desulfovibrio alaskensis str. NCIMB 13491
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans str. G20 Gc00315_3of4 Gc00315
Desulfovibrio sp. str. C/L2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. D1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. EBD
Desulfovibrio sp. str. JCM 14577
Desulfovibrio sp. str. M2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. MSL10
Desulfovibrio sp. str. MSL15
Desulfovibrio sp. str. NA202
Desulfovibrio sp. str. NA302
Desulfovibrio sp. str. NA81
Desulfovibrio sp. str. NB21
Desulfovibrio sp. str. NB62
Desulfovibrio sp. str. NC301
Desulfovibrio sp. str. NUS2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. TBP-1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. midref-29
Desulfovibrio sp. str. midref-32
Desulfovibrio sp. str. midref-38
Desulfovibrio sp. str. midref-41
Desulfovibrio sp. str. midref-45
Desulfovibrio vietnamensis str. G3 100 ID95-371 DSMZ:DSM10520
Sulfate-reducing isolate str. LZK1
USA: Lake Kauhako Hawaii isolate str. K2-52
scleractinian corals with black band disease isolate str. BBD 11-2
scleractinian corals with black band disease isolate str. BBD3-1

CLUSTER_11 number of sequences=35 genome representatives=1


"Desulfobacterium vacuolatum"
Desulfobacter curvatus str. DSM 3379 DSMZ:DSM3379
Desulfobacter halotolerans
Desulfobacter hydrogenophilus
Desulfobacter latus str. DSM 3381 DSMZ:DSM3381
Desulfobacter postgatei
Desulfobacter postgatei str. DSM 2034 DSMZ:DSM2034  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfobacter psychrotolerans
Desulfobacter sp str. 3ac10
Desulfobacter sp str. 4ac11
Desulfobacter sp. str. ASv25
Desulfobacter sp. str. BG23
Desulfobacter sp. str. BG72
Desulfobacter sp. str. BG8
Desulfobacter vibrioformis str. B54 DSMZ:DSM8776
Desulfobacterium autotrophicum str. DSM 3382 DSMZ:DSM3382 Gi00194
Desulfobacterium sp. str. BG18
Desulfobacterium sp. str. BG33
Desulfobacterium sp. str. BSv41
Desulfobacterium sp. str. LSv25
Desulfobacterium vacuolatum str. DSM 3385 DSMZ:DSM3385
Desulfobacterium zeppelinii str. DSM 9120 DSMZ:DSM9120
Desulfobacula phenolica str. DSM 3384 marine mud DSMZ:DSM3384
Desulfobacula toluolica str. Tol2 DSMZ:DSM7467  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfococcus niacini str. PM4
Desulfospira joergensenii str. DSM10085 B331 DSMZ:DSM10085  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfotignum balticum str. DSM 7044 DSMZ:DSM7044  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfotignum phosphitoxidans str. FiPS3
Desulfotignum phosphitoxidans str. FiPS5
Desulfotignum sp. str. 1-3a
Desulfotignum sp. str. DSM 7120 DSMZ:DSM7120
delta proteobacterium WN
isolate str. S2450
isolate str. S2651
s adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate (APS) reductase sulfate-reducing prokaryotes origin and evolution diss

CLUSTER_12 number of sequences=30 genome representatives=2


Desulfonatronum thiodismutans str. MLF1 DSMZ:DSM14708
Desulfovibrio alcoholovorans str. DSM 5433 DSMZ:DSM5433
Desulfovibrio burkinensis str. HDv; DSM 6830 DSMZ:DSM6830
Desulfovibrio carbinolicus str. DSM 3852 DSMZ:DSM3852
Desulfovibrio carbinoliphilus str. D41 DSMZ:DSM17524
Desulfovibrio fructosovorans str. DSM 3604 DSMZ:DSM3604 Gi03289
Desulfovibrio giganteus str. DSM 4370 DSMZ:DSM4370
Desulfovibrio inopinatus str. HHQ 20 DSMZ:DSM10711
Desulfovibrio magneticus str. RS-1 Gi00729_1of1 DSMZ:DSM13731 Gi00729
Desulfovibrio marrakechensis str. DSM 19337 DSMZ:DSM19337
Desulfovibrio marrakechensis str. EMSSDQ4
Desulfovibrio oxyvorans str. DvO5
Desulfovibrio putealis str. DSM 16056 DSMZ:DSM16056
Desulfovibrio sp. -1
Desulfovibrio sp. PV-2008 str. S14
Desulfovibrio sp. str. BG6
Desulfovibrio sp. str. BST
Desulfovibrio sp. str. BST-B
Desulfovibrio sp. str. BST-C
Desulfovibrio sp. str. BSY
Desulfovibrio sp. str. BSY-C
Desulfovibrio sp. str. DR1
Desulfovibrio sp. str. DR10
Desulfovibrio sp. str. DR14
Desulfovibrio sp. str. GWE2
Desulfovibrio sp. str. PA35E4
Desulfovibrio sp. str. SA-6
Desulfovibrio sp. str. VeLac3
Desulfovibrio sp. str. zt10e
Desulfovibrio sulfodismutans str. ThAcO1

CLUSTER_13 number of sequences=19 genome representatives=2


Bdellovibrio HD100 str. HD 100 DSM 50701 DSMZ:DSM50701  TYPE STRAIN
Bdellovibrio sp. ETB
Bdellovibrio sp. W str. ATCC 27047
Bdellovibrio sp. str. HEA
Bdellovibrio sp. str. JSF2
Bdellovibrio sp. str. JSS
Bdellovibrio sp. str. L
Bdellovibrio sp. str. MPA
Bdellovibrio str. 100
Bdellovibrio str. BEP2
Bdellovibrio str. BRP4
Bdellovibrio str. DSM 50705 Gi00077_1of1 DSMZ:DSM50705 Gi00077
Bdellovibrio str. E
Bdellovibrio str. HD 127 DSM 50708 DSMZ:DSM50708
Bdellovibrio str. SRA9
Bdellovibrio str. SRE7
Bdellovibrio str. TRA2
Gc00168_1of1 Gc00168

CLUSTER_14 number of sequences=18 genome representatives=1


Desulfacinum hydrothermale str. MT-96 DSMZ:DSM13146
Desulfacinum infernum str. BalphaG
Desulfacinum sp. str. M40/2 CIV-2.3
Desulfacinum subterraneum str. 101
Desulfatimicrobium mahresensis str. SA1
Desulfoglaeba alkanexedens str. ALDC DSMZ:DSM18185  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfoglaeba sp. str. Lake
Desulforhabdus amnigena str. ASRB1 DSMZ:DSM10338  TYPE STRAIN
Desulforhabdus sp. str. DDT
Syntrophobacter fumaroxidans str. MPOB DSMZ:DSM10017 Gc00453
Syntrophobacter pfennigii str. KoProp1 DSMZ:DSM10092
Syntrophobacter sp
Syntrophobacter sp str. TsuA1
Syntrophobacter sulfatereducens str. TB8106
Syntrophobacter wolinii str. defined co Desulfovibrio sp. DSM 2805 DSMZ:DSM2805  TYPE STRAIN
Syntrophobacter-like isolate
Thermodesulforhabdus n. sp. str. M40/2 CIV-3.2
Thermodesulforhabdus norvegica str. A8444

CLUSTER_15 number of sequences=14 genome representatives=2


Cultivation-dependent and profiling uncover congruent genus-level halophilic sulfate-reducing prokar
DSM 17375) DSMZ:DSM17375
Desulfohalobium retbaense str. HR100 (DSM 5692T) DSMZ:DSM5692 Gi02246  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfonatronospira aceticus str. AHT 6
Desulfonatronospira dismutants str. AHT 8
Desulfonatronospira dismutants str. ASO3-1
Desulfonatronovibrio hydrogenovorans str. Z-7935 (DSM 9292T) DSMZ:DSM9292  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfonatronum cooperatoris str. Z-9799
Desulfonatronum lacustre str. z-7951 Gi03017_1of1 DSMZ:DSM10312 Gi03017  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfonauticus submarinus str. 6N DSMZ:DSM15269  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfovermiculus halophilus str. 11
Grt Slt Lk (Uth) Slft-rdcng islt EtOH3slft-rdcng str. EtOH3
Microbial black exposed hot ridge flank crustal fluids Black rust formation on borehole observatory 
Strain alkaliphilic natronophile soda lake sediment isolate LSValkaliphilic str. LSV

CLUSTER_16 number of sequences=12 genome representatives=1


Brackish water myxobacteria mud Yoshino River isolate SYR-2myxobacterium str. SYR-2
Enhygromyxa salina str. SHK-1 DSMZ:DSM15217  TYPE STRAIN
Enhygromyxa salina str. SMK-1-3
Myxobacterium isolate str. SHI-1
Nannocystis aggregans str. Na a1
Nannocystis exedens
Nannocystis exedens str. BICC 8785
Nannocystis exedens str. DSM71 DSMZ:DSM71  TYPE STRAIN
Nannocystis exedens str. Na e1
Nannocystis exedens str. Na e571
Nannocystis sp. str. 91213
Plesiocystis pacifica str. SIR-1 Gi01444_1of1 DSMZ:DSM14875 Gi01444  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_17 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Bdellovibrio sp. str. Gunpowder
Bdellovibrio sp. str. SD1 sewage
sp. str. F2
sp. str. PNEc1
stolpii str. DSM 12778 DSMZ:DSM12778  TYPE STRAIN
stolpii str. uki-2

CLUSTER_18 number of sequences=6 genome representatives=0


Anaerobic degradation naphthalene and 2-methylnaphthalene strains sulfate-reducing Etang de Berre ma
Anaerobic degradation naphthalene and 2-methylnaphthalene strains sulfate-reducing Etang de Berre ma
Desulfobacterium anilini str. AK1
Desulfobacterium anilini str. DSM 4660 DSMZ:DSM4660
Desulfobacterium sp. mXyS1
sediment isolate str. EbS7

CLUSTER_19 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=1


Haliangium ochraceum str. GS1
Haliangium ochraceum str. SMP-2 Gi02251_1of1 DSMZ:DSM14365 Gi02251  TYPE STRAIN
Haliangium tepidum
Polyangium vitellinum str. Pl vt1

CLUSTER_20 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=1


Smithella propionica str. LYP DSMZ:DSM16934  TYPE STRAIN
Syntrophus aciditrophicus SB Gc00341_1of1 Gc00341
Syntrophus buswellii str. DSM 2612 DSMZ:DSM2612  TYPE STRAIN
Syntrophus gentianae str. HQgoe1

CLUSTER_21 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Desulfomonile limimaris
Desulfomonile limimaris str. DCB-F
Desulfomonile tiedjei str. DSM 6799 DSMZ:DSM6799 Gi03016  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_22 number of sequences=4 genome representatives=0


Bdellovibrio sp. str. SRP1
Peredibacter starrii str. A3.12 DSMZ:DSM17039  TYPE STRAIN
sp. str. EPA
sp. str. EPC3

CLUSTER_23 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=0


Desulfobotulus sp. str. BG14
Desulfocella halophila str. GSL-But2 DSMZ:DSM11763  TYPE STRAIN
Desulfocella sp. str. DSM 2056 DSMZ:DSM2056

CLUSTER_24 number of sequences=3 genome representatives=1


Desulfoarculus sp. str. BG74
Desulfovibrio baarsii str. 2st14
Desulfovibrio baarsii str. DSM 2075 DSMZ:DSM2075 Gi03014  TYPE STRAIN

CLUSTER_25 number of sequences=2 genome representatives=0


Leptospirillum ferriphilum str. YTW315
enrichment acid mine drainage water isolate DX-BDX-B str. DX-B

CLUSTER_26 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=1


Desulfobacca acetoxidans Gi03015_1of1 Gi03015

CLUSTER_27 number of sequences=1 genome representatives=0


Spirobacillus cienkowskii